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A Big Surprise In New York City On Fat March

August 20, 2007 12:01 AM by Joe Blackmon

The marchers rejoice as they exceed the 200-mile mark, but a huge blow
up is in the offing among Matt, Will and Anthony, as tensions mount.
Then, time stands still in Times Square when the walkers get a very big
surprise in New York City, on "Fat March," MONDAY, AUGUST 20
(9:00-10:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

The marchers set out from New Haven, Connecticut with $80,000 prize money left for each contestant. Physical ailments are causing rapid deterioration: Matt’s knees are in such pain that he feels they may be ruined beyond repair and worries that he may not be able to continue. Will struggles to get a grip on the physical and mental pressures that are impeding his ability to complete the journey; and Wendy is rushed to the hospital.

The remaining female competitors are:

Chantal, 35, 5’2", comedian — A student who resides in Brookline, Massachusetts. She dreams of one day owning a pair of slim designer jeans. Weight after first two stages: 236 lbs. Total weight lost: 14 lbs.

Jami Lyn, 30, 5’9", military wife — A housewife who resides in Daleville, Alabama. She is the mother of three children and finds it difficult to be so much larger than her husband and the only big person in the family. Weight after first two stages: 218 lbs. Total weight lost: 18 lbs.

Loralie, 30, 5’3", wants to have a baby — A marketing resources expert who resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She’s married and dreams of starting a big family, but her doctor demands that she lose weight first before having children. Weight after first two stages: 222 lbs. Total weight lost: 19 lbs.

Shea, 27, 5’7", former college softball player — A make-up/special effects artist who resides in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida. She is embarrassed that she is the biggest person in the make-up trailer and her parents are worried about how her weight is affecting her health. Weight after first two stages: 272 lbs. Total weight lost: 17 lbs.

Wendy, 40, 5’6", professional singer — A bookkeeper who resides in La Canada, California. She is married with a six-year-old step-daughter and wants to return to the stage as a singer and songwriter, but needs to lose weight first. Weight after first two stages: 223 lbs. Total weight lost: 19 lbs.

The remaining male competitors are:

Anthony, 25, 6’3", 25-year-old virgin – He is unemployed and resides in Addison, Illinois. He is determined not to let his being overweight kill him. Weight after first two stages: 396 lbs. Total weight lost: 37 lbs.

Matt, 37, 6’3", professional wrestler — He resides in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is married with two children. He was released from pro wrestling in the U.S. last year when officials felt he was too heavy and it wasn’t safe for him to compete. He must lose weight to return to his career. Weight after first two stages: 355 lbs. Total weight lost: 34 lbs.

Michael, 41, baseball coach – A lab technician who resides in Elwood, Illinois. He is married with two children and has tried every diet from A to Z. Weight after first two stages: 286 lbs. Total weight lost: 33 lbs.

Sam, 22, 5’9", certified massage therapist – He resides in Everett, Massachusetts, is single and believes that his weight has kept him from being hired. Weight after first two stages: 351 lbs. Total weight lost: 31 lbs.

Will, 26, 6’2", competitive eater — He works in retail and resides in Brooklyn, New York. He is single with no children and would like to inspire others to lose weight and get in shape. Weight after first two stages: 441 lbs. Total weight lost: 31 lbs.

Executive producer is Nick Emmerson; co-executive producers are Julie Laughlin and Kirsty Robson. The production company is Ricochet (producers of "Supernanny"). "Fat March" is based on the British series, "Too Big to Walk."

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