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Mika Combs Gets A Big Break On Nashville

September 21, 2007 11:43 PM by Joe Blackmon

Nashville_lawnmowerIn the second episode of Nashville, Kentucky native Mika Combs gets a
big break.  After taking a job at a club named Losers, Mika befriends
Erica, who introduces Mika to the Sekret Service.  The Sekret Service
is a group of music managers that like to drink beer, have bonfires,
drive around on lawnmowers, and target shoot at demo CDs.

More importantly, the Sekret Service puts on a music event called “South Lex.”  Mika impresses the Sekret Service enough to earn a spot on “South Lex.”  Even though some of the Sekret Service doesn’t think Mica is ready, they still offer her a spot.  The gamble pays off, and Mika wows the crowd and catches the eye of a couple of record producers.

Things don’t go quite as well for another aspiring female country singer on Nashville.  Rachel Bradshaw received some management advice to form a trio with her friends Sarah Gunsolus and Lindsey Hager.  The trio succeeds in booking a performance at Tootsies bar, which is attended by a couple very important record label executives.  Unfortunately, the trio does not impress, and the feedback they get is that they were pitchy and lacked stage presence.

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