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Ghost Hunters – Halloween Haunts the Elijah Express

November 01, 2007 06:47 PM by Joe Blackmon

Written by Jennifer Brown. TAPS investigates abandoned Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, KY. What better night for die-hard Ghost Hunters fans than Halloween,
when TAPS invites their audience in on a live and interactive hunt for
the haunted? This year the six-hour investigation took place at Waverly
Hills Sanatorium, an abandoned tuberculosis hospital in Louisville, KY,
that the team took on last year to some pretty lively and amazing

TAPS invited their viewers to not only come along for the ride, but to participate in it as well, by offering several interactive tools, including live online streaming of the investigation, uploaded photographs throughout the night, text messaging, chat rooms, and even a “panic button” that fans could click on when they saw something startling enough to try to direct Jason, Grant and the others to investigate a particular spot. It was quite the impressive setup and the fans ate it up – by the show’s end, there had been more than 150,000 panic buttons pressed! With Destination: Truth’s Josh Gates hosting, and ECW’s Elijah Burke guest-hunting, the show was hardly the snooze-fest many live paranormal hunts can be.

In addition to the hunt itself, TAPS brought in the three finalists from their “Hunt for the Hunter” contest – Mark from Philly, Patrick from Seattle, and Deanna from Indiana – and let them get their feet wet in an investigation. For some it was sink or swim – Heather and Kristyn didn’t give Patrick (who, truthfully, did seem a little “bumblish”) any slack, and Mark looked uncomfortable alongside Steve – while others took to it like a fish in water (A new viewer might have mistaken Deanna for a TAPS veteran).

Because the show was live, we’ll have to wait until next week to see what actual evidence was collected – what the guys were able to debunk and what they might have caught on film or audio – but there are plenty of experiences to report. Here are the teams and what they found at Waverly Hills Sanatorium:

Team 1: Heather & Kristyn – These two have the most uneventful evening of everyone, until they’re ultimately split and sent off with other teams. They look alternately bored and annoyed to be getting so little action (and on Halloween night, to boot!), and try their mightiest to entice a ghost,to no avail. Sorry, girls. It wasn’t your night.

Team 2: Steve & Tango – These guys chase shadows, lights, and noises all night long. They catch a teeny EMF spike on the 4th floor, right where they’ve spotted a shadow dart into a room. There are a few “Scaredy-Steve” alerts (you just gotta love a guy who chases shadows down dark hallways in abandoned buildings but jumps like a girl when he sees a bat or gets too close to a ledge), a quite funny one being when Elijah tricks both Steve and Tango into thinking a bat’s after them in the body chute. Steve, however, has one of the best experiences of the night, when he feels something brushing up against his legs while rounding a corner in a dark room on the 4th floor. The experience, which he describes as “something smacking around down against my leg,” really rattles him, which we don’t see with Steve,ever.

Team 3: Dustin & Kris – Level-headed Dustin and promising newbie, Kris, also experience things right away, when they begin their investigation in the body chute. They, too, see flashing lights and hear phantom noises, as they tirelessly rush from one end of the dark and dangerous tunnel to the other in search of an explanation. Later, upstairs, Kris sees a beam of light move in an unusual manner.

Team 4: The Bosses – Jason and Grant, along with guest-hunter Elijah Burke, have the best experiences of the night. First, very quickly into the investigation, Elijah sees what he thinks is a reflection of himself,only to find that there’s no glass to be doing the reflecting. Then, the team places a ball on the floor, hoping to entice “Timmy,” a reported child ghost, to come out and play. They mark the ball’s spot with sticks and come back later to find the ball to have moved nearly 16 feet! When they talk to “Timmy” and ask him to move the ball again, it consistently sways and rocks back and forth, as if in answer to their requests. Later, Jason & Grant chase down a shadow and hear plenty of noises, and even find that one of their cameras, set on a tripod, has been knocked over and broken. They do some debunking in the body chute (the sounds and smells heard and smelled can easily have been coming through holes in the ceiling). Later, Elijah and Jason both see a shadowy figure walk past a window on the 4th floor. Time is nearly up when we finally get a “What the frig?!” alert! The group is standing in a loose circle, Jason, Grant & Elijah having been joined by Steve & Kristyn, when suddenly Elijah glances over his shoulder and freaks out. He drops his cell phone and runs, living up to his nickname: The Elijah Express. The team is confused (although laughing their heads off), and try to get the scoop out of Elijah. Apparently Elijah felt something touch his back and heard a noise at the same time, and it was too much for his already-rattled nerves to take.

When the clock strikes 3AM, the team heads off to continue their investigation, thanking their fans and waving. Good investigation, guys!

Next week on Ghost Hunters: TAPS reveals evidence caught during their live Halloween investigation of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium. The “Hunt for the Hunter” winner is announced. A new investigation has the team trying to help out a frightened child.

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