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Kid Nation Party Leads To Curfew

October 03, 2007 08:20 PM by Joe Blackmon

Kidnation_partyOn the third episode of Kid Nation, the kids threw a big party at the
town saloon, where they chugged root beer.  Tired out from the party,
several of the kids struggled to get up the next morning.  Greg banged
posts and pans to wake everyone up.  The town journal suggested to the
town council that they create order in the town and institute a curfew.

Some of the kids confronted Greg over kids complaining about getting hurt when he was waking them up, and Greg cussed at them.  The town council called a town meeting and told all the other kids that they were instituting a 9:30 curfew.  In a rather dangerous endeavor, three of the kids went and chased around some cattle.

In the showdown, the districts raced to find three wanted sheep for their district among a herd of sheep.  Once the sheep were located, the districts had to retrieve three Ace cards from around their necks.  The yellow district finished first and became the upper class, the blue district finished second and became the merchant class, the green district finished third and became the cooks, and the red district finished last and became the laborers. 

Because all teams completed the showdown in the required time, the entire town won a reward choice between a microwave with a barrel of cocoa and forty hot pizzas.  The town council decided to take the microwave with a barrel of cocoa, even though most of the town seemed to want the pizzas. 

After the showdown, a storm hit the town.  The wind was strong enough that it stirred up a lot of dust and knocked over the outhouses.  Greg helped set the outhouses back up.  The town council got input from everyone in town on who deserved the next gold star.  Some kids felt that Greg deserved the gold star for all the hard work he did, while others felt that Mallory deserved the gold star because of her positive attitude and because it was her birthday.

At the town meeting, several kids raised their hands that they weren’t happy with the job that the town council was doing.  Some kids called Taylor out specifically, and Taylor started crying and promised to help clean up the town.  When host Jonathan Karsh asked if anyone wanted to go home, none of the kids raised their hands.  The town council decided to award the gold star to Mallory.  Mallory said “I just want to say thanks, and you don’t know how surprised I am.”

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2 Responses to “Kid Nation Party Leads To Curfew”

  1. Mike C Says:
    October 4th, 2007 at 8:03 am

    This show continues to mortify. The show focuses on Greg, who is ugly,a bully, and a menace. And when the kids threw a party for Marcie, why did they moon the Sheriff when he wandered into town by accident?
    What’s with that? Also, the beating of Mallory for stealing the corn was shocking?
    What brutes?
    Even the blind girl, Lettie, has a crooked, criminal like grin.
    Next week, the kids build a Bridge? Yikes!!

  2. Arne Says:
    October 8th, 2007 at 8:09 pm

    Mike don’t you feel that you are going overboard? Come on they are kids. Kids make mistakes that his how they grow. I like the show.


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