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Kid Nation Election Turns Ugly

October 17, 2007 08:16 PM by Joe Blackmon

Kidnation_posterOn the fifth episode of Kid Nation, the town journal advised the town
council to hold district elections.  The kids in town all applauded
when given the news that there would be elections.  The green district
decided that they were happy with Laurel and that no one would run
against her.

In the red district, Guylan ran against Mike.  In the blue district, Olivia ran against Anjay.  In the yellow district, Zach ran against Taylor.  At the showdown, the districts had to bust open pinatas in hopes of finding pictures of U.S. Presidents.  After the districts collected seven Presidents, they had to put them in the correct historical order.  The yellow district finished first and became the upper class, the green district finished second and became the merchants, the red district finished third and became the cooks, and the blue district finished last and became the laborers.

Because all teams finished the showdown in the required time, the entire town won a reward choice between a barbeque and toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, and floss.  Even though several kids in the town wanted the barbeque, the town council decided to go with the dental health products.

After Taylor and her supporters put up some posters, Markelle ripped one down and jumped up and down on it with a pogo stick.  Leila got upset because she had made the poster, and Greg helped console her.  At the town hall meeting, the town council awarded the gold star to Greg.  Greg said “You guys have no clue what this means to me.  This right here means I’m going to college.  I had no money put away for college right now.  You guys have no clue how much this is going to do for my life.” 

At the Bonanza City election, Anjay won the blue district, Guylan won the red district, and Zach won the yellow district.  After Mike realized that he had lost in a landslide, he said “My ego pretty much just got like eaten, digested, and crapped out by a coyote, torn apart by vultures, and tossed off a cliff.”

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One Response to “Kid Nation Election Turns Ugly”

  1. Mike C. Says:
    October 18th, 2007 at 8:05 am

    Another episode that defies description!!
    The elections of these kids the political piranah slots was ugly.
    Mike and Zach’s boxing fight was pitifully nasty and bloody. While Lulu cheered on the pink team and Molly’s spitting on Olivia’s beaten body!!! Where are the Censors???
    And crown Prince Leroy’s declaring,”We will rule you fools with an Iron fist!!!” was so adult, that you can tell it’s all scripted.
    And Talor’s decision to banish Olivia and Patty to the Land of Misfit Kids was shocking!!!
    Next week, the teams learn the value of Tribal Law!!!


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