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Extreme Makeover Home Edition Helps Family In Chicken Coop

October 21, 2007 12:01 AM by Joe Blackmon

The Carter family of Billings, Montana were living in a refurbished
chicken coop, but they will be receiving the home of their dreams
thanks to Ty Pennington and the gang.  The Carter family episode of
Extreme Makeover Home Edition airs on Sunday, October 21 from 8:00PM to
9:00PM ET on ABC.

Julie Carter suffers from a genetic disorder known as Chiari Malformation, as does her 21-year-old daughter, Jade. She fears her other two daughters may have it as well. Julie and Jade have had several brain surgeries costing over $500,000. This condition has over 85 symptoms — which makes it very easy to misdiagnose — and causes depression and chronic fatigue. Julie has made it her passion to spread awareness of the rare disorder and has become a hero to thousands. She writes a monthly newsletter to Chiari patients, providing them support, compassion and valuable information, which she assembles and distributes with her own money. She also started Chiari People of Montana, a support group. With her success, she was recently asked to run the first Chiari Malformation chapter in Billings. This is a bittersweet honor, since her makeshift office is hardly suitable for getting out her newsletters.

Julie is so consumed with helping others that she rarely thinks of her own living situation — which is a refurbished chicken coup — but the astronomical medical bills are a regular reminder that there’s little chance their house will ever be fixed. From the outside their home looks like a long warehouse; the exterior walls are buckling and some of the windows are cracked, which makes it tough in the brutal Montana winter. They’ve made the best of the interior, but the cracks in the floor and the unusable space makes heating the place expensive. It’s now up to the design team to get this family out of the chicken coop and into a healthy house, and to reward this selfless mother with a state of the art facility where she can run the Billings chapter of Chiari. While Ty and the designers, local builder Jeff Junkert Construction, Inc. and hundreds of volunteers and workers are rebuilding their home, the Carter family will go on vacation at the Hilton Times Square in New York City.

This season every episode of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" is going green by incorporating eco-friendly, low-energy and recyclable resources in the builds. On "Carter Family," all windows and patio doors will be made of glass that blocks out harmful UV rays while also enhancing thermal performance. These window accessories can save up to 28% in heating and cooling costs, a definite savings for this family.

The design team for this episode will feature team leader Ty Pennington and designers Michael Moloney, Paul DiMeo, Tanya McQueen and John Littlefield. The series is produced by Endemol USA, a division of Endemol Holding. It’s executive-produced by Denise Cramsey. David Goldberg is the president of Endemol USA.

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10 Responses to “Extreme Makeover Home Edition Helps Family In Chicken Coop”

  1. c. friesen Says:
    October 21st, 2007 at 11:41 pm

    could you e-mail the floor plans of the Oct.21 showing. The family were the ones that lived in the refurbished chicken coop from Billings, Montana. Not sure how things were positioned. Thanks

  2. Mike C Says:
    October 22nd, 2007 at 6:59 am

    Another weepy episode to make us cringe and feel sappy!!! When the child begged for a seperate bathroom with video games, I knew this show was shameless and pushing all the Wrong buttons!!
    More pounding,walls crashing, the host looking like a smug model!!
    The chicken coop wasnt even sad–it was Ultra-modern!!!
    And when the wife cried and thanked everybody in the Solar System, I almost threw up!!
    The Kid Nation of make-over shows!

  3. Patti Epstein Says:
    October 22nd, 2007 at 7:48 am

    Ty I think you are wonderful, i WISH i HAD AN OUNCE OF YOUR ENERGY. I have watched extreme makeovers from the beginning and sometimes twice. I Love your staff and the fact that tears are shown by all. I wish I had a friend like you some nine years ago when my whole world fell apart. My husband passed away at age 48 from a horrible death of cancer and thru some poor choices I was left to clean up a full plate. I lost everything, my home,my husband, had to file bankruptcy for medical bills, my life was a mess. Now I suffer with Fibromyaglyia, parasomniac and severe arthritis, what a way to end up. My husband was 20 years military and my Son is soon to be deployed to Iraq. I got myself rattling on which is something I did not want to do. Ty you do such great things for people, keep up the great work and may God Bless you and quide you along life’s bumpy roads.The show was great and so informative, the house was beautiful and I hope that this family continues with this wonderful work they are doing and may God spare anymore of her children this disease. Thank you Ty and the full staff for putting something on Television that is worth while watching. God Bless you all. Patti

  4. stephanie ezard Says:
    October 22nd, 2007 at 8:46 pm

    Love the house on extreme makeover home edition sunday night october 21, 2007. could you please send floorplan so I can see how everything is placed. Thank you

  5. Kenny Pelan Says:
    October 24th, 2007 at 6:58 pm

    Love the house on extreme makeover home edition sunday night october 21, 2007. Could you please e-mail me the floorplan.
    Thank you

  6. Robyn Lewis Says:
    October 28th, 2007 at 12:20 pm

    I cried thru the whole show of Extreme Makeover on Oct 21st about the Carter family. But Ty & Crew did a beautiful job. Could I get the house plans e-mailed to me?

    Thanks !

  7. Mary Says:
    November 4th, 2007 at 8:18 pm

    Loved the 10/21/07 edition as I too suffer from Chiari Malformation and have had 3 surgeries UNBELIVEABLE pain and electric shock like headaches so I applaud that and damn the ones putting as quoted “another sappy episode” until you live with it you shouldn’t comment on such pain and suffering YOU HAVE NO IDEA!! bravo to them and thanks TY

  8. Clytie Dyer_gordon Says:
    November 11th, 2007 at 9:16 pm

    My mom was out of work for seven years ue to an accident. She had spinal cord surgary and afer a a year of the surgary, my mom had to go ack to work bec ause at the time she was a single mom of three. Now my mom goes in and out of the hospital due to her high blood preasure and sugar also lots of back pain. Mom have to take to injection in her back because of pain. She got married three years ago. her husband have two children who lost they mom at a very young age. now my mom is raising the children. all the money my mom save to buy a home when she was ill she had to used it up, but she is trying to get back on her feet but its impossible. my mom is trying but with a house hold of eight and `and a two bed room we are trying to make it. thank you Aliyah

  9. maria dossantos Says:
    November 19th, 2007 at 1:24 am

    hello ,wonderful miracle show the crew simply full of life,for my grand daughter Chantal age 13 who is a great fan of the show specially TY a poster or a post card of the crew would be great ,she also has A D H D,,

  10. carrie2424 Says:
    July 17th, 2009 at 4:52 am

    I just caught the rerun of this episode again, and would really like the floorplans. Did anyone get them, or do you know how?


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