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A Sexy Bikini Party On The Bachelor

October 22, 2007 12:01 AM by Joe Blackmon

On this week’s episode of The Bachelor, Brad Womack faces the pressure
of struggling to decide which four women he’ll escort home to meet
their family and friends.  Brad takes one bachelorette on a fairytale
date, complete with moonlight, music and diamonds.  After slipping into
a fabulous evening dress chosen by Brad, the woman also sparkles with a
gift of $15,000 Chopard diamond earrings, which she gets to keep.

Brad takes another bachelorette on a very romantic candlelit picnic.  The evening is capped off with a memorable gondola ride through the canals of a gorgeous southern Californian city.  However, the bachelorette cannot overcome her fears and put her heart on the line, despite her love for Brad.

On the only group date, Brad takes four women to his bachelor pad for a wet and wild pool party.  The group spends the day playing football and indulging in water sports, but one petulant bachelorette refuses to get her hair wet.  Brad gets some more precious one-on-one time with each woman and shares another kiss.  He attempts to explain to one lady that he only sees her as a friend, but the bachelorette misreads his gentle letdown as a way of keeping it secret from the others that he is actually falling for her.

Tensions rise at the cocktail party when Brad must narrow the field to just four women – the four who will invite him into their families’ homes – while two leave brokenhearted. It’s too much to bear for one of them, leading to one of the most emotional exits in "Bachelor" history.  The Bachelor airs on Monday, October 22 from 10:02PM to 11:00PM ET on the ABC Television Network.

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One Response to “A Sexy Bikini Party On The Bachelor”

  1. Trinilab Says:
    October 24th, 2007 at 11:09 am

    What the heck is Hillary’s problem? Brad spent the whole show trying to tell her that he only felt friendship for her but she just did not listen. I think the finals are going to be between DeAnna and Jenny. I think Jenny should win. Brad and Jenny have a genuine connection.


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