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The Biggest Loser – It’s Not Easy Being Green

November 06, 2007 11:40 PM by Joe Blackmon

Written By Jennifer Brown.  The teams “go green”; Julie & Bill score big; Ryan goes home. It’s week 9 and there are 10 players left on campus. So far, the
players have lost an astounding 861 pounds (yeah!), but they’ve still
got plenty of game left to play. Everyone’s sounding off after last week’s loss of David, and it
seems that Bryan is suffering the most, being the only Red Team player
left. “I just feel like I’m definitely all alone,” he says.

The players gather outside to find that, in keeping with NBC’s “Green Week,” Loser, too, will be going green. Alison whips out some nifty new t-shirts for them – green, of course, with recycle logos on the back. “In honor of Green Week,” she tells them, “you’ll be doing some recycling – starting with your teams.”

She then unveils a large meat pizza and 32 oz. soft drink to represent what most of the players would have considered a “reasonable dinner” before coming on Loser, and issues their first challenge of the night. They must guess how many calories are to be found in such a dinner – the challenge winner getting an advantage by being allowed to choose his or her new team member. Nicole wins with a guess of 3,240 (only off by 13 points) and chooses Neil as her partner. Nicole & Neil choose the next team – Ryan & Isabeau. Ryan & Isabeau, then, choose the next team to be Julie & Bill (“To represent the baby boomers,” Bill jokes). Julie & Bill choose Hollie & Bryan, which leaves Kae & Amy as a team (Whew! Feels like six degrees of Kevin Bacon in here,).

It sinks in with the teams that a week with no electricity in the gym means a week with no machines, and it doesn’t look like any of them are too happy about it. “Running outside with bugs isn’t exactly my idea of fun,” Julie complains (mine either, Julie,but come to think of it,neither is running inside,).

Again this week, Kae brings the drama. Unhappy that she landed Amy (who, by the way, is sacked out on the couch while Kae’s outside running) as a partner, and obsessing and overthinking things, Kae’s all about being in a snit. Lucky Bob walks into a heavy atmosphere in the living room and, after listening to Kae’s fears about being a target, gets up and uses electrical tape to fashion a giant black “X” on her back. This somehow seems to make Kae feel better, as she decides she’s going to own her status as target.

Kim’s got some drama of her own to deal with – namely taking Bryan to task for not eating enough. She calls it a “disaster” that there’s only one Red Team member left, but she’s dogged in her determination to keep him in the game. Tearful, he vows to her that he’s going to do all he can to stay.

Jillian’s all about educating her team on eating organically and living in an earth-friendly manner. “What’s the point of taking care of our bodies if we’re not taking care of our planet?” she asks, just before all three trainers take their teams out for a grueling workout. Bob’s team is hiking up an enormous hill; Kim’s got Bryan working a turned-off treadmill; Jillian’s got the girls in some pretty ugly resistance training. “I think Kermit said it best,” Julie tells the camera. “It’s not easy being green.”

It’s challenge time again, and the teams come outside to find piles of cartons and boxes and other waste on the lawn, representing the players’ waste over the course of a year. The players seem to find it unnerving, but are downright shocked when two semis dump out a mountain of empty soda cans on the street (and by mountain I mean 148,000 cans – that’s nearly 2.6 tons!!!) to represent the amount of collective soda consumption by the players over a lifetime. Alison then gives them their challenge: they have 30 minutes to carry as many cans as they’re able, across the lawn, up a steep ramp, and dump them into a receptacle below. “Trust me, the winning team is going to be very happy,” she says. “This is a prize everyone wants.” The players look to the street to see two brand-spanking new 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid SUVs rolling down the street.

The teams are off and right away you can tell who wants it. Kae & Amy are making a heck of a run for it, but so are Bill & Julie (who, in order to become a stay-at-home mom 6 years ago, had to give up a car). Bill wanted that car for Julie more than for himself, I think, and he gave it his all (you go, Bill! Woot! Woot!). In the end, Bill & Julie hauled nearly double what the losing team hauled. They won the challenge! Julie bursts into tears and Bill celebrates by popping up through the sunroof in his SUV (he wouldn’t have been able to do that before).

Time for the Last Chance Workout, and none of the trainers are going to give the players a break – not this late in the game. Bob calls it a Green workout that’ll turn them black and blue.

Soon it’s weigh-in day and the teams file in to face the scale once again. Good news! Everyone’s lost (the lowest amount lost being Kae, who lost only 5 pounds this week), but there are a couple of dramatic moments. Bryan, so worried about letting Kim down, ended up taking off 11 pounds this week (he yells to his teammate, Hollie, “We did it, Baby!”). Neil loses another astonishing 18 pounds, bringing him to,100 pounds lost (Yeah, Neil!). And in the end it’s Ryan & Isabeau who fall below the yellow line, by only losing a combined 15 pounds (nothing to sniff at, 15 pounds, mind you), and they’ll be the ones on the block in the elimination room.

The mood is heavy in the Elimination Room, and you can tell that nobody wants to see either of these two players go. But one must, and they quickly get to the voting. First up are Amy & Kae, who “struggled” with the decision, but end up voting for Ryan. Hollie’s partiality to Isabeau dictates who she and Bryan vote for, which is also Ryan. It’s Nicole & Neil’s turn,and for some reason nobody looks particularly shocked to find that Neil voted against his “buddy,” Ryan.

Ryan doesn’t get emotional. He says he’ll be glad to get back to his wife and baby, and calls the impact that Bob’s had on his life “profound.” “I’m a better person for having been here,” he says, then adds, “It’s not over.”

We follow Ryan home to an emotional reunion with his wife and 4-month old baby girl. Mom & Dad are there and finally we hear a little quaver in Ryan’s voice when he talks to his family about his amazing accomplishment and his dedication to his family and their future.

Since the show, Ryan has kept up the good work. He’s lost 109 pounds and, though he cut off all that beautiful hair, he looks hot! He says he feels more in control, more confident, and powerful. “You can’t stop when it gets a little bit hard,” he tells us. “Good things only come when you push.”

Next on The Biggest Loser: Neil’s not the only sneaky player in the house.

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3 Responses to “The Biggest Loser – It’s Not Easy Being Green”

  1. Lars Says:
    November 7th, 2007 at 8:00 pm

    I’m sorry, but the “green” message in this week’s program was suffocating. The producers are apparently so committed to spreading their religion that they even added an otherwise unneeded half-hour to the show, making it more a religious revival event than a weight-loss contest.

    Hopefully, they’ve gotten it out of their systems and we can now get on with entertainment untainted by such propaganda.

  2. april Says:
    November 14th, 2007 at 5:09 pm

    Will you please emial the go green saving tips Howie has been announcing thoughout the show. Eg.by recycling one soda can will save enough engry to power a tv for three hours. Thank you, April

  3. april Says:
    November 14th, 2007 at 5:09 pm

    Will you please emial the go green saving tips Howie has been announcing thoughout the show. Eg.by recycling one soda can will save enough engry to power a tv for three hours. Thank you, April


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