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Kid Nation Discovers The Root Of All Evil

October 31, 2007 09:58 PM by Joe Blackmon

NathangoldstarWrittne By DA Southern.  We knew this would be a scary episode, but we never expected anything
like this…OK, I got you.  There was no spooky Halloween story
tonight, but it was indeed scary to see how messy Bonanza City has

As with all of the episodes thus far in Kid Nation, the Kids seem to be dealing with something that will be the theme for the show.  Tonight it was money…or the lack thereof.  Tonight our little heroes, under the guidance of Divad, opened the show by selling Peach Cobbler on make-shift tables to make some money.  Some of the older kids, led by Laurel, were wondering why they had to pay for food when they could have it for free when thy wanted it.  Jared, who some of the Bonanza City kids call “the Bill Gate’s of Bonanza City”, was sent into a rage and overturned Divad’s tables because she was cutting in on his ability to sell his wares.   

Whew…and that was just the opening segment before the theme song.

The Town Council headed to the “Journal Room” and read the Bonanza City Diary.  You know, the one left by the former residences of the town.  (I always thought it was nice of the former Town Council to leave such an excellent record of their failures and the writing was so neat, too.  It has really helped the kids a lot!)  The Diary explained how gold was found and the town forefathers made bad decisions concerning the distribution of the gold among the town folks.  Ultimately, in the old town, the rich got richer and the poor got poorer which sent many of the townspeople leaving for better opportunities.  The Diary went on to tell where a treasure was located and, after much discussion about if they should look for it themselves, the four council members trekked to the cave indicated on the map.  The treasure wasn’t too hard to find and, as they opened it up, lo and behold, $3.75 in nickels graced the inside of the chest.   

As our intrepid treasure hunters were hunting for “gold in them there hills”, several interesting bits were being played in town.  Sophia decided to put $.50 in a bucket of some rank food to see who would put their hand in to retrieve it.  There was not any doubt that young kids, who are used to putting their hands in yucky stuff, would go for the coins.  What was funny was that Sophia was so shocked that they would do it.  In another part of town, Divad and Jared brought the families together for a sit-down about the territorial disputes that had plagued the area.  OK, maybe not quite so dramatic, but I thought it nice that the two worked it out about the whole table incident and gave each other a hug.

The council, with new found loot in hand, had quite a discussion about the distribution of the funds and opted for a fairly non-democratic distribution system deciding to purchase items for the kids to keep them happy for a bit.  The most interesting statement was by Council Member, Zach, who said “…it’s better for smarter people to make the right choices.”  The kids were amused as they played with the gifts from the Council but, Nathan, a home-schooled kid, continued to work because he was disturbed that the laundry was backing up.  Nathan and former gold star winner Greg, seemed to always be fighting, which sent Nathan in tears to his bunk.

At the showdown, a money-themed challenge was at hand with the teams using sling-shots to propel golden eggs over a screen to their teammates on the other side with net-type devices to catch the eggs.  All of the kids had to achieve a goal of four dozen eggs caught for a chance for the team prize and we knew that it was going to be some type of washing/cleaning related theme and, of course, the distribution of labor was up for grabs.

You could see that the Blue and Yellow teams were clearly dominating the event and the only real question was if they would hit their four dozen mark for the big prize.  In the end, Blue was indeed the Upper Class, Yellow, the Merchants, Green edged out Red by one egg to be the Cooks, leaving Red as the Laborers.  The only question, did they get the four dozen?  They did indeed and they had a choice between coin-operated laundry service at the tune of $.20 a load or some new clothes and an old fashioned hand-crank washing system.  The council wisely picked the new clothes because no one wants another Survivor episode with the kids wearing the same clothes for forty days.   

Probably the most interesting segment of the night showed our little “Bill Gates”, Jared, making these necklaces and selling them to the kid for a $2.90 profit.  Jared selling his necklaces to the kids…Funny.  Jared counting his money realizing he made a killing…Even Funnier!  Jared’s buying new threads reminding us of “Huggy-Bear” as he paraded around town…Priceless! 

The other touching scene was between Greg and Nathan.  Greg apologized to Nathan for riding him so hard and really sang his praises for being a dynamic little worker.

At the Gold Star decision by the council, it came down to a choice between Pharaoh and our little home-schooler, Nathan.  What was the telling sign was when Greg told the council that Nathan should get the Gold Star because of his work ethic and for the fact that he did not seem to campaign for the star as Divad had done, (and to a smaller degree, Pharaoh). 

The Gold Star ceremony was more peaceful than last weeks elections, for sure, and it was Nathan who came out on top of the Gold Star balloting this week.  We ended with a touching phone call home from Nathan to his Mom about his Gold Star award and a bitter Divad explaining how she will take the needed steps to secure the Gold Star.

Kid Nation has become quite a surprise to watch this season and I look forward to watching these kids build this town in the coming weeks.

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2 Responses to “Kid Nation Discovers The Root Of All Evil”

  1. Mike C. Says:
    November 1st, 2007 at 11:25 am

    I couldnt believe Nathan won the Gold Star after it was clear he sabotaged the Food Challenge so that the Red Team would be mere Laborers-lifting bricks and trees for the TreeHouse Hideaway.
    And Divad showed her ugly colors when she tried to get Zach to defect to the Green Team and the Blue Team clearly has lots of problems.
    And DK bottomed out and confessed about spiking the Well-Water with sleeping pills!!
    Wow!! What kids and what a Nation?
    The only real moment the whole season was when Lydia told Mallory the Green Team cheated to win the “Hide and Seek” competition. She actually looked sad!
    Next week, more intrigue. Divad propses the kids elect a Mayor and she offers to be a “Pretent” wife!!! Incredible????
    Mallory and Zach conspire to win the “Gold Diggers” challenge by making fake maps to the Gold!!!
    Wow!!! Who will win the Gold Star next week? Yikes!!1

  2. cactusqueen Says:
    November 2nd, 2007 at 6:29 am

    Why is this show still on the air? Does anyone actually watch?


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