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On The Lot Results – Andrew Hunt Eliminated

July 31, 2007 11:59 PM by Joe Blackmon

Andrew_huntOn the twelfth episode of On The Lot, host Adrianna Costa revealed that
Andrew Hunt had received the fewest votes and was eliminated from the
competition.  Costa also revealed that Jason Epperson received the most
votes and as a reward he would get to direct Jerry O’Connell in his
movie this week.

Penny Marshall filled in for her brother Garry Marshall, and Gary Ross, who directed Seabiscuit, appeared as a special guest judge.  Adam Stein made the movie “Driving Under The Influence,” which was about a car radio that made people dance against their will.  Carrie Fisher said “I laughed really hard.”  Gary Ross said “You did an amazing job.”  Penny Marshall said “It was excellent.” 

Sam Friedlander made the movie “Backseat Driving Test,” which was a comedic take on backseat driving.  Carrie Fisher said “This is the best thing that you’ve done here.”  Gary Ross said “I though you did a really, really good job.”  Penny Marshall said “I thought you did an excellent job.” 

Zach Lipovsky made the movie “Bonus Feature Two,” which was a sequel about a DVD player that could take people into movies.  Carrie Fisher said “It was really, really well made.”  Gary Ross said “I though it hung together on its own.”  Penny Marshall said “I think that your filmmaking is extraordinary.” 

Jason Epperson made the movie “The Move,” which was about a birthday prank.  Carrie Fisher said “I didn’t completely get this.”  Gary Ross said “I was a little bit confused too.”  Penny Marshall said “I too didn’t get what you were doing.” 

Will Bigham made the movie “Road Rage 101″ which was a comedic take on road rage.  Carrie Fisher said “You are an unbelievable original.”  Gary Ross said “I liked it very much too.”  Penny Marshall said “I think you set up the movie in your package rather than in your film.” 

When Adrianna Costa asked the three judges to pick who made their favorite movies of the night, Carrie Fisher and Gary Ross selected Adam Stein, while Penny Marshall selected Sam Friedlander.

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  1. Dog Says:
    August 2nd, 2007 at 10:39 am

    WHO CARES? Is ANYONE still watching this show?????


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