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Ghost Hunters – A Possible Poltergeist

October 11, 2007 06:44 AM by Joe Blackmon

Written By Jennifer Brown. TAPS investigates a possible poltergeist in a Washington house – then off to The Moore Theater. The guys are back in Washington again this week, as they answer
the call of a desperate homeowner, Krista Gibbons. Krista took in her
teenage niece recently when the child’s mother died, explains Donna,
and ever since the girl moved in it’s been “like opening Pandora’s
box.” As always when a case involves a child, the guys are all-too
eager to snap to it and head out, with Jason warning, “Just remember
this case is a very sensitive case,”

They arrive at the Gibbons house and meet Krista, who gives them the grand tour, explaining that they’ve experienced everything from noises and footsteps to lights, shadows and apparitions. “I definitely feel that my mom is trying to contact us,” says Krista’s niece.

Krista points out that her sister’s ashes are in an urn on a shelf in a family room. It’s not the first time TAPS has investigated a supposed haunting where an urn is involved and, Grant points out, whenever they’ve done one of those investigations, there’s usually activity around the urn.

They go dark and split into teams. Tango & Kris do EVP work in the upstairs living area. Lounging back on the couch they begin to hear noises – footsteps & maybe a girl’s voice. They call downstairs to Steve who swears he neither moved nor heard a thing. Jason & Grant investigate Krista’s claims of hearing voices through a heating vent in the bedroom. They put on their debunking hats and try to find an explanation. They can hear each other, but not clearly. Tango & Steve hit the bedroom, trying to debunk “shadows” seen by Krista. To help them out, Jason & Grant take a few turns around the block in the GhostMobile, allowing their headlights to shine through the windows. There’s light refraction everywhere,a possible debunk, but hardly one of their slam-dunks. Later, in the kitchen, Tango, Kris & Steve try to debunk reports of images seen in the window above the sink. No luck there. And when Jason & Grant can’t debunk the footsteps, they begin wondering what exactly could be going on in this house. They put it together that there are 2 teen girls living there and soon are telling Kris that she needs to investigate the history of the town in the morning to see if there are any large limestone deposits nearby [hunter tip: According to Jason, ",high limestone deposits in the area," could spell poltergeist, especially when there are teens in the house and a high emotional charge].

The Findings: Steve & Tango offer video evidence first, but it’s a stretch at best. Steve’s thinking maybe fog or mist on a ceiling, but Jason & Grant bat it down as a reflection.

Tango finds an EVP – an answer to Steve asking the ghost to identify herself. An answer comes, in a clearly-female voice, what sounds like “Chesney.” Hmmm,that’s curious,

The big find is on video, however, near the urn. How the guys caught it is amazing, because it’s barely a flash in real time; however, when slowed down it is clearly a dark figure. Not shadowy, but solid, and definitely feminine-looking, just popping up in a doorway.

They present their findings to a tearful Krista, who explains, after Jason says that he thinks the EVP is saying “Chestnut,” that the niece’s nickname when she was little was,Chestnut!…and that, in fact, the niece’s last name is,Chesney! Krista takes it as proof that her sister is reaching out, and Jason, when he and Grant are alone in the car, admits that this house is “a haunting.”

Case #2: This is big! TAPS is the first team ever to investigate The Moore Theater, and I don’t know who’s more excited about it – TAPS or Moore employee Debbie Murdock. She tells them all about the apparitions that have been seen in this old building, the sounds, and the “feeling of pressure” in one of the boxes. “This is fresh territory,” says Grant. “If there are entities in here they have no idea what to expect.”

The guys bring in old pal and fellow hunter Mike Dion to help them cover the massive size of the place. They go lights out and break off into teams. Jason & Grant take on the basement, with their handy thermal cam. They see a hot spot that in time just fades away. Weird. Steve & Kris head for the boiler tunnels/crawlspace. Oops! **Scaredy-Steve alert!** Steve jumps out of his skin when he thinks he sees a spider. Tango & Mike investigate up in a balcony, where they both see a bright beam of light. Tango’s thrilled – his camera’s pointing in the exact direction where the light was! He’s stoked for analysis on this one, especially once they try to recreate the light beam and can’t do it. It’s off to the balcony for Jason & Grant, to puzzle out the “feeling of pressure.” No problem – Grant brings his handy-dandy EMF detector and they ferret out a massive coil of cables that radiate EMF ratings off the chart [another debunk slam-dunk! for the guys].

The Findings: The Moore appears to be a dud, as Steve & Tango turn up virtually no evidence whatsoever. They show Jason & Grant the thermal cam hot spot that they’d captured down in the basement, but Jason right away rules that as a reflection. And, even more disappointing, Tango’s great footage of the light beam he and Mike saw in the theater,was not picked up on tape! The guys try to make him feel better about it, but what it boils down to is,

“We can’t come out and say the place is haunted,” Jason tells Debbie Murdock.

“I will always believe there is something else here at The Moore Theater,” she answers.

The guys look tired. Rhode Island is a long way from Seattle. They pile back into the GhostMobile and head out.

Next on Ghost Hunters: The guys help a priest in “a creepy place.” TAPS investigates Sprague Mansion. 

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3 Responses to “Ghost Hunters – A Possible Poltergeist”

  1. chris Says:
    October 11th, 2007 at 7:54 am

    The evidence in the first case was amazing, from the EVP, to the shadowy figure there is something going on their. I believe this is some of TAPS’s best evidence to date. Now your skeptics well say that the figure is the brim of Steve’s hat casting a shadow off the metallic A/C vent through the window reflecting off the mailbox back through the window and then bouncing off the urn on the mantle. Please, keep an open mind!

  2. Anonymous Says:
    October 12th, 2007 at 5:06 pm


  3. . Says:
    October 16th, 2007 at 6:04 pm

    I looked again at my own recording of that Gibbon’s episode…frame by frame. Look at the background really closely, look at the fireplace, and where the female shaped statue is located. Watch the shadow, frame-by-frame…it looks like it moves up, because Steve is holding the camera, then moving it as he gets up. So it makes the statue appear larger, and to appear to rise as well, with his movement. Also, the shadow is posed in the same way the statue is, with its right arm bent. This is debunked for sure. The EVP however, IS authentic…but the shadow, unfortunately, is just the statue, in the dark, filmed at close range, with light reflecting on the bottom half of it.


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