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Ghost Hunters – Presidio, Plaid, and Pleading in California

October 04, 2007 07:10 AM by Joe Blackmon

Written by Jennifer Brown. The guys catch a shadow at the Presidio, and some amazing EVPs at a baby superstore. Case #1: The Presidio. Jason, Grant and the team have rolled into sunny San Francisco,
ready to take on The Presidio, an historic military fort. Kris gives
the guys the scoop on the history of the building [definition alert:
Presidio means "a walled fort"] and tells them a little about the
claims of haunting.

They meet Dr. Thomas Smith, Presidio Historian, who takes them on a tour and tells them about all the odd happenings that have been reported over the years: voices, the smell of flowers and smoke, tapping, and a full-bodied apparition of a woman in Spanish garb. Also, he tells them, there have been reports of food smells emanating from the kitchen. “From the kitchen?” Jason quips. “How odd,” [insert rim shot here]

The tour finished, Thomas talks to the cameras while the team sets up equipment. “I’m a skeptic,” he admits. “You always have to take everything with a grain of salt.”

They go dark and split off into teams. Jason & Grant head for the Viewing Room and after little inspection Grant finds a janitor’s closet, full of perfumes and cleaning solutions, possibly explaining the phantom scent of flowers [debunk slam dunk!] Tango & Kris make their way through the kitchen, asking for ghosts to make the sounds of pots and pans clanging. Suddenly there’s a loud bang! Soon it’s followed by another! Ghostly bangs? Nope, it’s just the ice machine [debunk slam dunk #2!]. Jason & Grant head into the Smoking Room to check out the phantom scent of smoke. Not a surprise, they can smell it, too – emanating out of the walls, which have soaked up the smoke over the years. Not a ghost, just porous wood [debunk slam dunk #3!]. Steve leaves the control center long enough to hear some faint music in the Ballroom. Finally, Tango & Kris are in the Lounge. They ask the ghosts to tap three times and,get it! When Tango gets up to investigate, Kris feels a cold sensation on her leg. Wrap up and head out!

Case #1, The Findings: Steve finds an EVP – or should I say possible EVP because I never could quite make anything out – that might sound like something moving across the floor or could possibly be saying the word “Chap.” Either way, it’s not too earth-shattering.

Tango finds a couple videos, both sketchy and too quick to question or accept properly, and both in The Ballroom, AKA: the place where the Spanish Lady is often seen. The video shows a shadowy figure stepping out from a dark area. Jason calls it a “black mass,” but heck that’s a human figure if I’ve ever seen one! What’s not clear to the viewer is whether it’s a figure or someone’s shadow. In other words, I’ve seen better. They take these vague findings back to Thomas the historian and, though he appears impressed, the guys aren’t ready to give him the rare thumbs up. “I’m not ready to say it’s haunted,” Grant says.

Case #2: Lullaby Lane. Lullaby Lane is the first store the team has ever investigated. A family-owned business for multiple generations, the store has been experiencing some unusual activity that they suppose might be a past employee named Jean. Footsteps in the creepy upstairs stock room, an office chair that likes to spin on its own, big band music mysteriously playing. The store is cavernous and has promise.

However, the night appears to be a dud, as Jason & Grant right away zero in on a Fear Cage in the stock room [definition alert: a Fear Cage is what Jason & Grant call a place with a high electromagnetic field (EMF), because a high EMF can be misinterpreted as a paranormal experience]. They try to run a thermal sweep, but there is too much reflection. Likewise, Tango & Steve try to investigate and right away find a giant crack in the concrete wall that leads out to an alley. Steve goes out and stomps around and sure enough, Tango can hear footsteps and noises inside [debunk slam dunk #4!] Steve & Kris venture out together and Steve sees this as a good time for some more instructing for the new TAPS member. “It’s a little overwhelming,” Kris admits,but is she talking about the learning curve or about Steve’s godawful baggy plaid shorts,? Finally, Jason & Grant do some EVP work, practically begging Jean to show them a sign of her presence. Wrap up and head out!

Case #2, The Findings: It may have looked like a dud, but Lullaby Lane was an EVP jackpot! After quickly debunking something that looked like a flaming bunny on the thermal (“Just reflection,” Jason rules), they analyze some very interesting sounds on the voice recorder.

EVP #1: Some low growling voice – scary but unclear. Might be saying, “Where is Carrie?” or “Don’t be scared of me.” Uh,too late, disembodied voice!

EVP #2: [goosebump alert!] After asking Jean to make herself known, a low, raspy voice is heard answering Jason, “There is no Jean here.” “That’s a creepy voice,” Jason says. At least I think that’s what he said – I was hiding under my bed.

EVP #3: Following Grant’s pressing for Jean’s presence, a voice pleads, “Please just leave us alone.” That’s right: Us. As in more than one ghost.

The guys rule these the clearest EVPs they’ve heard in a long time. “There’s gotta be something going on here,” Grant says to the shocked owners of Lullaby Lane, which technically isn’t “This place is haunted,” but with these guys is pretty darn close. They pile back into the GhostMobile and fist-five, another job well-done!

Next week on Ghost Hunters: TAPS heads back up to Seattle to investigate a haunted home and the famous Moore theater.

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2 Responses to “Ghost Hunters – Presidio, Plaid, and Pleading in California”

  1. Jnut Says:
    October 4th, 2007 at 11:30 pm

    I just watched the opening series of the ghost hunters.

    My, oh my – how money changes everything!!

    As though it wasn’t bad enough to see the show progress over the past several years (from innocent and somewhat believable) to what it has become – a money making machine for the macabre masses!! Stupid macabre fish in a black vortex barrel!! Shame on you all!

    Jason has grown a gotee, is sporting a new diamond earring, black leather jacket and walking around as though he now OWNS Roto Rooter! Grant is as compliant as ever, waiting with bated breath for his every action/emotion/response to be approved by the monolithic Jason; nothing new there, except Grant is now is making a LOAD of cash for his side-kick compliancy. Maybe now he can go and buy the rights to Roto-Rooter, and if he has money left over (and based on the members area of this web site HE WILL – he can buy some manhood)!!

    Steve is back – alone – without his cohort in crime, Brian Harnois! Such a shame! It was such a sweet and lovely mix of brash enthusiasm meets the fear minion. Steve has now fully materlized into what I all ready knew but hoped wasn’t true – a boring, run-of –the-mill hunter with no personality to speak about, or watch (– lest us not forget that this IS TV entertainment). Brian with his impetuous, unadulterated, likeable, and innocent child-like response to life’s idiosyncrasies (albeit self-inflicted) versus Steve with his afraid of life, except for ghosts, attitude has come crashing into the ghostly (and ghastly world) of lame entertainment. Love him or hate him – Brian made the show. Now when the ghost hunters have nothing to show their client I can’t say the show was worth watching. Why? Because the oil and water mix of the highly entertaining Steve and Brian is gone. There is now no one to get us excited about seeing a “ghost”. There is no one to form the group into the ‘right’ way versus the ‘wrong’ way of Brian. Brian represented what we all experience in everyday life. Do I tell the boss (monolithic Jason) I goofed up? …Do I not tell the boss?…Do I lie? I don’t care if people think that I am childlike – I am excited to see or hear something related to the apparitional world. He is the best and worst of what life on earth has to offer – I can only do what I can do at this given moment, and dammit, I am going into it FULLY.

    Oh – and what about these new women on the show? I am not talking about the average American woman with some extra pounds and down-to earth auras (Donna, Kristen, Heather) – but these cameo appearances of the young, wet-lipped full figured gals with the Barbie waistlines and revealing, scant tank tops? Jane Russell would be proud! Oh – and have you seen the Xtra footage of Donna and Jason on YOUTUBE? If I was married to Jason, I would have that bald head on a platter – that way – in the afterlife he would only have to worry about materializing his head!

    Jason and Grant have managed to grow this ectoplasmic orb into a full apparition via your pocketbook! You can now buy Ghost hunter t-shirts, hats, car merchandise, baby apparel, and yes, pet apparel! But hey, why stop there? You can always rush to see one of them at a book signing, or a local appearance at your favorite ghost-friendly outlet. Will Casper (the friendly ghost) be there, too? He may be the only one actually worth meeting!

  2. Katie Says:
    October 9th, 2007 at 10:50 pm

    i totally agree with you, brian made the show fun to watch, he had personality. i enjoy the reruns with him in it the best. tried to find the youtube episode you mentioned but couldn’t. does it have a title i can search for? thanks!


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