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Big Brother – Jameka Uses Power Of Veto On Jen, Nick Goes On The Block

July 31, 2007 09:31 PM by Joe Blackmon

Julie_chen_vetoAfter the nominations, Dustin told Kail that neither she nor Jen was
his target.  Dustin told Kail that he was really targeting Zach and
that she should fight for power of veto.  Nick comforted Jen who was in
tears over the nominations. 

Dustin, Jen, Kail, Daniele, Jameka, and Jessica were the competitors for the power of veto competition.  Jameka told Kail that God had already ordained who was going to win.  Jameka told the other houseguests that she was going to play as hard as she could for Jen because Jen drew her name to compete in the power of veto competition.  In the diary room, Evil Dick said “Jameka, don’t you think that God has something better to do.  Do you really think he’s worried about your friggin ping pong ball and you playing for this skanky chick.”

In the power of veto competition, the houseguests earned Big Brother bucks by interpreting pieces of art.  If the houseguest misinterpreted the piece of art, then they were out of the game.  The houseguests also had chances to purchase items, and Dustin purchased a trip to Barbados and five thousand in cash.  Because Jen answered the last question wrong, Jameka won the power of veto competition because she was in the lead when the game ended.. 

The America’s Player challenge was for Eric to get a minimum of three different people on five different days to say the catchphrase “I’d do that for a dollar.”  At the power of veto ceremony, Jameka stuck to her word and took Jen off the block.  As head-of-household, Dustin nominated Nick to take Jen’s place on the block.  After being nominated, Nick said “I think I was nominated basically because of the fact that I’m probably seen as a threat later on in the game.  I’m not giving up, and I’m not going to lay in the weeds and just sulk like Kail’s doing.”

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6 Responses to “Big Brother – Jameka Uses Power Of Veto On Jen, Nick Goes On The Block”

  1. Arne- Stupid Move by Jameka Says:
    July 31st, 2007 at 9:46 pm

    I am with the person who posted that there is excessively much crying going on on BB8 this year. I am tired of Amber who thinks she is so deserving, I am tired of Kail, who thinks she is so clever, I am tired of Danielle, who comes across as a spoiled brat. I am tired of Jen, who is so jealous of everything and everybody you cannot miss it. I can’t stand jen’s fake tone in her voice.

    I am real pissed at Jameka; she should have left the nominations alone. Nobody would have faulted her for not saving Jen. Jemeka comes across as the enlightened one, and I agree with Evil Dick, the hand of God did not come down and personally pick Jameka to save Jen. Now Jameka has put a target on her own back, I thought it was a stupid move, I really did.

    My favourites to win this are ED, Dustin, and Nick.

    I do not blame Dustin for taking the prizes at all; there is no guarantee that he will win the whole thing.

    I like Evil because he is truthful, he lays it on the line, no fuss, no muss, and he says what he has to say. Often an honest and truthful person is misunderstood. Many people cannot take the truth.

    I like Nick, just because he is laid back and relaxed and he is not playing both sides, but is a convenient scapegoat for the house.

    I would dearly love to see Kail go; she annoys me along with Jen and Amber the most to no end. Amber needs to stop crying. She is mad at Dustin because he took the prizes? She is the one that brought up putting up Nick. Jameka is supposed to be in an alliance with all of them and she chooses to be with the alliance, but…… when it came down to it, she uses the POV. It was a stupid move by Jameka. It really was.

    The reason I do not care for Danielle as much is that she owes her father money. Her father was classy enough not to tell America that, Danielle chooses to say she didn’t remember. It was Danielle’s brother who said that the reason they are not talking is that she owes her father money and had the inability to pay ED back and she did not like the way ED handled that information that his daughter would not pay her back.

    I am also unimpressed with Danielle locking lips with Nick, when she has a BF waiting at home. I felt sorry for this guy, who was trying to act like this didn’t bother him.


  2. Bobby McBride Says:
    July 31st, 2007 at 10:17 pm

    Arne, on my Game Show Kingdom blog last Sunday while recapping that night’s episode of “Big Brother 8″, I described Amber Tomcavage as this show’s version of that crying girl from “American Idol” who had such a crush on Sanjaya Malakar.

    As for what I think will happen Thursday, I say Kail Harbick is toast.

  3. anne Says:
    July 31st, 2007 at 11:05 pm

    i find this years bb8 house full of pitiful people. most seem so self centered and two faced it makes you sick to watch them. amber is clearly nuts……i mean comparing her love for her dog equal to that of her love for her daughter. she eats like a pig and crys like a nut 24/7. dick needs to stop attacking the women….notice he never goes after one of the guys. when he started with nick one time he backed down like a lil girl when nick confronted him. i think he’s an idiot. i think he hogs the camera way too much. dustin….well what the heck….he can’t be true to his word (right kale). kale, ugh, ugh ugh! yuck, just let that 2 faced b out of the house. jamika…..please…..her and amber are holding the bible while bad mouthing others in the house!!!nick….come on nick, who ya fooling with the danele thing……i mean, have you checked out his myspace page???zack, ewwwww, zack real creepy guy. he keeps popping up everywhere…especially when couples want to be alone. it’s like turn around and eeeekkk..zacks there!jen is just self centered and a lil pitiful but harmless. she holds her own with nutty dick.danele…..oh, please girl….everything is not about you. she cries a lot for the wrong reason…..it’s like boo hoo….me me me!jess, is cute , eric is ok mike had a lil class.

  4. Kevin Says:
    August 1st, 2007 at 5:41 pm

    I can not stand how everyone thinks Dick is “honest” he may call it how he sees it, but he is by no means and honest person, he is as bad as Amber, thinking he is above everyone, and he warps the truth to make some people look worse and him better.
    I don’t think it was a bad move on Jameka’s part because the two boys are bigger threats than the two girls. And if Dick thinks that God is not involved, well his God is too small.
    The most likable duo are Eric and Jessica, hope they make it to the end.

  5. Arne Says:
    August 1st, 2007 at 7:47 pm


    I am hoping you are right that Kail does slide through for another week. Amber is constantly crying. We didn’t see this on the show but on the live feeds she refused to talk to Dustin because of his greed.
    Amber is not greedy? She wants to win the whole thing, she was the one that wants Nick out but tells Nick she loves him. I think Amber should be considered for eviction after Kail and Jen.

  6. Arne Says:
    August 1st, 2007 at 7:51 pm


    If you think that God officially stroked Jameka’s ego, by putting his hand in the ball to save Jen, who for all accounts can be viewed as a sinner. She is jealous, greedy, she lies. The worst that I can’t stand Jen about is when she took down the photo of her mother in a picture with her. I thought that was very low, very offensive and very disrespectful to her mother.

    I am of the opinion that the Big God would not want to help save Jen for this game ( not eternal). The Big God likes to teach people lessons on human compaassion, love. She is suppose to love her mother, I didn’t see that. She embarressed her mother on national televison.

    I think Dick’s perception of God may be more kindred then you are willing to give.


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