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On The Lot Results – Zach Lipovsky Eliminated

August 07, 2007 08:10 PM by Joe Blackmon

Zach_lipovskyOn the thirteenth episode of On the Lot, host Adrianna Costa revealed
that Zach Lipovsky received the fewest number of votes and was
eliminated from the competition.   Guest judge F. Gary Gray, who
directed “The Negotiator,” joined regular judges Carrie Fisher and
Garry Marshall.

Each of the four remaining producers directed movies based on the logline that a man wakes up and finds himself in a dress but can’t remember what happened the night before.  Will Bigham directed the move “The Yes Men.”  Carrie Fisher said “It was really wonderful.”  F. Gary Gray said “I thought it was funny.”  Garry Marshall said “Excellent job.” 

Sam Friedlander directed the movie “Dress For Success.”  Carrie Fisher said “I didn’t think you quite managed the incredible original thing in this piece.”  F. Gary Gray said “Maybe next time if you manage the tones a little better you’ll have a success.”  Garry Marshall said “I thought that the pace could have been a little faster-paced.”

Adam Stein directed the movie “Army Guy.”  Carrie Fisher said “That was one of the most innovative, freaky, fantastic films I have seen at this competition.”  F. Gary Gray said “You did an amazing job, my hat’s off to you.”  Garry Marshall said “It was quite artistic.”   

Jason Epperson directed the movie “Oh, Boy.”  Carrie Fisher said “I thought it was very good.”  F. Gary Gray said “I think you’re getting better.”  Garry Marshall said “You have a world that you should stick.  It’s good.  It’s got gentleness in it.  It’s got sweetness.  There’s some nostalgia in it.  There’s whimsy in it.”  When asked to select their favorite movie of the night, all three judges were in agreement on selecting Adam Stein’s “Army Guy.”

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