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Dramatic Cocktail Party On The Bachelor

October 15, 2007 12:01 AM by Joe Blackmon

On this week’s The Bachelor, Brad Womack takes one bachelorette on a
breathtaking panoramic helicopter ride over Los Angeles. When the
helicopter lands on a rooftop, Brad and the bachelorette share a cozy
dinner for two.  This individual date has a rose on the line, which
will lead to the bachelorette either staying or going home.

On another date, Brad takes two ladies to a spectacular private residence in Marina Del Rey. On the two-on-one date one woman will get a rose and the other will go home in tears.

On a third date, Brad takes six bachelorettes on a group date to try out their improvisational skills at a Los Angeles comedy club. The pressure is more than one bachelorette can take and she breaks down and cries on stage. Meanwhile, Brad gets to know the women better and offers one of the ladies a rose because she was able to come out of her shell and reveal more about herself.

Back at the mansion, the women uncover Bettina’s closely held secret. And as the electrifying cocktail party unfolds, the women put their newly honed improv skills to the test and question Brad about which Bachelorette was the recipient of his first kiss. When he reveals that it was Jenni, the rest of the ladies confront her about it.

Many of the overwrought women are brought to tears as McCarten tries to guard a secret of her own, Sheena tries to remind Brad she is there for the right reasons and Bettina sobs just because she cares so much for the Bachelor and is afraid of being sent home.

After an incredibly emotional rose ceremony, Brad must pare down the group from nine to six women. The Bachelor airs on Monday, October 15 from 10:02PM to 11:00 PM ET on the ABC Television Network.

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