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Set For Life Season Finale Airs Tonight

August 31, 2007 12:02 AM by Joe Blackmon

Contestants Tad McKitterick, a Boston tour guide from Brookline,
Massachusetts, and Marina Kassajikian, a retiree and grandmother from
Anaheim, California will attempt to win a monthly paycheck for one
month, three years, twenty – up to forty years, possibly enough to
leave them set for life, on the season finale of "Set for Life,"
FRIDAY, AUGUST 31 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network

In "Set for Life," contestants have the chance to win a monthly paycheck for one month, three years, twenty years – up to forty years. They will battle to receive a monthly paycheck for as long as possible – the maximum a contestant can win is up to four million dollars paid as a monthly stipend over 40 years! This show does not require skill. There are no questions to answer. It’s all about knowing when to stop and bringing along a trustworthy "guardian angel" who will ensure you go home a winner.

The game is simple — the contestant must randomly choose among 15 light sticks to progress up or down the Time Ladder. Choose a white light and you go up one step, increasing the time you’ll receive a monthly paycheck. But if a red light is chosen, you move down the Time Ladder, decreasing the amount of time you’ll receive a monthly paycheck. If contestants finds four red lights, their game on the floor is over.

Meanwhile, in a soundproof isolation booth, the contestant’s partner, or his/her "guardian angel," is in control of the contestant’s financial fate. Their job is to guarantee their loved one goes home with money. Simply by pushing a button at any time to stop the game, the guardian angel can guarantee the contestant goes home with a fortune — or it could cost them everything… You won’t find out what the guardian angel does until the very end of the game, so every game ends with an emotional surprise.

"Set for Life" is produced by Endemol USA, a division of Endemol Holding. David Goldberg is the president of Endemol USA. The series is executive-produced by Scott St. John.

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