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The Biggest Loser Results – Jim Germanakos Eliminated

October 09, 2007 10:05 PM by Joe Blackmon

Jim_germanakosOn the fifth episode of The Biggest Loser 4, host Alison Sweeney
revealed that the Biggest Loser campus would be shutting down for a
week and that the contestants would be going to Jamaica.  Bryan had a
chest pain while working out and was taken to the hospital as a
precaution and did not make the initial trip to Jamaica.

In Jamaica, Kim Lyons worked out her team in the pool, Bob Harper led his team in a yoga lesson, and Jillian Michaels directed an intensive workout of her team in the sand.  Bryan got cleared by the doctors and joined his team in Jamaica.  The challenge involved contestants pulling themselves and their teammates on a raft out at sea to the shore.  The black team won the challenge and received relaxing massages.  The two losing teams had to go through another workout.   

At the weigh-in, the red team lost forty-two pounds or 3.25% of their total weight, the blue team lost thirty-three pounds or 2.83% of their total weight, and the black team lost thirty-nine pounds or 2.41% of their total weight.  Since the black lost the lowest percentage of their total weight, they had to select one of their team members for elimination.  As the biggest loser on the black team, Hollie was safe from elimination.

At the elimination ceremony, the black team voted to eliminate Jim Germanakos.  Jim said “It’s a game.  I am shocked.  I’m very disappointed, and you know, we’ll see what happens.  The next chapter will still be written, and when I come back for the finale, I hope to shock everybody then.”

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