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Ghost Hunters – Hunt for the Hunter Winner is Mark!

November 08, 2007 04:17 AM by Joe Blackmon

Written By Jennifer Brown. TAPS shows highlights of their Halloween trip to Waverly Hills and
investigates a Massachusetts home where a little girl is haunted by a
man with a boo-boo.
Case #1: For those of you who went to bed on Halloween night, tonight was
a Ghost Hunters treat for you. TAPS knows that not everyone will stay
up till 3AM with them, and tonight gave us a recap of their live
Halloween investigation of Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville,

We get to see the footage highlights again, from the rubber ball that moved (supposedly kicked by the ghost of “Timmy”) approximately 16 feet in the 2nd floor hallway, to the “little ball of something” that scared the bejeebies out of Kris & Dustin in the tunnels. We get to see Steve’s encounter on the 4th floor, too. There’s so much footage to go through, there’s very little commentary, giving this episode a sense of urgency that we rarely see on Ghost Hunters.

It’s nice to re-see the episode, especially after editing, when the thermal images are clearer and the sound system is plenty loud (not so overrun by creepy Halloween soundtrack).

We also get to see snippets of the Hunt for the Hunter contest finalists during their maiden ghost voyages, except we miss Kristyn & Heather’s merciless grilling of poor Patrick during his first trip out.

And – hot dang! – we even get to see Grant & Jason’s sprint down the hall after the elusive 4th floor shadow that’s been messing with them every visit they’ve made to Waverly. And, of course, we see (over and over again) Elijah’s hilarious freak-out when he gets startled and darts down the hallway, living up to his nickname, the Elijah Express.

For those (like me) who did stay up on Halloween night, and were so looking forward to seeing what evidence the team collected while at Waverly, I’m afraid you might be a bit disappointed. With all the personal experiences the team had (and my goodness there were plenty!), you’d have expected to find something amazing on film or audio. But,not so much.

The Findings: What we do get to see is a video of “Timmy’s” rubber ball moving gently back and forth. Everything else Steve, Kris, and Tango found was quickly and easily debunked by the big guy – from a light moving around in a doorway (light in the town somewhere) to viewers’ claims of a face in the body chute (spraypainted graffiti reflecting through the thermal).

The guys meet with Tina, the co-owner, and show her footage of ball moving, and tell her all about their personal experiences. Tina confirms that moving ball as something she’s seen often.

“When  it comes down to it,” Jason tells her, “The Waverly is haunted.”

After, the guys take a moment to make their big announcement – who will be the newest Hunter?! With almost no fanfare (probably because they were taping this in the wee hours of the morning on Halloween night) they choose Mark Fusetti. “I’m shocked,” he says, and surmises that his day job as a warrant officer will make him a good investigator for TAPS. “They all had a lot of the qualities we’re looking for,” Grant says. But “Mark fit in the best,” Jason finishes (I, by the way, totally agree).

Case #2: The team packs up and heads out to Athol, Massachusetts, to the house of Alison Harrington. Seems Alison’s little girl has been seeing a man with a boo-boo. As always, when a child is involved, TAPS is on the job right away.

Alison greets them, and gives them a tour. Her 4-year old is the one who’s been seeing the ghost, as well as Alison, who has seen a white light and has heard a male voice saying her name. She and her friend have also both seen a dark shadow dart down the hall and go into the bathroom. Not to mention the requisite footsteps heard, things moved, etc.

Alison explains to the guys that a previous occupant shot himself in the house – in fact, it happened in the very bedroom that is Alison’s master bedroom now.

She whips out some pictures drawn by her daughter, with the daughter’s explanation being, “I see a man with a boo-boo on his head and he shows me his brain.” In fact, the daughter sees more than one manly ghost – could there be several spirits at the Harrington house?

“We’ve gotta get to the bottom of this,” Jason says as they gear up and go lights out on this full-moon night.

Jason & Grant hit the master bedroom with black and white thermal. Right away they catch a – “What the Frig?!” alert! – silhouette of a shadowy man. They, as always, work to reproduce what they’ve seen and in their efforts are able to discern that the image was sitting in the rocking chair – the very chair where Alison claims to have seen items move. They work to debunk what’s happened and are unable to recreate the image. Immediately they reach for their tape recorders in hopes of getting a few EVPs.

Next in are Steve & Heather. Heather’s got out her dowsing rods. “I might not fully believe in dowsing rods, but Heather does and that’s what matters,” Jason says. As Heather and Steve talk, the rods cross and touch Steve. But Heather laughs, skeptical that anything paranormal has happened just then.

They head down into the basement and we get a,Scaredy-Steve alert! It’s a basement, which means spiders,which means Steve is more than happy to head upstairs to see if his footsteps will make things move around downstairs. Sure enough, the heavy bag hanging from the ceiling downstairs moves when Steve walks around upstairs.

Jason and Grant go downstairs and ask for sign of presence. Jason sees a shadow right above Grant at the exact moment that Grant feels a really cold spot – “like sitting in front of a refrigerator,” he says. They then hear footsteps coming down the stairs. They try to recreate the noise – debunk it with pipes or something else – but no such luck. Footsteps are footsteps in this case, it would seem.

The Findings: Jason & Grant sit in on the analysis with Steve and they find a couple of strange things. First, Steve puts the thermal of the shadow in the rocker up on the big screen. It’s clear as day and Alison tells them that it’s exactly what she had seen before as well. Next they find two EVPs:

EVP #1: A female voice – indiscernible noises.

EVP #2: A male voice – at first Jason says, “It sounds like somebody dying!” But Grant and Alison hear humming.

Jason won’t let loose with the ‘H’ word for Alison, although he will admit there’s something paranormal going on here. “I don’t ever want to label a place haunted unless I have undisputable proof,” he says. That’s why when Jason says a place is haunted, boy, you can take it to the bank!

It’s been another successful trip. They load up into the GhostMobile and head home.

Next on TAPS: It’s a roundtable discussion with TAPS as they answer viewers’ questions.

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