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Kid Nation – To Be or Not to Be

November 07, 2007 10:28 PM by Joe Blackmon

KidnationtalentshowWritten By DA Southern.  A huge Southern Style dinner is on tap for the kids of the Nation of
Kids in Bonanza City and causes one of the kids to yearn for the “good
ole days” back in her own homestead. A thrilling talent show gives the
kids a respite from the game by showcasing some unique talents of a few
of them while one has a shocking announcement surprising some who hear

The episode opened with a brief recap of events from last week and then immediately opened with a town full of bored kids with Sophia starting a bore-a-thon in the middle of town.  Kids in another part of town, spurred on by DK, decided they were going to call a meeting to announce that since the Town Council had not called the meeting that they had decided to do so to initiate some sort of action to liven the spirits of the kids.

The Town Council finally got together to try to get down to the bottom of the boredom situation.  The council headed to the journal room and read the Holy Book of Failed Forefathers.  (If you are texting at home, that is HBFF) The Holy Journal once again was right on the money as it talked of the lack of entertainment for the townsfolk and how it affected the towns psyche.  After much deliberation, our four kid Council Members decided to hold a talent show with all of the kids who wanted to be involved.

While the kids were all having lunch, the Town Council announced that there would be a talent show the next day.  The kids went crazy with excitement at the possibility of being ably to have some entertainment in Bonanza City.  The Council put a sign-up sheet and the kids began to practice their acts.  The Council gave serious thoughts to giving the Gold Star to someone who was entertaining; someone who gave the kids in Bonanza City some relief by making them laugh or feeling good.  Zach, in an aside, said it was good to award entertainers with the Gold Star because of the importance of entertainment and not just for good work only.

The kids were seen practicing their acts and Jared, our little intense “Bill Gates” type, was, of course, going to do a monologue from Shakespeare.  Olivia was seen telling that she wanted to do a comedy routine, which came off as funny because she had always been rather reserved.  Greg and Blaine were going for “Romeo and Juliet” with Greg taking the “Juliet” role.  Just watching Jared rehearse his act was funny because he was so into it.

The two Kentucky girls made a Southern dinner for the Kid Nation and, Savannah, one of our youngest kids, began to really start to struggle with being homesick and was fairly confident she wanted to go home.  Her friend, and a fellow Kentuckian, pleaded with her to stay and stick it out; that everybody liked her.  She was not looking like it mattered as the segment closed.

Two of the girls who had not been profiled too often in the run of the show, Natasha and Migle, two of the blue team members, were being accused of not working too much.  The kids even referred to them as the “Paris and Nicole” of the town.  In a funny move, Greg took the girls outside and told them that he was going to throw the next showdown just to see them be Laborers and do all of the grunt work that Laborers do.

The next scene had the kids preparing for the Showdown, knowing that it would have an entertainment element to it.  As they approached the Showdown area, Jonathan announced that since they have all had such a focus on entertainment this week that the showdown would be an art piece done by each of the groups.  Each group would be doing a paint-by-number and they had to all finish the task in the allotted time for the kids to get the big reward.  The catch…each team would be using ABC (already been chewed) gum that each of the team members would chew and give to their respective Council Member to then stick to the painting.  This was so gross, even to the kids, and they let it be known that they were not amused.  The kids began their chewing and the Green team, who had yet to win a challenge and the Blue team chewed their way to an early lead.  Red and Yellow struggled with the kids not being able to chew quick enough.  The Green team had it won but their gum kept dropping off of the painting.  The Green team prevailed winning their first challenge, making them the Upper Class with the Blue team coming in a close second becoming the Merchants.  Red finally completed the task, giving them the Cook duty for the week and Yellow could not complete their painting before time ran out, making them the Laborers.  Jonathan tortured the kids with what they missed out on by not winning, a crate of Paint that they could have painted the town with was in the smaller crate and the big crate had a complete party in a box.  It really was too bad they didn’t win.  How funny would it have been to see our boy Jared cutting a rug or whatever those crazy young kids do these days.  After the Showdown, Zach was seen saying how important the talent show was going to be now.  Kennedy was seen trying to convince Savannah to stay, but she was pretty resigned to leaving.

The next scene showed the kids practicing for the talent show as we prepared for the big event.  DK was the MC as the kids showed off their various talents.  The acts were quick except for a few.  Kelsey started off with a piano piece that was pretty good on a western-style piano.  We then had a bird call of some kind and some singing.  Jared’s Shakespeare piece was priceless, British accent and all. He got through it and actually gave it a decent rendition.  After a few other acts, including Greg dressed up as a western woman, Olivia came up and did a pretty decent comedy routine by lampooning many of her fellow Nationites.  Kennedy closed it out with a crazy dance and rap routine that was fairly creative.  In the end, Savannah raised her hand to make an announcement and said that she felt so encouraged by everybody and said she decided to stay.

At the Gold Star conference with the council, each of the kids came in to tell who they thought should be give the Gold Star.  A shock once again was Divad again nominating herself for the Star.  I believe she is missing the point.  Pretty sure, anyway.  The kids came in and it looked as if the decision was between Kennedy and Olivia.   

At the Town Hall meeting, Jonathan once again asked if anybody waned to leave and no one raised their hand.  The next announcement was for the Gold Star winner.  Once again, the council put their heads together and at the end, awarded Kennedy the Star.  Kennedy actually had a great statement about just being unique sometimes is the best approach. 

Jonathan sent her to call her parents and after she made the call home to talk to her Mom she was sitting talking to some of the kids.  Divad was standing in the middle of the street glaring like a gunslinger looking for a showdown.  I am really glad there are no gunslinger characters allowed in the town.

Your Reality TV Magazine reporter will stay with the kids until the final shootout, I mean showdown, to see if they will indeed build a better Bonanza City.

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3 Responses to “Kid Nation – To Be or Not to Be”

  1. Mike C Says:
    November 8th, 2007 at 2:29 pm

    What a shocking episode with lots of laughs, tears, and not a believalbe minute in any of it!!
    Diva dressed as a cattle Rustler with black gloves and latex pants, was so OUT there!!!
    The gold star winner, Kennedy, who we had never seen or heard of until tonight’s episode, came out of nowhere and won the Cattle Roping contest over a disgusted Zach and a frantic Mallory!
    DK was sadktg banished to the Bonanza City jail to “Cool” off.
    But he’ll be back for another Gold star!!
    Meanwhile, Midge and Amy played twins in order to secure the food for the Town Council dinner as Divad plotted to win the next star by leaving the Green Team and forming her own team, the Magenta Dames!!!
    What stuff!!!Next, Zach plans the obstacles for the Shoot the Prisoner challenge next week!!
    And a surprise!!! The return of Wanda, the girl with gold Teeth!!!

  2. Steve Says:
    November 10th, 2007 at 11:27 am

    You forgot to mention the best part of the whole show- Laurel’s rendition of Amazing Grace. That girl has the whole package. I’ve never seen anyone really on any reality tv show that has impressed me as much as she has.

  3. Jim Boston Says:
    November 18th, 2007 at 5:01 am

    I really loved that “Starved for Entertainment” episode of “Kid Nation;” thought it to be the best episode on the show thus far. I thought Markelle, not D.K., hosted the talent show, though. And Campbell did the bird calls; after him, Eric sang and played the saloon piano (a song about his home state, NJ) and was followed by an a cappella song by Jasmine. (Oh, by the way…Kelsey opened it all with “Minute Waltz.” And if Divad wanted to get that gold star, she herself could’ve entered the talent show. Found out that her page on the CBS site included a link to a piano solo she cooked up…and I loved what she did with her song on the site.)


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