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The Biggest Loser Results – Lezlye Donahue Eliminated

September 18, 2007 10:49 PM by Joe Blackmon

Lezlye_donahueOn the second episode of The Biggest Loser 4, the secret black team has
their first weigh-in.  Back on the Biggest Loser campus, the red team
talked about how difficult it was to lose a team member.  Trainer Bob
Harper took the blue team on a hike up a mountain.

In the first challenge, the blue and the red teams raced up a flight of stairs to turn off lights on different floors.  The red team won the challenge.  As their prize, the red team members got to flip light switches for a change at immunity.  David won immunity from elimination.   

At the competition weigh-in, the secret black team was revealed to the blue team and the red team.  The red team lost twenty pounds which was a 1.26% weight loss, the black team lost forty-seven pounds which was a 2.70% weight loss, and the blue team lost forty-three pounds which was a 2.43% weight loss. 

Because the red team lost the least percentage of weight, they once again had to select one of their team members for elimination.  As the biggest loser on the red team, Bryan was safe from elimination.  David also was safe from elimination because of the earlier challenge.

At the elimination ceremony, the red team voted to eliminate Lezlye Donahue from the competition.  When asked if she was surprised, Lazlye said “Somewhat, we play a numbers game here, but you know what, this team is going to be four strong, they’re going to go for it, and they’re going to bring home the gold.  I’m proud of this team.”

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