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Boy Shakira On America’s Got Talent Receives Endorsement Of Vote For The Worst

July 14, 2007 11:45 PM by Joe Blackmon


VoteForTheWorst.com which sprang to fame by supporting some of the more vocally challenged singers on American Idol has now set its sites on America’s Got Talent. Just like American Idol 6 viewers, America’s Got Talent 2 viewers are scratching their heads in utter confusion and disbelief over some of the talent that the judges have put through to the viewer voting rounds.

One of the acts generating the most controversy is Boy Shakira, a male impersonator of Shakira. For his act, Boy Shakira doesn’t sing but merely dances around the stage rather badly. When Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan decided to put Boy Shakira through to the next round during the Chicago auditions, David Hasselhoff was so agitated that he walked off the set.

What at first appeared to be a rather amusing joke on the Hoff has now progressed much further than that. During the America’s Got Talent 2 Las Vegas callbacks, the judges actually put Boy Shakira through to the top twenty. From David Hasselhoff’s facial expression, it appeared that this was once again the decision of Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan and not him.

Many viewers posted their outrage on both Reality TV Magazine and on NBC’s official America’s Got Talent message board over the judges keeping both Boy Shakira and also Bollywood dancer Kashif over other contestants that viewers believed were more talented. Given the sheer volume of negative comments posted to Boy Shakira’s video on the NBC website, it’s hard to believe that Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan were serious in putting him through to the top twenty. Many viewers are expressing the opinion that this was a blatant ploy by the judges and the producers to create a Sanjaya-like phenomenon for America’s Got Talent.

Sanjaya’s run on American Idol helped to hold the media’s attention in an American Idol season that was a letdown from the previous season. If not for Sanjaya, American Idol 6 would likely have taken a much larger dip in the ratings. Did America’s Got Talent judges and producers purposefully conspire to put through some untalented contestants in hopes of making Sanjaya ratings magic? If they did, then it seems to be going according to plan with VoteForTheWorst.com taking up the cause. One can only wonder when the hunger strikes will begin.

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One Response to “Boy Shakira On America’s Got Talent Receives Endorsement Of Vote For The Worst”

  1. Olivia Says:
    July 23rd, 2007 at 8:11 pm

    I spent about two hours talking with Boy Shakira as he and my daughter auditioned for AGT and as they waited in the holding room to be interviewed. I wasn’t sure at first if he was male or female, but realized the former as we talked. I found myself really liking him, just like the judges do, although I do not think he is talented. There were many in line with us that I could see were very, very talented. I thought he might make it, though, as a means to hold audience attention. I hoped that they wouldn’t make fun of him because he truly seemed sincere about what he does. It just seems the show is a farce. It is not about talent but about entertainment. And Boy Shakira and the judge’s reaction appear to entertain. I’m not sure if truly talented people will audition for AGT anymore.


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