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Big Brother – Jessica And Jameka Nominated For Eviction

September 02, 2007 08:07 PM by Joe Blackmon

Jameka_jessicaAfter Amber’s eviction, the other houseguests consoled Jameka over
losing her best friend in the house.  In the head-of-household
competition that was still in progress at the end of the last episode,
Eric won a phone call from home by using his tea cup to fill up a small
beaker.  Zach ultimately won the head-of-household competition.

Eric gave his phone call from home to Jessica.  Eric also promised Jessica that he would do everything in his power to keep her in the house.  Zach’s HOH room contained pictures of his parents, brothers, and dogs.  Daniele quizzed Zach on if he planned to put her dad up for eviction, and Zach answered that he didn’t know.

As her phone call from home, Jessica received a call from her brother Dean, who had just returned from Iraq.  The America’s Player choice was revealed to be that Eric should try to get Jameka nominated.  Eric did he best to steer Zach toward nominating Jameka.  Daniele told Zach that Eric and Jessica wanted him out of the house.

At the nomination ceremony, Zach nominated Jessica and Jameka.  Zach said he nominated Jameka because it had been difficult to get to know her as a person and Jessica because he feared her in the end game.  Jessica said “I guess Zach should feel threatened by me, but I thought it was just a cop out because he didn’t want to nominate Dick or Daniele.”  Jameka said “Zach is unbelievable, and I cannot wait for the veto competition.  I’m fighting.  I am fighting.”

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One Response to “Big Brother – Jessica And Jameka Nominated For Eviction”

  1. Mike C Says:
    September 2nd, 2007 at 8:20 pm

    If the noms stay the same, I cant see Dick and Dani voting out Jess.
    Bye Jameka. I think Dani will win the HOH on Thursday and put up Jess and Eric and we will finally have Eric out. I hope. Jess has gotten better as the season has progressed by I still want Dani,Dick, and Zach final three.


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