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Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Bombs Away!!!

October 28, 2007 01:50 PM by Joe Blackmon

Written By Jennifer Brown.  The girls get a photo shoot and then take to the air with The Golden Knights! It’s week 10 of camp and only 5 weeks away from the first game.
40 girls are feeling both the excitement and the stress of camp as the
dream is so near yet still so tentative.

They start out with a photo shoot, donning their uniforms for the first time since they’ve been sized. Director Kelli and Choreographer Judy are looking to see whose personalities come across on camera. “Showing a captivating quality on camera can make or break somebody’s destiny,” Kelli says.

Not all of the girls feel the same about being on camera in their uniforms. Loni feels very exposed, joking that the pants are like underwear rather than shorts. But Tia loves her uniform, saying she feels “like a supermodel.” Nina, meanwhile, struggles not with the uniform but with the expectation of looking sexy on demand. “”My sexy looks like I’m constipated,” she laughs.

The girls show up for boot camp and are delighted when they’re joined by a group of 10 army soldiers – parachuters with The Golden Knights. They tell the girls they’ll be going skydiving, and are met with applause and nervous (sometimes tearful) giggles.

They show up at the air strip, suit up, and get instruction. Kelli’s planning to jump, too, saying she’d never ask the girls to do something she wouldn’t be willing to do herself. Tension in the plane is high as the girls stress about what they’re about to do. But soon they’re jumping out, one-by-one, to lots of screams and smiles and thumbs-ups. Back on the ground they’re exhilarated, not believing they just did what they did.

Back in the studio, it’s dance time, and it’s no secret to the girls that small mistakes can be their undoing. This late in the game they’re “down to being extremely picky,” admits Kelli. The girls begin dancing and it’s not long before Judy’s griping at Loni about her kicks once again, saying she can tell Loni’s been working on improving them, but the strain of the effort is showing. She then tells Candace that she looks like a wet noodle – disjointed – while she’s dancing. She complains to Megan Sharpe that she’s just not animated enough – her moves aren’t “big enough” – but it’s Nina that Judy really has it out for. She complains that Nina has to watch the other girls a lot and keeps pointing out that Nina’s doing the dances incorrectly. Nina lets the comments get to her and her dancing really starts to break down, which doesn’t help matters at all.

No surprise here – they call Candace, Nina and Megan Sharpe into the office at the end of the day.

Candace is worried, remembering having been cut with no warning last year. “I’d rather go now than have to wait a few weeks and get cut then,” she says, hopefully. She’s first in and they tell her that her dancing is starting to blend in a little. She looks passive, laid-back, and boring, they tell her. But they give her a second chance to work on the problem and she tears up, thankful to have the warning. “I’m going to work my butt off to stay here,” she promises.

Megan’s in next, and they tell her once again that she’s not animated enough, that they don’t believe she’s giving the dances “her all.” They decide to give her another chance as well, and, like Candace, she’s tearful, happy to have a shot at working out the problem.

Finally they bring in Nina. “You are a fun performer,” they tell her, and go on a long list of great qualities about her – she’s smart, she’s fun to watch, etc. But then Kelli goes on to drop the bomb on her. “We’ve come to a point where we’re going to be moving too fast for your dance technique.” Nina bursts into tears before they can even get the words out that she’s being cut. “It was only one night,” she sobs, but Kelli and Judy insist that it’s not just one bad night – she’s struggled many times before. Nina begs them to please give her another chance. Kelli, clearly feeling bad, tells her, “The decision’s final.” Nina sucks it up as best as she can and thanks them for the opportunity, then heads out, head-up. Kelli and Judy are left in the office with long faces – this cut wasn’t easy for them to make.

Next on Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team 2: The girls go to Bikini Bootcamp. They take the field!!!

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