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Survivor China Dream Team Revealed

September 13, 2007 10:35 PM by Joe Blackmon

In the second of six behind the scenes videos of Survivor China, Jeff
Probst reveals the Survivor dream team.  Like the first video that gave
a tour of the Survivor China base camp, this video is a very informal
but very revealing look behind what goes into making one of the longest
running and most popular reality TV shows.

Probst reveals that a dream teamer is usually someone in their early twenties and that each season about sixteen to twenty dream teamers are hired.  Dream teamer Alex describes dream teamers as being crash test dummies who try out the challenges before the survivors.  Dream teamer Lance reveals that he couldn’t be on Survivor because he’s from Canada so he wrote a former contestant about joining the dream team.

In the video, Jeff Probst points out that “Beer is a big motivator for the dream team.  That’s the thing we use to get them to fight their best at challenges.”  When the dream teamers aren’t testing challenges, they keep busy by working in the art department, by hauling gear, or by sitting in at tribal council.  A spot on the dream team can lead to other jobs with Survivor, as some have gone on to become challenge leadmans and segment producers.

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