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Kid Nation Gets Religion

October 10, 2007 08:10 PM by Joe Blackmon

Kidnation_religionOn the fourth episode of Kid Nation, the town journal advised the
council to hold some type of religious service.  The town council
decided to hold one religious service for everyone and have kids
representing each religion speak.  Some of the kids objected to all of
the religions being in one service.

Much to the disappointment of the town council, no one showed up for the religious service.  Later that night, Morgan invited everyone to come and pray by the bonfire.  Because of the way she approached it, many of the kids took part in the prayer service.    

In the showdown, the districts completed a steeple puzzle.  Once the puzzle was complete, the districts then had to turn a crank to raise the steeple up.  The blue district finished first and became the upper class, the red district finished second and became the merchant class, the yellow district finished third and became the cooks, and the green district finished last and became the laborers. 

Because all teams finished the showdown in the required time, the entire town won a reward choice between a miniature golf course or a library of holy books.  Instead of making the choice, the town council put the decision in the hands of the town.  The town voted overwhelmingly for the holy books.

Nine year old Cody got homesick for his girlfriend, so he drank a root beer and went to look at cows to get her off his mind.  Even though Taylor was on the yellow district which was in charge of cooking, she sat around drinking shots and didn’t cook.  Several kids confronted Taylor, but she ignored them.  Zach rallied everyone together to help with the dishes.

At the town meeting, several kids raised their hands that they didn’t approve of the job the town council was doing.  Zach said that Taylor wasn’t working or showing leadership qualities.  When host Jonathan Karsh asked if anyone wanted to go home, Cody raised his hand.  Cody said that the reason he was leaving was because he missed his family.  The town council decided to award the gold star to Morgan.  Morgan said “I think that I have the best friends in the world here, and I’ll never leave you I promise.”

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2 Responses to “Kid Nation Gets Religion”

  1. Mike C Says:
    October 11th, 2007 at 12:04 pm

    This show continues to astound me!!It is so boring it defies my motives for watching!!!The team competition lacked spirit and the kids proves themselves lazy and waiting to be ‘directed’ on what to do next.
    Poor Cody lost his rabbit foot and had to crawl through that swamp with leeches on him!! Wow!
    What punishment!!And Zach looks and acts like a shcoolyard bully waiting for his next meal!!Yikes!
    And Morgan got a gold star for lecturing the kids on the value of “friendship” while sneaking food from the storage room!
    What kids!!
    Next week, the teams compete for a washer and dryer while swinging across quicksand!!! I can hardly wait!!!

  2. Andrew Hopkins Says:
    October 12th, 2007 at 3:21 pm

    I believe that Zach should become the yellow team’s leader. I think the others should stay, but if I had to choose, I’d pick Michael for blue, Sophia for green, and keep Mike for Red.


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