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Evel Dick Donato Wins Big Brother 8

September 18, 2007 09:12 PM by Joe Blackmon

Evel_dick_winsAfter a recap of the Big Brother 8 season, the first six jury members
learned that Zach was the seventh member of the jury.  Eric told Zach
that if he had made the final two that it would have been a six to one
vote in favor of him.  The America’s
Player choice was revealed to be that Eric should campaign for and vote
for Dick to win Big Brother.

As the seven jury members discussed the final two, Eric attacked Daniele for riding Dick’s coattails during the game.  On the other hand, Jen argued that Daniele should win because of the way Dick treated everybody.

During the jury question segment, Amber called Daneile a pathetic person for what she did to her boyfriend on national television.  Eric asked Evel Dick to tell why each jury member would deserve to be in the final two.  Jen asked Dick if this game had helped build his relationship with Daniele, and Dick said he appreciated bringing some normalcy to his relationship with his daughter even more than being in the final two.

In her final plea to the jury, Daniele told the jury to just vote with their hearts and do what they think is best.  On the other hand, Dick talked about how he did a lot of the dirty work and did what needed to be done.  After the jury questions, Daniele got angry at Dick because she felt his speech was campaigning to win.   

In the live part of the finale, Julie Chen brought the seven members of the jury to the stage.   Each of the seven members of the jury inserted a key into a box for the person they wanted to win Big Brother 8.  After the jury vote, Julie Chen introduced Dick’s mother and son.  Julie Chen also re-introduced the first five evicted houseguests. 

After chatting with the first five evicted houseguests, Julie Chen introduced a video that revealed that the big secret twist of Big Brother 8 was that Eric was America’s Player.  After the segment played, Jessica said that she was in shock but that she wasn’t mad at Eric. 

Julie Chen pulled the keys one by one to reveal who the jury voted to win Big Brother 8.  After revealing six keys, Evel Dick had four votes, and Julie Chen declared Dick Donato the winner of Big Brother 8.  Julie Chen revealed that the final vote was five to two in favor of Evel Dick.  When asked what he was going to do with the money, Evel Dick said “I’m taking a trip, man.  I’m getting the hell out of here.  Away from some of these people, and I’m going to relax, and I’ll be doing an around the world thing for sure.”

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35 Responses to “Evel Dick Donato Wins Big Brother 8”

  1. M Says:
    September 18th, 2007 at 9:17 pm

    Knew he would.

  2. MDD Says:
    September 18th, 2007 at 9:21 pm

    too bad Daniele did not win…but I disagree with Eric that Daniele was riding on ED’s cottails since she was the one who won many POVs – She had to work harder to win the POVs when ED goofed up and got eliminated early in each POV. How can Eric determine that winning POVs constitute a riding on cottails?!? Eric is much dumber than I thought and much dumber than Zack. I agree with Jen for once.

  3. M Says:
    September 18th, 2007 at 9:30 pm

    to MDD

    The conversation you are referring to (riding on coat tails …) was being said because Eric was pleading his case for Dick to win …. as AP … remember?

    That doesn’t necessarily mean those were his true thoughts about the matter.

    I agree, though, that Danielle kicked B! … she HAD to because of Dick’s behavior towards everyone … he kept pissin everyone off and they BOTH had targets on their backs.

  4. Danno Says:
    September 18th, 2007 at 9:34 pm

    Danielle would have been gone early without Dick’s help.

  5. Lyna Says:
    September 18th, 2007 at 9:53 pm

    It ended perfectly. The Donatos are pure geniuses!

  6. worst BB ever Says:
    September 18th, 2007 at 9:59 pm

    I hope Big Brother is sued by one or more of the former houseguests, for some of the many violations of rules that were ignored this year. Dick was allowed to receive coded information from outside the house in the form of a letter from his son–he explained the code on air to his daughter. He was allowed to physically assault a houseguest without any penalty–he dumped a glass of tea on Jen and there was no penalty nomination or immediate eviction. His daughter was allowed to participate in Big Brother although she was did not meet the age requirement at the start of the show. The other houseguests have said live on air that they were pressured by producers into behaving in certain ways to create drama. The show this year was manipulated by producers and unbelievably unfair. Reality TV may not be that real, but all the blatant violations of rules were just too much.

  7. cookie Says:
    September 18th, 2007 at 10:05 pm

    what can I say but yeah for Dick. I hope that by winning this money he will travel and see how other people, live, work and love. From his travels I hope that he will become a more caring/deeper person.Yes Danny did do the physical POV winning,but Dick took lots of abuse by being a bastard.Bon Boy Augage (sp)

  8. Barbara Says:
    September 18th, 2007 at 10:11 pm

    I objected to having the producers and America’s Player change the game. Eric hurt his chances because he had to follow the dictates of America’s chose. Keep the game real. Don’t change it to improve your ratings. You will lose ratings by doing that.

  9. JMT Says:
    September 18th, 2007 at 10:58 pm

    MDD, are you forgetting that ED won more HoHs than DD? As a matter of fact, he won the MOST HoHs out of all house-guests & he didn’t even get to compete in the 1st HoH comp! So MDD AND M…DD DID ride Daddy’s coat-tails as in him having most HoHs (as well as 1 POV when it was NEEDED BY THEM) AND following HIS strategy!!! She is a whinny brat! AND Jess was SPOT-ON re DD did just as much “talk” about ppl as ED did BUT DD did it BEHIND ppls backs more often than not as opposed to ED. AND NEED I REMIND YOU, even though he did not win the 1st part of the final HoH comp…ED was in it 7 HOURS & 32 MINUTES W/O the benefit of a hat bill to keep the water out of his eyes & keep body-heat in (like Zach) NOR a glove on one hand (like Zach AND DD did) AND BEING MORE THAN TWICE DD’s age & 14 yrs older than Zach!!!

    BTW, for DD to take credit for back-dooring Jen made me ROTFL! P-L-E-A-S-E!!! DD followed ED’s lead even when she didn’t want to & it lead them to the FT.

    worst BB ever (no actually it wasn’t…BTW it’s the HIGHEST rated one YET) in, He got the CODE WRONG BTW. AND Jen is guilty of destruction of property she stole (ED’s cigs) & assault for ACTUALLY hitting ED w/ her hands…AND SHE DID THOSE THINGS DURING A “TRUCE” btwn them. Now if ED had thrown the tea IN HER FACE then I’d say it was assault but to say it’s assault when it was poured on her head (just LIKE BB itself did to her w/ slop, water & etc) is ridiculous. As for DD’s age, by the time BB8 was over she WAS 21 & BTW she IS NOT the 1st 20 year-old to enter a BB house. AND I don’t want to hear any B-U-L-L that “they-made-me-do-it” b/c NOBODY had a gun to their head & to say such is a COP-OUT & a shows a lack of accepting PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY/CREDIT for one’s own action…WHICH BTW ED had done FROM the START.

    Barbara, Eric MADE HIS BED when he VOLUNTARILY ACCEPTED the role of America’s Player. I for one was ELATED when I find out about AP! FINALLY, a show where WE THE VIEWERS get to participate BEFORE the end. In other reality-shows WE either NEVER get to participate like Survivor (except for ONCE w/ the extra voting/awarding of a cash prize POST Survivor All-Stars to Rupert [YEAH!!! RUPERT!!!]) & like The Amazing Race or others where we don’t get to until the final two (like HGTV’s Design-Star & Bravo!’s Top Chef). These shows EXIST FOR US & if it weren’t for US there would be NO REALITY-TV COMPETITION participants let alone winners…so I say IT’S ABOUT BLOODY FRICKIN’ TIME!!! And Eric is BIG-FAT-LIAR…I REMEMBER for a FACT that he wanted Amber OUT BEFORE he got the “evict-Amber” directive…that is UNLESS he was being a LIAR in HIS DR sessions & while I was watching him on ShowtimeTOO BEFORE the voting for America’s vote for evict-nom was even OVER. So Eric is a BIG-FAT-LIAR either way & IMHO it was TONIGHT that he was being a LIAR to Amber AFTER THE GAME WAS ALREADY OVER…BUT JUST WAIT until he DOES find-out about her racist remarks…I DISLIKE Eric REGARDLESS of his ethnicity (I immediately disliked him when he said that before he was offered the chance to be America’s Player that his strategy was going to be to lay-low…be a floater to the FT…I NEVER like slackers in reality-tv comps!!! AND THAT EVEN GOES for those like Zach who wait UNTIL NEAR the very end to “turn-it-on”…WIMPY, WIMPY, WIMPY!!!) AS OPPOSED TO AMBER’s reasons for disliking him ACCORDING TO HER OWN LIVE WORDS while in the house!!!

    In closing…YEAH!!! ED WON!!!…the Raiders SUCK…but so do the Jets (EVEN though NE were ACTUALLY cheaters in their win over them)! :)-

  10. Anonymous Says:
    September 18th, 2007 at 11:04 pm

    RIP Big Brother!

    IF they bring another one back, please PLEASE get some descent people to participate.

  11. Spungo Says:
    September 18th, 2007 at 11:05 pm

    The FCC views Big Brother as a scripted television drama, similar to WWE pro wrestling. It’s fake and not a real contest. This is according to the FCC.

  12. T Says:
    September 19th, 2007 at 12:34 am

    I bet the reason Danielle was allowed to be on the show even though she was not yet 21 is because technically Dick would be her guardian until her b-day in the house!

  13. the donatos can go to hell Says:
    September 19th, 2007 at 12:43 am

    JMT you got all of your facts wrong. too bad you had no feeds or showtime, you r just as stupid as cbs wants u to be. all of u donato lovers are cbs suckers. next year, spend ur welfare money on feeds, or get showtime, get the real story, the donatos lied and cheated and cbs rigged the game for their heartwarming daddy little girl reunion garbage. wake up people, this is a business. and JMT, NE kicked SD’s butt with the world watchin and no side line cheating was involved, so f**k the jets and u too, donato nut lickers

  14. u have no brains Says:
    September 19th, 2007 at 6:52 am

    people liking dick and danielle just goes to show how much the mentality of america has declined to sheer stupidity

  15. Mike C Says:
    September 19th, 2007 at 8:31 am

    What statements? This was a terrifice season for ALL the seasons barfed out above. Yes, its a game w/rules and yes, some cheatin’ may have occured. But why this PETYY quibbling??? Did you expect a replay of BB6 where Maggie bored us all to tears??
    The Donatos played great–Dick played the all-out game Jase from BB5 wanted to play but ten times better.
    The scandals aside, I felt Dani was as good as strategist as Dick but really, Dick deserved to win!! HE did take all the heat.
    The other players were awful sore losers!!! And Amber’s attack of Dani came out of nowehere!!
    Eric was an awfu lier–shifty eyes, ticks, just a lousy choice for AP.
    My last remark:
    Love the players, love the game, and next year will be even better!

  16. Bruce Says:
    September 19th, 2007 at 10:53 am

    the show was rigged to produce a “fairtale” ending.

  17. JDean Says:
    September 19th, 2007 at 11:43 am

    I was thrilled to see ED win Big Brother. In today’s world of people being afraid to step on toes and be so politically correct it was refreshing to see someone who “called it like they saw it”. I’d much rather hear your opinion to my face than behind my back even if I didn’t agree with it. Danielle was a strong veto player but ED was the one that made the season entertaining. As far as Amazing Race, would love to see them compete.

  18. stupdpeplsideaofrealitytv Says:
    September 19th, 2007 at 1:30 pm

    I get a kick out of reading these posts, The amount of people who cry about their favorite players that loose these games.They are games, they are TV, they are only called reality shows because the people involved are not actors and do not have a written script to follow. if you want true reality, watch a documentry(by the way they are also spiced up to try and make them interesting). This is TV, This is a show, all players cheat, lie, and backstab!! only the winners are better at it. At least Dick was who he was and did not follow along and conform out of fear of causing a stir. the world needs more “Dics” keep it real people!
    The negative talk on the web from crybabies only causes contraversy, which created more publicity wich creates the biggest most sucessful shows on TV. America loved Dick for him being himself, a trait most of america only dreams of having.
    (if your not a dick, Your pathetic)

  19. DeAnne Says:
    September 19th, 2007 at 2:26 pm

    The best show ever!!! As for evil Jen makes Dick look like a SANT.That girl was disliked by every one.NO ONE LIKED HER EVER !!Danielle & Dick played the game and they won because they where the best.And to America we are the ones to tell Eric what to do.THE BEST SHOW EVER.I had stoped watching the show all-together.But it’s back on for me.Keep it on the edge that’s what made the show great .WAY TO GO DICK& DANIELLE (BE GOOD TO EACH OTHER & WORK IT OUT)

  20. JMT Says:
    September 19th, 2007 at 2:57 pm

    the donatos can go to hell (I doubt they will no matter how much you wish it), You apparently lack reading comprehension skills. Just one of the reasons I know this is b/c you sait it was too bad I didn’t have Showtime WHEN I CLEARLY stated I watched them on ShowtimeToo. AND I noticed that other than your personal fiat on my commentary above you FAILED to ACTUALLY prove my statements wrong…as a matter of fact…you FAILED to even TRY.

    As to my ftbl comments: 1st I DIDN’T MENTION SD above. 2nd How do we know that NE didn’t ALREADY HAVE cheating photos of SD signals? ANYWAY, you apparently also don’t have comprehension skills when it comes to the smiley face I put after my ftbl commentary. Do you understand this one: .|. since you couldn’t comprehend this :)

  21. T Says:
    September 19th, 2007 at 3:46 pm

    I love how all along ED’s been saying that “we” won and Danielle hasn’t. She even “joked” about how he was going to be able to travel the world with “only 50K”. And how she pitched a fit about his “campaigning” for the win… even though it was supposed to be inconsequential. So it was priceless not only that he won but to see her shady, whiny, ungrateful, spoiled self actually start sucking up to ED and FOR THE FIRST TIME say the words “we” won!!! ED is too smart not to have noticed that. Which is why I think he looked slightly concerned in the eyes at the end of the show. Not as jubilant as I expected he would be. Now that ED won, maybe they do have a chance at a relationship. Danielle would have just taken the money and told him to Eff Off!

  22. dick and danielle both suck as people Says:
    September 19th, 2007 at 4:32 pm

    so you sre telling me you would invite these 2 to your home, or have them around your children? Danielle, not wanting to pack her own clothes because it “hurts my arms”? Dick, spitting, swearing, anti gay, anti religious, lying about Zach being racist, assaulting people,etc? Great role models, these 2.
    Yeah, you would invite these people over, since you are bigger scum than they are. Face it, thsoe 2 suck, and you just wasted your whole summer sucking CBS’ d*ck! see you next year, idiots!

  23. get a life Says:
    September 19th, 2007 at 4:58 pm

    you whine about D & D being horrible people, yet you helped their populairaty by being so involved. Yes I would invite Dick around my kids, at least he is real. not a fake whiner that cry’s instead of doing anything productive with their life.

  24. Arne Says:
    September 19th, 2007 at 9:12 pm

    people liking dick and danielle just goes to show how much the mentality of america has declined to sheer stupidity

    Really? Or is it the mantality of those that don’t respect what others wishes where? There is nothing stupid about America, we made a choice and we will live by that choice. The best person won. Jen Johnson was not innocent at all! I don’t think of her as a victim! These HG;s got as much as they dished out. It is as simple as that.

  25. Anonymous Says:
    September 21st, 2007 at 3:30 am

    Yes everyone on the show was BORING and really I would not have watched it if it wasnt for ED. That man was so frickin funny!!

  26. Brett Rules Your F*cking Life Says:
    September 21st, 2007 at 8:38 am

    As stated in the post two above mine — those who like Dick and Daniele goes to show how the intelligence of the US has dropped.

    Take a look at your whole post dip-$hit and you might realize that even though you don’t like Dick and Daniele, you can’t even spell the word mentality. It appears to me you watched too much TV in Highschool when you should’ve been studying for your goddamn spelling tests. As for your grammar, well $hit me a brick because you obviously can’t even write a decent paragraph.

    If you got something to say atleast spell it correctly before you drag everyone in the U.S. down, f*cking idiot.

    8=) Brett Rules Your Life (=8

  27. brett can't follow a thread Says:
    September 21st, 2007 at 8:46 pm

    “u have no brains” spelled mentality correctly. “arne” spelled it wrong, quoting “u have no brains” and arne is on your side, brett, so i guess he needs to go back to school, and you need to put the crack pipe down and pay attention! the only life you rule is the dead one between your legs!

  28. Anonymous Says:
    September 22nd, 2007 at 1:15 pm

    Hey Brett

    If I where to spend all my time sifting through errros I would of pointed out that get a life post has spelled popularity wrong!

    But wait, that was your post!!! LMAO, I guess you will be joining me in the spelling tests.

    Dont’ be so stupid and so dense.

    You are nothing but a troll, that gets off on following people around the net and pointing out typo’s that you also make. Imagine that.

    I don’t give a sh*it what you think of me or my articles. My stats says it all to me. People read them and like them. I am enjoying a lot of popularity on my site and you can’t stand it!

    If you think I ramble, SO FREAKIN WHAT!

    What are you doing for me! That I have to be concerned about your view on my opinions? Until you do something for me your little tiny fisted tantrum opinion have no bearing on my life.

    LMAO, you seem to be going out of your mind. Take your pills, and reflect on what a degenerate miserable hag you are.


    BTW the glove are off!

  29. Bobby McBride Says:
    September 23rd, 2007 at 11:38 am

    I personally would like to see next year’s season finale held at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. If “Survivor” can take its finales on the road, why not “Big Brother”?

  30. arne and brett are both psychotic Says:
    September 23rd, 2007 at 2:17 pm

    arne and brett spend so much time pointing fingers at each other and up their own a$$e$ that they fail to realize when other people plant posts within theirs to screw them up even more. Hey idiots, can we please get back to how disgusting the donatos are (and how gullible you are for sucking up cbs’ garbage all summer)and forget about your homo catfight?

  31. I Miss watching BB8 Says:
    September 24th, 2007 at 4:59 pm

    I have never been this hooked on BB. I loved BB8 this year thanks to the Donatos, especially ED. He was honest and genuine. I even got hooked on Showtime after hours even when it was slow and boring because I didn’t want to miss ED’s interaction or thoughts or feelings. I thought of him as family. Hey, I’m 45 yrs. old and have a well paid job. You don’t have to be a dumbass to like ED. Way to go Dick! Danielle, did great, she needs to be nicer to her dad. He loves her more than anyone in this world. I want to see them on Amazing Race!!! Maybe they will do better than Rob and Amber.

  32. Arne Says:
    September 24th, 2007 at 8:29 pm

    Yes and your Brett. Nice try, but nobody could miss the character in the post.

    Of course, your whole post was designed to do what, add to the fray?

    I am through discussing BB, the season is over. As I told you last night, when you posted on my site!

  33. the administrator Says:
    September 30th, 2007 at 11:27 pm

    Arne, this is not “your site”, let’s not mislead the public. We will be tolerant of your retarded views and nonsense ramblings-we will NOT be tolerant of you spreading false notions of this being “your site”. If you insist on this delusion, WE WILL BAN YOU from this site permanently. Please adhere to our rules.

  34. Arne- didn't see the second one Says:
    October 8th, 2007 at 8:06 pm

    I didn’t see this second quip over a week ago. I must respond.

    Arne, this is not “your site”, let’s not mislead the public.

    When did I ever say this was my site! If it was I would of made sure your posts didn’t make it on the site. You know my golden rules!

    We will be tolerant of your retarded views and nonsense ramblings-we will NOT be tolerant of you spreading false notions of this being “your site”.

    When and how did I do that, by snort apologizing the the blog owner for entering into a battle of words with you!

    If you insist on this delusion, WE WILL BAN YOU from this site permanently.

    Since you are not the blog owner, I’ll take my chances.

    Please adhere to our rules.

    Please stop trolling on every blog!

    Posted by: the administrator |

    Posted by the poser administrator.

  35. KM Says:
    October 11th, 2007 at 11:32 am

    I’ve watched many seasons of BB and this season was by far the best ever. Thanks to D & D, I tell you what if Evil was voted out when he was up against Dustin, which i think was rigged, thank God… I would’ve quit watching the show.

    Dustin, Amber, Eric, Jameka, Jen, Kail were all so pathetic. Jessica was a sweetheart, everyone else was lame O. The casting on this show was garbage. Throw in a hand full of Dick’s next time and you’ll get even better ratings.

    If i had to sit through 1 more hour of Amber crying like a physco i would’ve walked, could she use up any more BB air time, pathetic. (She was not a “Christian” either!!.. makes me puke).

    Dick you are the man!! Danielle really did show off her true cry baby self. Nick don’t waste your time on this B / whiner! Zach you might be a nerd, but you, Nick, Dick, Danielle, Jessica, were the only members of BB8 that were enjoyable, the rest of you, make me sick!! Doesn’t Survivor China seem to suck this year?


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