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An Unwilling Ghost Host

September 26, 2007 10:41 PM by Joe Blackmon

Written By Jennifer Brown.  Jason and Grant pick up a haunting hum in an attic; New TAPS member
Kris gets her feet wet; a hair-raising experience for Jason in
Seattle’s underground tunnels!
  Jason and Grant are hard at work in their Roto-Rooter duds, fixing a
faucet, when they get a call from Donna at TAPS headquarters. She tells
them about Northern State Hospital in Washington. Jason, sporting a new
goatee, tells her to count them in.

Back at headquarters, Donna fills the guys in on what they can expect at Northern State Hospital. A psychiatric hospital active from 1912 – 1976, it was the place of many dark happenings, including not a few patient murders. 1,500 unclaimed bodies were buried there, Donna explains, and more than 200 unclaimed cremated uncovered in the ashes.

The guys round up the team, which consists of Steve, Dave Tango, and old friend turned new ghost hunter, Kris Williams, and head out to Washington. They arrive at Sedro-Woolley, Washington, and at the hospital, a humongous and stately sprawling building.

They meet with Dan Singleton, the gruff site manager, who is none too happy about the prospect that he might have a haunted building on his hands. “Hopefully they’ll find nothing’s here and I won’t have to deal with everybody wanting to see the ghosts that I personally don’t believe are here,” he says.

He gives the guys a tour of the place, including rooms with some scary-looking equipment once used for lobotomies and a cavernous and creepy attic where a ghostly nurse has been reported to appear. Numerous eyewitnesses chime in, claiming everything from seeing a tall figure to hearing screams, crying, and footsteps. “Too much happened here over the years for it to just be a concrete building” one witness says.

Steve’s wearing his teacher hat tonight and calmly explains to Kris the ins and outs of investigating, including giving her a little lecture about not wearing perfume during one (hunter tip: Perfume could cause an investigator to miss a “phantom scent” emitted by a ghost).

They go dark and immediately we’re down in the steam tunnels with Jason and Grant. It’s muddy, mucky, and stinky down there and – “What the Frig” alert!!! – it isn’t long before we hear tapping just like the reports claimed. Once again, it’s Roto-Rooter to the rescue, as the guys use their expertise to quickly explain the tapping as pipes moving. “I think we can easily debunk anything down here,” Grant says.

No sooner do the words come out of his mouth than Jason catches a breeze. Only,”It’s not a breeze,” he says, walking back and forth with his handy thermometer. “It’s a cold spot.”

Up on the 2nd floor, Kris and Steve are doing an EVP sweep, Steve instructing his little heart out. He whips out his EMF detector and just as it shows a fluctuation, they, too, hear a noise. “Hello?!” he calls, but there’s no answer.

Up from the steam tunnels, Jason and Grant are paying close attention to the temperature on the 1st floor. Jason starts to feel a heavy feeling on his chest just as they hear a loud bang. Guess what,?! The temperature drops at that very moment! Things are getting interesting.

Flash quickly to Tango, who’s for some reason investigating a stairwell alone, and who is also hearing thumps and bumps.

Jason and Grant head up to the attic to do a thermal sweep. No sooner are they up there then they start to hear noises. Loud noises! They hear the sound of a woman humming. As they move toward the humming, it gets louder and clearer, eventually turning into singing. Then they spot something – a shadow, maybe? – move at the far end. They go after it and the humming/singing abruptly stops.

Steve and Tango are sent up to the attic then with the thermal. They try to do a sweep, but Steve’s fear of,everything,causes problems as they find a giant moth,or something,and they spook each other. “I don’t like this place, man,” Steve says, after they, too, begin hearing noises.

Back at the hotel, Steve and Tango seem chipper as they sit down to go over the evidence. What they find is pretty amazing – first the humming noise that Jason and Grant had picked up in the attic comes across loud and clear on camera, and then a still camera shooting down a hallway picks up a transparent but distinct shadow, which moves out of the darkness and back into it. They show the guys what they’ve found. “The only problem is Dan wanted us to disprove the place,” Jason says.

Back at Northern State the following day, they break the news to Dan, who is definitely displeased to see the footage, but can hardly argue with what they’ve found. “We’ve got two strong pieces of evidence,” Grant says. Jason concurs, giving Dan an extremely rare, “This place seems to be haunted.”

Another successful case under their belt, the Ghost Hunters set off for Washington Case #2: the underground tunnels in Seattle. Kris, who seems to be the person who’s done the research this time, explains to them (interesting piece of history alert!) that a fire in the early 1800′s and then subsequent flooding decimated Seattle, causing the city to be rebuilt on top of itself. The result is a series of underground tunnels that used to be Seattle and that is reported to be haunted today.

They meet with a man named David Clavey, who gives them a tour of their investigation site, explaining that there have been sightings of women “shimmering out of the walls” in the “prostitution area” and that gold miners have been spotted in an old bank vault area. Lots of bumps, thumps, and clangs are to be heard all around.

Steve and Tango set up for the investigation and Steve gives a rapt Kris another lesson – this time on shadows and shadow people. The two of them then set off for the prostitution area to do some EVPs. Steve hands Kris the reins for this one. She seems timid, nervous, and starts to feel unwell, whispering, “I just got the shakes,It sounds stupid but can we sit?”

Jason and Grant are doing some EVP work of their own when Grant spots a figure to his left. “That was just a little messed up,” he says, when describing an upright human-like figure that he saw clearly. They head to the vault area and start waving around their EMF detector. Grant finds a spot on the EMF and begins asking spirits for a sign of their presence. What he gets is a feeling of static electricity on his arm that radiates as pain up through his shoulder. He shines the flashlight on his arm to show his hair standing on end. “Is it possible that I brushed past something as it was passing by?” he asks. “Absolutely. Is it possible that it was just due to the magnetic fields down here? That’s a high possibility as well.”

Back in the prostitution area, Kris is trying to reach out to the ghosts by opening up about her own past abusive relationships. Maybe her story resonated with someone because suddenly there’s a loud noise. They follow it but find nothing.

Jason and Grant are hearing noises as well: disembodied voices and footsteps. Then they realize that what they’re hearing are noises from people on the streets above. Another haunting debunked!

Steve and Tango retire to the hotel for analysis. The process looks long and boring and turns up nothing useful. The next day the guys meet with David Clavey to go over their results, which basically amounts to personal experiences only (Grant’s figure and Jason’s raised arm hair). David Clavey seems a little disappointed to not get the validation he was seeking, but feels good about the investigation.

Grant, on the other hand, reveals his thoughts in the SUV on the way home: “I’m not sure if I’m disappointed that no prostitutes showed up, or,” he jokes.

Next week on Ghost Hunters:  The team heads to San Francisco to investigate The Presidio, a family gets help with a ghost in their business, and an EVP is picked up!

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