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Survivor China Results – Jean-Robert Bellande Voted Off

November 09, 2007 12:29 AM by Joe Blackmon

JeanroberteliminatedWritten by Ryan Haidet. Poker Player Outplayed Becoming Second Member of Jury. With nine remaining, day 22 arrives at the recently merged Hae Da Fung.
James, the holder of both hidden immunity idols realized that even
though the personalities clash with those in his alliance, they need to
stick together. Continuing to prove he’s a necessity, James started
catching fish.

At the reward challenge, host Jeff Probst announced that they would be playing in two teams of four. One member from each team sits in a boat while members of the other team try to sink them. The first team to sink the opponent’s boat twice would win a trip to an ancient village where they would get a meal as well as a scroll to be opened when they arrived at the village.

The teams were, Erik, Frosti, Peih-Gee and Courtney versus Todd, James, Jean-Robert and Amanda. Denise wasn’t picked in the schoolyard pick ‘em and couldn’t compete.  What seemed like a childish splashing game proved to be an entertaining challenge as Courtney said, “I hate you, I hate you,” numerous times to her competitors who were filling in her boat. The yellow team featuring Todd, James, Jean-Robert and Amanda won in the first two rounds.

The four arrived in the 1,000-year-old village and were impressed. Before eating, Jean-Robert opened the scroll and read it to all four people. It was the final clue to the whereabouts of the hidden immunity idol. The fifth clue said, “The path to your home passes under the key. Find four captive bats and set them free.” Jean-Robert was surprised to hear that there was a hidden immunity idol. The other three were entertained in Jean-Robert’s lack of knowledge as he was the only Fei-Long member who didn’t know there was one in the game.

Back at camp, the five not involved in the reward were hanging around the fire and eating the fish that James had caught. The three remaining Fei-Long members tried to explain to Courtney and Denise that Jean-Robert should be the next to go.

After their reward, the four returned to camp late at night, but one couldn’t seem to get any rest. Jean-Robert was wide awake and searching for the hidden immunity idol unaware that the idols had already been found. He deciphered from the clues that it’s one of the plaques on the pagoda’s entrance to camp. Do I smell another Jaime? Had he not learned from the mistake at the previous Tribal Council?

The next day, Todd said in a confessional that he was irritated that James hadn’t offered one of the idols to him. He thought that since he found it and told him where the other one was that James should pay him back. That’s when the strategizing began to start. Todd pitched to Amanda that they should blindside James and get both hidden immunity idols out of play if he didn’t win the immunity challenge. Then Todd approached Frosti and pitched him the same plan.

At the immunity challenge, the contestants were to balance on a barrel shaped like a giant Chinese dragon. The goal: Don’t fall off the barrel. Each one was filled with water and had a small hole in the bottom. As the water would slowly drain, it became harder to balance. The last person left sitting on the barrel would win immunity.

Jean-Robert was the first one out. Denise fell next followed by James, Erik and Peih-Gee. Amanda was eliminated for touching the part of the structure that was off limits. It came down to Courtney, Todd and Frosti (who had won the first individual immunity). Todd took the spill in the swamp next followed by Frosti leaving Courtney the winner in the battle of wobbling barrels.

Following the immunity challenge, Jean-Robert confided in Erik that he had the hidden immunity idol. Erik then told Jean-Robert that he probably didn’t have the correct immunity idol and explained to him that James had both. Jean-Robert then called James out asking him if he had them. James denied all allegations. He had his poker face on. Then, Jean-Robert pitched the idea of blindsiding James – the exact plan Todd had come up with days before.

At Tribal Council, Jaime returned as the first member of the jury to listen in on what the nine remaining players had to say. After a lot of boring chat compared to last week’s Tribal, the votes were cast. For the first time this season, Probst then announced that a hidden immunity idol needed to be played before the votes were read. It went down with one vote Peih-Gee, three votes James and five votes Jean-Robert. With that, he became the eighth person voted out of the game.

After getting the ax and becoming the second member of the jury, poker player Jean-Robert Bellande said, “I really loved the way I played this game. If I were to relate what happened to a game of poker – I pushed all in and it didn’t work out for me, but I’m playing for first. The only person who really threatened that first-place position for me was James. But I think they realized that I probably was the best player in the game and they would feel a lot more comfortable with me out of the game.” With eight players left, watch next Thursday on CBS to see who will outwit, outplay and outlast to move on to the final seven.

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One Response to “Survivor China Results – Jean-Robert Bellande Voted Off”

  1. Survivorbk Says:
    November 9th, 2007 at 2:39 am

    The fact that JR was not used as a swing vote for the minority should give him a clue how disliked he was. And his parting comments are also more proof how ignorant he is to his surroundings and the game of Survivor. I am so sick of watching poor gameplay followed by those offenders defending there strategy.


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