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For Amazing Racers, Kynt and Vyxsin, It’s All About the Experience

October 31, 2007 08:14 PM by Joe Blackmon

VyxsinkyntWritten By Jennifer Brown. The reality TV world is abuzz with news of the upcoming new season of
seven-time Primetime Emmy Award winner, The Amazing Race. Recently Reality TV
Magazine had the opportunity to catch up with racers Kynt and Vyxsin
(“Team Pink and Black”), prior to the premiere, for a little chat about
the Race, why they joined in, and what they hope to get out of it.

Long-time fans of the show, Kynt and Vyxsin jumped at the chance to apply when they saw the casting call in January. “[The show is] so much like National Geographic,” Kynt says. “There’s never a dull moment. It’s one of the few shows on TV that can hold my attention span.”

The couple, dating for nearly 5 years, was thrilled to get the call that they would be part of the show. “We’ve always been a team. We’re looking to take that teamwork to the next level,” says Vyxsin, adding that it’s not every day that a couple has an opportunity to make memories such as the ones they’re likely to make on the Race.

Not that they’re going into the Race worry-free. “I’m a little bit concerned because Kynt is a very detail-oriented person,” Vyxsin confides. “[He's],” she pauses, laughs, as Kynt supplies the word she’s looking for. “Very neurotic about things,” she continues. “I’m sort of sloppy and carefree about things. I’m quite a bit more emotional than he is. I could definitely see that generating some conflict maybe under the circumstances of the Race.”

For Kynt, the worry is about the physical aspect of the Race, which, as we’ve seen in past seasons, can be quite taxing. “I hate to get dirty,” he says, confessing that he’s not at all athletic. They’ve spent months preparing for the Race, Vyxsin’s dad getting in on the act by creating several “Amazing Race Bootcamps” for them. Kynt admits that he didn’t particularly love the workouts, but, “I didn’t give up. I really gave it my all because I wanted us to perform to a maximum.” Vyxsin enjoyed their race preparations, no matter how physically taxing they were. “We’ve never actually done things like take a bike ride together or jog in the park in the evenings,” Vyxsin says. “We had a really good time just getting ready for this.”

While Kynt realizes that other teams might have athleticism on their side, he feels certain that his ability to work as a team with Vyxsin will more than make up for his athletic shortcomings. “[Other teams] spend so much time bickering and fighting with each other,” he says. “Things are going to happen, things are going to go wrong.” Vyxsin agrees, adding, “I feel pretty comfortable. Kynt and I hardly ever fight. We both know that no matter what happens we’re there for each other. We’re not going to abandon each other just because someone’s had a bad day.”

What else does Team Pink and Black believe they have on their side? “We’re road trip junkies,” Kynt says. “We’re used to traveling on the fly.” Also, they believe their outlandish “goth” look will work to their advantage. “Although we look unusual, we look fun,” Kynt says. “I don’t’ think we come across as threatening. The hot pink shirts don’t look very scary.”

For now they’re preparing themselves for the comforts-of-home sacrifices they will have to make while away. “I’m a myspace addict,” Kynt admits. “I’m definitely going to miss my computer. I’m going to miss my blowdryer. And I’m going to miss regular heat and air conditioning.” For Vyxsin, the toughest part of leaving home will be leaving Pika, her Pomeranian. But both agree it will be worth it in the end, especially if they end up performing like their all-time favorite Racers, Uchenna & Joyce, who Kynt and Vyxsin believe “,really came back against all odds [to win the Race].”

The excitement in Team Pink and Black is palpable. Unlike some of the past racers, these two seem to really be focused on the process as much as on the game, and on just enjoying their incredible journey around the world. “[The United States is] so geographically isolated,” says Vyxsin, impressed by the way Amazing Race turns viewers’ living rooms into a “world showcase.” “We’re both just extremely appreciative. We’re so grateful to have been given this opportunity.”

“It’s a blessing.” Kynt adds, “I know I’ll emerge a different person, no matter how far we make it.” Reality TV Magazine wishes Kynt and Vyxsin the best of luck in the Race!

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One Response to “For Amazing Racers, Kynt and Vyxsin, It’s All About the Experience”

  1. Chris Anderson Says:
    November 1st, 2007 at 12:01 am


    i love their carefree, yet caring attitude

    despite the makeup and dyed hair, there is something GENUINE about this team. i do not get this vibe from ANY of the other 10 teams on this race.

    Kynt and Vyxsin FOR THE WIN


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