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On The Lot Results – Shalini Kantayya and Hilary Graham Eliminated

July 17, 2007 08:04 PM by Joe Blackmon

Hilary_grahamOn the tenth episode of On The Lot, host Adrianna Costa revealed that
the two directors eliminated in the viewer vote were Shalini Kantayya
and Hilary Graham.  Guest judge Antoine Fuqua, director of “Training
Day” and “Shooter,” joined regular judges Carrie Fisher and Garry
Marshall to offer feedback on the five action films for this week.

Sam Friedlander made the movie “Key Witness,” which was about a bounty hunter chasing someone down.  Carrie Fisher said “I thought that the action did kind of overwhelm the story for me and sort of who the characters were.”  Antoine Fuqua said “You had some great opportunities for some Butch Cassidy humor, and I think you missed a few of them, because you got caught up in a lot of the action.”  Garry Marshall said “It kept me on the edge of my seat which is very hard because I have a very soft chair.” 

Jason Epperson made the movie “Sweet,” which was about a guy who nearly forgets his anniversary.  Carrie Fisher said “This is my favorite thing that you’ve done so far.”  Antoine Fuqua said “You showed that action doesn’t actually have to be violence.”  Garry Marshall said “The flowers looked a little dead, but the film was alive.” 

Andrew Hunt made the movie “Zero2Sixty,” which was a story about a car chase.  Carrie Fisher said “This was a really inventive idea.”  Antoine Fuqua said “You did a great job.”  Garry Marshall said “I love a car chase, and I thought you did a very good one.” 

Kenny Lubey made the movie “The Losers,” which was about skateboarding.  Carrie Fisher said “Your stories aren’t as developed as how your film looks.”  Antoine Fuqua said “I felt like the story wasn’t complete.”  Garry Marshall said “I was a little bewildered.” 

Mateen Kemet the movie “Catch,” which was about a good Samaritan in pursuit of a really bad dude.  Carrie Fisher said “I thought it might be your most relatable thing so far.”  Antoine Fuqua said “I think you did a really good job.”  Garry Marshall said “I think you made a good film.”

When Adrianna Costa asked the three judges to pick their favorite movies of the night, Carrie Fisher selected Andrew Hunt, Antione Fuqua selected Jason Epperson, and Garry Marshall also selected Jason Epperson.

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