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Pirate Master Results – Jupiter Mendoza Cut Adrift

July 17, 2007 10:22 PM by Joe Blackmon

Jupiter_mendozaOn the eighth episode of Pirate Master, Jay was upset that Kendra
didn’t keep her word in the last vote.  The eighth compartment of the
Chest of Zanzibar was opened to reveal a map that would send the crew
down the River of Death, the place of ghosts.  Host Cameron Daddo also
called up the previously eliminated pirates to form a ghost crew to
compete against the current crew.

The crews had to row up a river and look for a coffin.  On the coffin lid was a clue that sent the crews further up river.  After retrieving a key, the crews headed to a graveyard.  The ghost crew had a good lead but John lost the key.  The pirate’s crew was able to take the lead and found a clue at the graveyard directing them to an angel tree.  The pirates crew found the treasure first.  The treasure had a value of fifty thousand dollars. 

The crew approached officer Jay with the idea of a mutiny against Captain Azmyth.  Jupiter told Captain Azmyth that the crew was considering a mutiny.  Captain Azmyth and his officers decided to mark Kendra, Laurel, and Jupiter with black spots.

Captain Azmyth said he marked Kendra because she was a liability to the crew, Jupiter because she was ungrateful, and Laurel because she had an attitude.  Laurel defended herself by saying she didn’t have an attitude toward anyone but the captain.  Kendra defended herself by saying she felt she was getting stronger on the expeditions.  Jupiter defended herself by saying that she didn’t realize there were so many issues between her and the captain. 

The highest bidder for the royal pardon was Kendra.  However, Kendra did not need to use the royal pardon.  All three ballots were cast for Jupiter, and she was cut adrift.  Jupiter Mendoza said “I was surprised that I got cut adrift.  Azmyth has changed because of his position and his power.  I’m just shocked.  I have from day one had Azmyth’s back, but you can’t always expect people to treat you the way that you treat them.”

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