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On The Lot Results – Shira Lee Shalit Eliminated

July 09, 2007 08:09 PM by Joe Blackmon

Shira_lee_shalitOn the ninth episode of On The Lot, Host Adrianna Costa revealed that
the director eliminated this week was Shira-Lee Shalit, who made the
movie “Open House.”  Adrianna also revealed that five directors would
be showing films this week based on the theme “When Two Worlds
Collide,” and that next week two filmmakers would be eliminated   Guest
judge Luke Greenfield, director “The Girl Next Door,” joined regular
judges Carrie Fisher and Garry Marshall to offer feedback on the five

Zach Lipovsky made the movie “Time Upon A Once,” which was about some neighbors who were a little different.  Carrie Fisher said “This was not my favorite of your things, but I did like it very much.”  Luke Greenfield said “I think you’re a natural storyteller, man.”  Garry Marshall said “I thought it was very esoterical.” 

Hilary Graham made the movie “The Legend of Donkey-Tail Willie,” which was the story of a man with a donkey tail finding love.  Carrie Fisher said “You have just improved so much.”  Luke Greenfiled said “Overall production level you did a great job.”  Garry Marshall said “I was engaged.  I was involved with it.”

Will Bigham made the movie “Spaghetti,” which was a story about a couple stopping for directions in a Western town.  Carrie Fisher said “I thought it was very cute.”  Luke Greenfield said “It was really great.”  Garry Marshall said “I really enjoyed it.”

Shalini Kantayya made the movie “First Sight,” which is about a woman who learns a lesson in morality.  Carrie Fisher said “This was really not my sort of thing.”  Luke Greenfield said “I feel like you took a branding iron with morality and just burned me with it.”  Garry Marshall said “I like a positive story.  I think women will tear up watching this.”   

Adam Stein made the movie “Worldly Possession,” which was a story about a greedy suburban couple that gets a special package.  Carrie Fisher said “Adam, this was my favorite film of the night.”  Luke Greenfield said “It was all around just really, really great.”  Garry Marshall said “I just didn’t understand all the motivations.” 

When Adrianna Costa asked the three judges to pick their favorite movies of the night, they all three had different favorites.  Carrie Fisher selected Adam Stein, Luke Greenfield selected Zach Lipovsky, and Garry Marshall selected Hilary Graham.

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