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Beauty and the Geek: Viva Mexico!

November 06, 2007 10:28 PM by Joe Blackmon

Written By DA Southern.  The Beauties and the Geeks head to Mexico for a grand road trip and
what happens will surprise and shock most everyone who witnesses the
sordid events.  Stay with me as we see if the fine citizens of Mexico
might reconsider a trip northward after being exposed to our intrepid
band of Americans.

First, the recap of last week was on tap and I still laugh as I watched the Geek’s sad attempts to create superhero costumes.  After the recap, the gang was waiting for the two who were not eliminated and Sam, in a sidebar, did not want Natalie an John back, but when they walked in, he just shrugged his shoulders.  The rest of the gang gave the obligatory hugs for them and the show host, Mike Richards, almost immediately showed up, which caught all of them off guard.  Mike announced that they would all be going to Mexico and immediately the gang went into hysterics about the possibility of a party in Mexico.  Sam, in a sidebar, told of his love for all things "party" and was looking forward to the excitement of being in a place that was known for big parties.

The next scene showed the Beauties and the Geeks getting ready to go to Mexico but the majority of the scene focused on the fact that William had called Jen fat.  Shay was trying to get William to get along better with Jen.  William launched into an explanation that Jen reminded him of all of the girls who picked on him in high school and he was having trouble getting over it.  The dispute between Jen and William was not healed as the gang headed to Mexico.   

In Mexico, we saw the whitest geeks ever to be playing in the ocean.  Sam was extremely funny as he talked about the Geeks being in the sun and how he feared for their respective pasty skins. Once again, Mike showed up to announce that they were not only here for a party but they needed to get ready for the challenges.

The Beauties were up first with their challenge and were sent dressed in all black and to the Ancient Mayan Ruins.  The Beauties had to race as fast as they could go around the Ruins, and do so without running, because the Mayan grounds were Holy and to do so would be sacrilege.  Each Beauty had to unlock three treasures and make it back to their home base to win and be safe from elimination.  They first had to memorize symbols, that were synonymous with numbers, to figure out the codes to unlock the locks.  As some of the Beauties struggled with memorizing the symbols, Sam and Natalie got off to a fast start while Jen was worried about breaking her nails when trying to open the locks.  Sam and Natalie virtually dominated and were heading to the finish line neck and neck.  Sam’s long legs carried him to the finish line first, keeping him and Nicole safe from elimination once again.

Mike announced that the Geeks would be learning the ancient art of Salsa dancing and that the Geeks would have to practice with their partners, which immediately sent William’s face even longer looking than usual.  Mike sent the gang to the beach for a party and where one of the funniest segments of the show took place.  As all of the gang partied, many of the Geeks drank Tequila for the first time ever.  You could tell that it wasn’t taking much for them to feel it.  Dave who is bigger in statue than most of the others, told everyone that he could do somersaults which had Sam saying one of the funniest statements of the night when he exclaimed that he was no physicist, but that he was sure that Dave’s body mass and the very nature of somersaults plus Tequila, did not mix.  The scene was funny as Dave launched his body into the air and did two impressive somersaults, giving everyone a shocked look.  Dave’s partner, Jasmine, was so excited that she gave Dave a kiss square on the lips, which gave Dave the most idyllic look you have ever seen.  Dave even said in a sidebar, that it was 2002 since the last time he had a girls lips on him, still with a glassy look in his eyes.

At the party, some of the Geeks and the Beauties practiced the Salsa in the sand.  An interesting aside had Sam and Natalie becoming very friendly, but you could tell that Sam was very weary of Natalie’s motives at the end of that segment.

The morning found all of the Geeks trying to learn the Salsa and, of course, Jen and William still arguing about their getting along.  William stormed off, as usual, and completely blew-off the practice with Jen.  The group gathered for the dance-off and Mike announced that the Geeks would have professional Salsa dancers as their partners.  William was elated because he did not have to dance with Jen but knew that he was behind because he had not practiced.  The funniest dancer was Nicole’s partner, a guy who had a wild Salsa dancer outfit with a lot of lacey embellishments, that had Nicole saying he looked like an "African Peacock".  The Geeks had 30 minutes to practice with their new partners and you could tell that the Geeks were definitely improving with their professional partners.  Jasmine kept telling her partner, Dave, to feel the passion and she worried that he would not listen to her but was surprised when he actually did.

The contest commenced and you could definitely tell that the Geeks, except for William, had definitely put it all on the line as they tried to Salsa.  Nicole led it off with her "African Peacock" and did a fairly nice job.  Heck, even though she is a Girl-Geek, she is still a girl and tends to move better that the Boy-Geeks.  Joshua followed with Dave third out followed by John and then William.  Of all of the Geek dancers, Dave was really into it, even to the point of unbuttoning his shirt to get his mojo completely working.  At the end of the dance contest, Jen was resolved to the fact that because William was so bad, that she would probably be going home because of the rotten relationship between William and herself.

The results of the judges had Joshua at runner-up and Dave as the winner.  I guess when a Geek starts to strip and can somersault on top of that, it can propel him into the driver’s seat after all!  Mike announced that the elimination would take place here in Mexico and that only the top four couples would go back to the mansion.  In a very Survivor-like setting, the teams headed to the Mayan ruins once again when Mike, once again, announced a change in the elimination part.  This week there would be no quiz but the two winners, Dave/Jasmine and Sam/Nicole, would pick, in an unanimous decision, the team to go home.  The four went to deliberate and the two that were given the most discussion were, William and Jen, because of the inability to coexist together, and John and Natalie, because, from Sam’s perspective, they were both someone he did not want to be in the elimination room with.  (You know, John is the one with a 5.0 GPA at MIT.)  The four returned and Dave announced that Shay and Joshua were safe and then announced that William and Jen were the second team safe.  William, in a sidebar, said that he was shocked because he could not believe that he and Jen had to continue to be paired together.

John and Natalie were sent packing and you could tell that they had a fairly genuine respect for each other.  John really did have quite a transformation in the mansion and Natalie grew as much as she could possibly grow, but had a new respect for John and Geeks.   

This Reality TV Magazine reporter has found a real appreciation for the show this season, especially with the addition of Sam who has added an additional spark to the show.  Next week the top four couples will really start to bring it home for the final push.

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