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Kid Nation – DK Almost Goes Home But Stays And Gets The Gold Star

October 24, 2007 08:23 PM by Joe Blackmon

DkgoldstarOn the sixth episode of Kid Nation, Zach rang the bell to wake
everybody up, and Taylor got upset and yelled at Zach to shave his
una-brow.  The town journal recommended that the town council do
something about their garbage problem.  The town council selected
Sophia, Greg, DK, Taylor, and Leila to help them hall the trash out of
town and bury it.  Taylor and Leila initially refused to help, but
Leila changed her mind and pitched in to help.

The town council tried to punish Taylor by directing her to haul water to fill up the water tank.  Taylor filled up two buckets with water, turned them over, and walked away.  Because Taylor didn’t do the punishment, the town council tried to hold her in a room, but she got out and stormed off.  DK rallied the whole town together to fill up the water tank.

For the showdown, the districts had to look for cans in a large container filled with beans and pigs.  The red district collected twenty-four cans and became the upper class, the green district collected twenty cans and became merchants, the yellow district collected nineteen cans and became cooks, and the blue district collected seventeen cans and became laborers.  Because the districts met the challenge of collecting over seventy-five cans, they won a reward choice between a crate full of fruits and vegetables and two dune buggies.  The town council decided to pick the fruits and vegetables.

At the town hall meeting, several of the other kids attacked Taylor over her lack of working.  DK stood up and told everyone to stop being so mean to Taylor.  When host Jonathan Karsh asked if anyone wanted to go home, DK raised his hand.  However, Guylan talked DK into staying.  The town council awarded the gold star to DK.  DK said “I do have six brothers and sisters at home, and I do want to see them all go to college, and I do want to see them all get an education.  And this means,this is great for me right now.”

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3 Responses to “Kid Nation – DK Almost Goes Home But Stays And Gets The Gold Star”

  1. Randy Says:
    October 25th, 2007 at 7:25 am

    After watching the show last night I finally found someone I’d vote for for (U.S) President. DK! This kid has fantastic qualities; compassion, leadership, work ethic, and all to the Nth degree. I see a great future for him in anything he wants to accomplish.

  2. mike Says:
    October 25th, 2007 at 4:35 pm

    wow….Taylor is kind of too much spoiled, isn’t she? I like DK and his inspiration…he deserves a 2nd Gold Star, in my humble opinion. Let’s see how will Taylor fare in the next episode.

  3. Mike C Says:
    October 28th, 2007 at 10:42 am

    Awful!!! This episode shows news lows from these teams of kids.
    Taylor was attacked for her political views AND for outing Shandra over the stolen cand bars!!
    DK is like a smiling shark–befriending his Green team kids and backstabbling the Red Team.
    And during the challenge, the roping of goats contest, DK slugged Zach and kicked Angel in her butt!!
    What shameless Star greedy kids!
    DK’s sub alliance with Ratso also is questionable?? What team up with this white-trash wannabee?
    DK wins the Gold Star and a place in Infamony for his shamelss backbiting.
    Next week, the Teams swap clothes and Mallory returns from exile to join the Hog-wrestling contest!!1


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