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Brad Johnson Takes First Round Of Last One Standing

October 04, 2007 09:28 PM by Joe Blackmon

Brad_johnsonn the premiere episode of Last One Standing, six athletes travel to
Brazil.  The athletes live with the Kalapalo tribe and receive wrestling
training.  A professional lightweight strongman named Brad has
the biggest muscles, and the tribe designates him as the chosen one.

However, both Brad and the five other athletes are less than impressive when they practice wrestling with tribe members.  The Kalapalo chief is so disappointed that he doesn’t want to let any of the athletes fight because he thinks they would be an embarrassment to his tribe. 

Brad gets an infection in his throat and has to go to the tribe shaman to get the bad spirit out.  However, Brad feels a little uncomfortable with the Shaman’s methods, or as he puts it, “Having a male, not only a male but a naked male, rub on me and blow and suck on my stomach is something I’ve never experienced, and honestly I don’t want to experience it again.” 

After much deliberation by the tribe’s chief, he decides to give the athletes one more chance to earn the right to compete.  The athletes fight each other to earn the right to represent the tribe in a wrestling competition.  The tribe’s chief deems Brad, Richard, and Rajko as the only three worthy to fight.

Before Brad, Richard, and Rajko are allowed to compete, the villagers scrape them with piranha teeth until they bleed as a test of manhood.  All three pass the test and are accepted as Kalapalo warriors. 

At the tribal wrestling match, Brad gets sand thrown in his face and loses to a leg grab.  However, the Kalapalo chief protests the foul play and Brad is allowed back in the competition.  In Brad’s second match, the fight is declared a draw.  Richard and Rajko both lose in their first wrestling match.  The Kalapalo chief recognizes Brad Johnson as the athlete that fought the best.

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