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America’s Next Top Model – Heather Collapses And Sarah Gets the Boot

November 08, 2007 04:08 AM by Joe Blackmon

Written By Jennifer Brown. The girls get cast in a music video. In the Greenmobile, heading back from the last elimination round,
the girls all have opinions about Ebony’s bold move to take herself out
of the race. Nobody really seems to be too upset about the loss [seems
Ebony's modeling strengths don't include friend-making]. The ladies are
doing what girls do best – talk – and people are starting to get catty.
Bianca’s picking on Heather, saying she doesn’t have to work as hard as
the rest of them to be beautiful, because she’s naturally so beautiful
. She doesn’t understand why everyone’s so protective of Heather, but
guesses it has something to do with Heather’s Asperger’s syndrome.

The girls show up for their challenge, and find themselves in a dance studio where they must put on nude-colored body suits. Tyra enters and educates them about how to kick it sexy-style. “There’s different types of sexy, but model-sexy is the sexiest,” Lisa says.

All of the girls recognize a great opportunity when they see one, and they’re excited to get lessons from Tyra. She hands out plenty of instruction – everything from perfecting the sexy runway walk to the “sweet and coy” look. “I’m so very appreciative to be here,” says Ambreal, who’s still hanging on to the feeling that she’s there on borrowed time. Tyra gives them wall-sliding lessons next, how to slither down a wall sexily without looking sleazy. Heather struggles a bit (“You look like you’re getting arrested,” Tyra complains). Lisa’s got the moves but not the muscles – she can get down but can’t muster enough leg muscle to get back up (Welcome to my world, Lisa).

Tyra hands out knee pads and next the girls hit the floor for crawling lessons. Tyra calls Chantal a “girl that’s running on half a tank of gas,” and feels that Bianca is self-conscious and holding back. Heather gets praise from Tyra which ticks off Bianca, who just isn’t in the mood to give poor Heather a break. “Heather can do no wrong and it’s just frustrating,” Bianca complains. Tyra doesn’t see it that way – she likes Heather’s fierce look and calls Heather’s sexuality “Tim Burton-esque.”

Back home, there’s crisis in the bathroom as Lisa gets out the scale. She’s gained “a whole pound.” Sarah doesn’t know how to handle the scale-wars as she’s the biggest model in the house. It’s weird and awkward and she feels bad about her weight.

Jessy Terrero, music video director, is in charge of this week’s shoot, but it’s a shoot of a different sort. The girls are going to star in a music video for Enrique Iglesias’ new song, Tired of Being Sorry. The girls are happy – Enrique is HOT! He gets to pick one girl to be the “star” of the video. He looks them over to see who best fits the “goth” image they’re wanting to cast in this video. Surprisingly, he chooses Lisa. “She’s very tall,it all sort of worked,” explains Jessy. He admits, however, that he might try to feature Heather as well (which, by the way, only serves to feed Bianca’s jealousy all the more). “You look at her and you get that sort of vampire vibe,” Jessy says of Heather.

The shooting begins and the girls do their thing. Chantal thinks she’s great, but Jesse thinks she’s stiff – “She didn’t own it.” Ambreal gets the newly-learned wall-slide going. Lisa gets into her shot and Jessy’s pleased. But not everyone has a great time with the shoot. Sarah’s too uncomfortable in her costume, feeling fat and naked. The long day with no food and lots of hard work gets to Heather, who Chantal finds curled up and pale off to the side. Heather’s escorted outside by medics, and quickly passes out. The paramedic puts her on oxygen and the other girls look scared.  “I think I just pushed myself way past my limit,” Heather explains, eating a banana and getting some color back into her skin. Chantal and Saliesha are super-concerned. But Bianca is talking smack, saying it’s all proof that Heather can’t handle being in this business.

They get home at 3AM, just in time to find Tyra-mail. “I’m not nervous at all because I know this is what I was born to do,” says Chantal. But Ambreal, who knows what the bottom two looks like very intimately, is nervous about facing the judges again.

The models enter the elimination room and right away Tyra has them do a group-wiggle, practicing the moves she taught them in the dance studio. Jessy joins the usual crew of judges (and Miss J’s hair, by the way, is almost big enough to be considered a whole new judge itself).

They start with Lisa, who got to be featured in the video. The judges have praise for her video, wrapping her leg around Enrique with no fear (ow!).

Ambreal is next. Tyra finds the performance sexy and hot but hoochie. The judges all agree, except for Jessy, who felt she connected with the camera.

Saliesha and Sarah get judged together. Tyra’s pleasantly surprised by both of them. “The camera loves you, there’s no doubt about that,” Nigel says to Sarah, but he seems to be catching on to her self-consciousness. Again they bug her about her weight, and while she still denies losing, it’s become a real issue. She can’t be a plus-sized model without the plus size.

Heather and Jenah come up together. Heather has the fierceness – and Tyra loves how coachable she is – but Jenah looks too girl-next-door for their liking.

Chantal is next. All feel like she held back, wasn’t drawing Enrique to her. Her video felt like she was modeling rather than acting.

Bianca is last. She looks sexy and they like it, but she makes too many kissy faces at the cameraman, and Tyra gives her grief about working on fluidity in her movements. The judges send the girls out so they can deliberate.

They bring the girls back in and start weeding them out. First to get called is Lisa, who clearly rocked the task. Heather, too, gets top billing for the week. Ambreal looks shocked when Tyra calls her name – she’s not in the bottom two for a change! Sarah and Chantal, however, are the bottom two – Sarah for “coasting” and for losing weight; Chantal for “coasting” and “wasting film” during the assignment. She gives Chantal the last spot. Sarah is out. Sarah’s a weepy wreck, but Tyra tries to make her feel better by telling her she’s had a heck of a transformation since being on the show (not to mention,is any woman out there going to feel sorry for her for having to leave because she’s losing weight?!). “I wanted this,” Sarah tells the camera on her way out. 

Next on ANTM: Watch out – Heather flips out! The girls are stranded in the middle of nowhere.

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