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The Biggest Loser Results – Patty Gonzalez Eliminated

October 02, 2007 09:58 PM by Joe Blackmon

Patty_gonzalezOn the fourth episode of The Biggest Loser, the trainers faced the
temptation of cupcakes.  In a twist, one of the cupcakes held a fifteen
second advantage for that trainer’s team.  Despite the advantage
possibility, all three trainers passed on the cupcakes, because they
didn’t want to set a bad example for their teams.

For the challenge, the teams and their trainers had to bid on how fast they could run and retrieve a flag for their teams.  The black team bid the lowest time at five minutes and twenty-five seconds, and the red team challenged them to get the flag.  The black team did not finish the challenge in time, so the red team won the first round of the challenge.

The red team bid that they could retrieve the flag in five minutes and fifty-five seconds, and the blue team challenged them to get the flag.  The red team finished with eighteen seconds to spare and won the challenge. 

As their reward for winning the challenge, the red team won immunity for their entire team from elimination.  At the weigh-in, the blue team lost a lower percentage of their total weight than the black team, so the blue team had to select one of their team members for elimination.  Because Kae was the biggest loser on the blue team, she was safe from elimination.

At the elimination ceremony, the blue team voted to eliminate Patty Gonzalez.  When Host Alison Sweeney asked Patty about the distractions she faced at home, Patty said “I feel that God got me to where I’m at now.  He’ll get me through those distractions.  I’ll eventually believe it myself, one of these days.  I just have to work that much harder.  I’m especially grateful for the friends I’ve made along the way.  The long lasting relationships that I know I will have with these people.  I truly love each and every one of them.”

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