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A&E’s Ultimate KISS Fan Teams with AboutFace USA Charity for Tribute Song Benefit

July 15, 2007 12:01 AM by Joe Blackmon

Bob Brunson, the Ultimate KISS Fan on A&E/Gene Simmon’s Family
Jewels has teamed with Chicago-based charity About Face USA to donate
25% of all proceeds from purchases/downloads of the tribute song
“Friends With Painted Faces.”

Following his appearance on A&E’s popular reality show, Brunson invited KISS fans everywhere to write in and tell him why they loved the band.  He used this input and his own to write and record the first-ever official tribute song for a band, inspired by its fans and recorded by the Ultimate Fan. 

“I first heard of the charity a few years back when Paul Stanley did some work for the International group.  I was really impressed with the wonderful and important work they do for people with facial differences, so I contacted the U.S. organization about getting involved,” said Brunson. “I’m a big believer in helping others, and with this song being about believing in yourself and never giving up on your dreams, it seemed like a perfect fit.  I’m honored to work with them; they’ve been great!”

“We’re very excited about our relationship with Bob and his commitment to increasing public awareness,” said Debbie Oliver, Executive Director of AboutFace USA.  She noted that cleft lip and palate is the most common birth defect in the United States according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  “Facial differences are also caused by trauma, burns and disease,” she said.  “We’re working to dispel the myths about people who look different because of a medical condition, and direct patients and families to the assistance they need.  We’re making a world of difference in a world of facial differences,that’s our mission.”

Brunson expects to have a song preview posted on his website by the end of July, and the full song available for online purchase through a variety of channels by the end of summer 2007.

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