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The Bachelor Results – Bachelorettes Forced To Beg For Roses Like Dogs

October 15, 2007 10:18 PM by Joe Blackmon

Begging_like_dogsOn the fourth episode of The Bachelor, Brad Womack picked Jenni up in a
helicopter for their one-on-one date.  Brad and Jenni dined together on
a building rooftop.  Much to her relief, Jenni received a rose on her

For his second date, Brad Womack took Sheena, McCarten, Hillary, Bettina, Kristy, and Stephy on a group date to an improv comedy show.  Much to the surprise of the ladies, they were the improv acts.  During part of the performance, the bachelorettes were told to beg for a rose like a dog.  Kristy felt so uncomfortable performing comedy that she cried.  Brad presented his rose to Bettina.

For his third date, Brad Womack took DeAnna and Jade out to dinner.  Brad presented his rose to DeAnna, which meant Jade had to go home.  Jade cried and said “I guess he can only go with what his heart feels and his connection, whatever.  I just really, really wish that he could have seen through her.”

At the rose ceremony, Brad gave roses to Kristy, Sheena, and Hillary.  McCarten and Stephy were eliminated from the competition.  Stephy said “I know I have a wall around my heart.  Brad obviously wasn’t the guy to get through me.  Hopefully, someday someone’s going to think it’s worth their while to chip at my wall.”  McCarten said “Brad is an amazing person that I could see being the father of my children or my husband.  I came here hoping for true love.  I put my heart on the line.  My heart’s been broken before, and I’m going home.”

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One Response to “The Bachelor Results – Bachelorettes Forced To Beg For Roses Like Dogs”

  1. Judi Says:
    October 16th, 2007 at 9:37 am

    I’m officially disgusted and through with this degrading program. It isn’t bad enough they have a bunch of otherwise intelligent and beautiful women demaning themselves to compete for one so-so man, now they make them behave like dogs to beg for the rose! Any man that would even want a woman that would do that isn’t worth competing for.


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