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The Bachelor Results – Twin Helps Brad Eliminate Three

October 08, 2007 10:34 PM by Joe Blackmon

Bachelor_twinsOn the third episode of The Bachelor, Brad Womack took Stephy,
McCarten, Jenni, Lindsey, Sarah, and DeAnna on a group date to the
circus.  The ladies got to pet an elephant, walk a tightrope, and
balance on balls.  Jenni impressed Brad with a dazzling display of
acrobatics, and then Jenni told Brad that she wanted to be the girl
that he fell in love with.  However, Brad gave his group date rose to

Brad took Hillary on a one-on-one date to San Francisco.  Brad also surprised Hillary with a million dollars in jewelry to wear on the date.  Brad and Hillary shared a romantic dinner, where Hillary got very emotional.  Brad gave Hillary a rose and took her to eat ice cream and chocolate.

Brad took Kristy, Sheena, Jade, Bettina, and Solisa on a group date boating.  On the boat, Solisa gave Brad a lap dance.  Sheena cut Brad off on a waverunner, which got them in trouble with the coast guard.  Bettina revealed to Brad that she had been married before.  Brad gave his group date rose to Kristy.

Brad’s twin brother Chad pretended to be Brad at a cocktail party with the ladies.  Sheena was the first girl to realize that Chad wasn’t Brad.  Some of the girls figured out it was Brad’s twin, and other’s didn’t realize that it wasn’t Brad.

At the rose ceremony, Brad gave roses to Sheena, McCarten, Jenni, Jade, DeAnna, and Bettina.  Sarah, Solisa, and Lindsey were eliminated from the competition.  Sarah said “I honestly have no idea what went wrong.  I feel like that twin thing just threw me off.”  Solisa said “I was a little more truthful and honest about who I was, because he did see the very special parts of me, because I wear those special parts on the outside, so it’s just that those special parts weren’t parts that he was looking for, unfortunately.”  Lindsey said “You either have a connection or you don’t.  I thought we did, but I’m not going to sit here and cry over something that was not there.”

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