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The Bachelor – Brad’s Not Much for Mysteries

November 06, 2007 12:15 AM by Joe Blackmon

BettinaeliminatedWritten By Jennifer Brown. The dates get up close and personal in Cabo San Lucas. After surviving three meet-the-parents dates, Brad probably could
have used some fun in the sun. And that’s just what he got, three times
over, as he and the girls hit Cabo San Lucas for intense one-on-one

Phoenix Suns dancer, Jenni, who got the 1st Impression Rose weeks ago, and who got Brad’s first kiss, also gets the first Cabo date. Brad meets her by a pool where they’ll be swimming with dolphins. Jenni, who’s admittedly afraid, is game, and the two take the plunge. “It won’t be When Dolphins Attack, I promise,” Brad assures her. It’s not long before Jenni’s fears have faded away and the two of them are just flat out having fun in the water. “It was so amazing, I could’ve stayed in there hours longer,” Jenni says. But Brad has other plans.

They take a walk, and Brad cuts to the chase, asking the elusive but sunny Jenni point-blank what she wants out of their relationship. Jenni hedges a bit, has a really hard time saying the words out loud. But at least she admits it, telling Brad that she’s afraid of disappointment. “I want there to be real feelings involved,” Brad says (this sounds like a warning to me,I don’t think Brad likes mysteries,).

The two later meet for dinner and Brad decides to lay his own heart out for Jenni. He offers a toast – one of those buttery, sweet ones that would have any woman melting in her stilettos – but Jenni still can’t say the words aloud. Instead she tries a different tactic, saying it’s much easier to show her feelings. Brad’s holding onto the invitation to the Fantasy Suite and Jenni knows it – she beats him to the chase and demands it on the spot. It’s flirty, it’s sexy, it’s fun, as he makes her frisk him to find it. She does and they head to the candlelit room – immediately heading to the bed, where things get smoochy. “No matter what the setting is,” Brad says, “with Jenni and I, I feel comfortable.” He gets up off the bed and closes the door, shutting the camera out.

The next day is Bettina’s turn. Brad’s still flying high from his, in his words, “incredible” night with Jenni, but he’s trying to give Bettina a fair shot and concentrate on her alone. He meets Bettina on a sailboat that was used in an America’s Cup Race. The two of them are about to hit the water, but Brad’s got more than sailing on his mind. “If I don’t see the true woman today then I never will,” he says of Bettina. Seems like it’s going to be possible – Bettina’s admitting left and right that she’s crazy about him. “I’m so into him,” she tells the camera.

After sailing, they strip to suits and hit a private beach together, walking along and holding hands. “It was the perfect time to be intimate and be physical with somebody,” Bettina says, but for some reason she holds back from doing it. She’d better kick it up a notch for dinner if she’s going to beat Jenni’s performance,

They meet for dinner and right away the conversation turns to the hideous family date at Bettina’s house. She tries to tell Brad that her family’s only concern was that he wasn’t “into her,” while she was clearly totally “into him.” Brad doesn’t see it this way and, true to his form, he says so. Even after Bettina tells Brad that she’s all about him and that she’d move to Austin in a heartbeat to be with him, and even after he says approvingly, “I needed to hear that,” something about this date just feels off.

Brad offers Bettina the invitation to the Fantasy Suite and she accepts. They hop into the hot tub together and things get,well, hot. They finally admit their feelings to one another. Next thing we know Brad’s shutting us out again, hanging a “do not disturb” sign on the door.

DeAnna pulls the final Cabo date, and meets Brad on a dusty road. Looks like some racing’s going to be going on, and DeAnna’s totally into it. She talks all kinds of smack and totally beats Brad,and he loves it!

They meet for dinner and right away talk gets serious. “I don’t meet people like you very much,” Brad says (Um,isn’t this the third woman he’s said this to,?). DeAnna wins the laying-it-on-the-line award. Unlike the other two she has no problem telling Brad in no uncertain terms that he has her heart. “This is all overwhelming and scary to me,” she tells him, “because I am falling in love with you.” “I was literally speechless,” Brad tells the camera. But he didn’t need words – he just leaned in and kissed her.

He gives DeAnna the invitation and she accepts, smitten completely written all over her face. “I am developing some very strong and extremely real feelings for DeAnna,” Brad says. He calls her a “soul-mate.” This date feels right.

The next day Brad looks amazing (and very Miami Vice) in his white suit and black button down (ow!), as he heads off for the rose ceremony. Props to whoever set up this shot because the view is mind-blowing. The four of them perched above the ocean, a brisk breeze blowing the ladies’ gowns out behind them glamorously, the roses looking crisp against a hazy sky – shoot, with a setup like that, I think I’m falling in love! Brad gives a short speech about how the ladies have turned from strangers to women he cares a lot about and then he commences to handing out the roses. First up,Jenni. No big surprise there. 2nd rose goes to,DeAnna – definitely no surprise there. Bettina is stone-faced as she says her goodbyes and walks out with Brad. She asks Brad why and he tells her, “I truly in my heart wonder if I know who you really are,” and then later calls her a “complete mystery.” Bettina takes it in the chops – no tears or big drama here. In the limo on the way home she’s shocked but stoic. “I think I just fell in love by myself,” she says.

Back with the others, Brad gives hugs, kisses, and champagne. “I’m confident in my heart that I’ll make the right choice,” he predicts.

Next on The Bachelor: It’s the infamous Women-Tell-All Episode! Brad faces the girls…or is it his twin brother doing the facing?!

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4 Responses to “The Bachelor – Brad’s Not Much for Mysteries”

  1. nancy Says:
    November 6th, 2007 at 9:05 am

    does anyone know if he really
    picks one ????????
    he has NO emotion whatsoever

  2. Anonymous Says:
    November 19th, 2007 at 11:06 pm

    Picks no one! WOW!

  3. Anonymous Says:
    November 19th, 2007 at 11:06 pm

    Picks no one! WOW!

  4. Linda Says:
    November 25th, 2007 at 9:58 am

    Whats Brad problem Maybe he need a older woman to help him out.


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