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Beauty and the Geek: Creepy Crawlers and All That Mixing Jazz

November 13, 2007 10:29 PM by Joe Blackmon

Written By DA Southern.  The show opened with the recap of the Mexico trip and showcased how
Dave had come out of his shell and Sam’s continued dominance of the
challenges.  Immediately we saw the top four couples back in the
mansion readjusting to life as the top four.  Dave says that he was
happy to be back in the mansion and William, all of a sudden, wanted to
do good and win the cash.   

The group filed into the study to meet with Mike for the assignments for the Challenges.  Mike immediately that they were all that much closer to the $250,000 prize.  Mike informed the Beauties that they would have to spend the day studying all things animal and insects, or as Shay put it, "Zoology and all the other ‘ology’s" for their challenge later that day.  For the Geeks, they would be studying Mixology; everything related to the study of being a bartender with flair and style and would have to put on a show later in the evening.

Sam told Nicole that he was jealous of her and that he really wanted to be behind the bar tonight but was going to study as much as possible.  The Geeks were then seen being schooled by, Tim Plummer, a professional competitive bartender, in the fine art of bartending.  All of the Geeks watched and were seen trying to do some of the different bottle flipping techniques – with disastrous results.  William was seen in a video looking like he was doing some type of baton twirling and heard in a voiceover to say that he had "insane hand-eye coordination" and seemed very confident going into the challenge.

The Beauties were seen on the balcony trying to study for the zoology-based challenge and the girls were seen having trouble saying Galapagos Islands, among other words.  Their tranquil study time was then shattered when Jasmine thought that she saw a big green bug and Shay kept telling her that it was just a bee and that bees just looked green when they flew around.  The big bug then travailed onto the balcony once again which immediately sent the girls screaming from the balcony.  As the girls fled, the camera then focused on a tiny yellow and black bug on a flower that looked more like a firefly.

The next scene shifted to the Beauties as they approached Mike at the Bronson Canyon Cave for their next challenge.  Mike was there to meet them with two large covered cases.  Mike then uncovered the cases to disclose Madagascar Roaches, Giant African centipedes, grubs, Snakes, African Toads, Scorpions and Turanchalas.  The Beauties had ten minutes to transport the various "critters", as Mike called them, to a waiting aquarium outside the cave with the Latin names for the various bugs and reptiles.  The Beauties had to get the critters in the right cages to get credit for the win and, more importantly, they had to each transport the reptiles and bugs by hand to the waiting aquariums. 

Mike started them and Sam immediately, as he had been prone to do, jumped out in front by having no fear picking up the various assorted critters.  Most of the girls struggled with just picking the critters up, but Shay, was able to get past her fears and give Sam a run for his money while Jen and Jasmine struggled.  Jasmine was so creeped out by even touching the bugs that it was eight of the ten minutes before she could transport one bug.  Sam was done with a minute and thirty-none seconds remaining on the clock but was not sure of whether he had correctly matched the various bugs and critters to their Latin names.   Shay managed to get all of the critters into the aquariums and it really came down to whether she or Sam would have the most right.

Mike had each of the Beauties stand in front of their aquariums and started with Jasmine who had zero right.  Next was Shay, who managed to get all of her aquariums filled, but only had one critter matched with its Latin name.  Next was Jen who, too, only had one right, which came down to Sam.  Amazing enough, Sam had five of the seven matched correctly, once again giving him and Nicole immunity from elimination.

The Beauties arrived to the mansion with the Geeks in final preparation for the Mixology challenge and Sam announced that he had once again won the challenge, which saw all of the Geeks showing their long faces as to Sam always winning.  The next scenes showed the Geeks getting ready for the challenge with Shay getting Joshua ready for the challenge by wetting Joshua’s hair down and putting tanning cream on his "pasty-white skin", as Shay said to Joshua.  In a sidebar, Shay was seen saying that everyone said that Shay and Joshua were like a "little old married couple".  William,as usual, was seen not near Jen, but still very confident that he had the skills to win.  Jasmine was seen dressing Dave up in a tux shirt and bow-tie and said that she though Dave had a lot of flair and might win.  Dave, after seeing William and Jen reacting to each other, was retrospect about not sending William and Jen home last week.  In a touching scene between Shay and Joshua, they were genuinely glad they got to know each other.  Shay,  in a sidebar, said that she really had come to be fond of Joshua and they had a touching toast to each other.

The Mixology challenge started with Mike announcing that the Geek’s Mixology trainer, Tim, was going to judge them on their style and flair.  Joshua started with his style and flair and really had neither.  He looked awkward as he dropped the bottles and ended up with hardly any drink in the glass.  Nicole was next with her slow and deliberate wrapping of the bottles around her head and had zero flair or style.  She didn’t need to win because Sam had already done so for them and you could tell.  William was up next with his "insane skills" and actually did have a few moves as he was able to actually flip a bottle and catch it.  As he went on, he began to get slightly cocky and started to drop the bottles but managed to make a drink that looked like it might be able to be served.  Dave was the final Mixologist and was the most charming and funniest of the lot with his "sex-on-the-beach" drink, probably still thinking about what could have been in Mexico.  Dave did probably drop more than William in the end, but was funny as he recovered and put a good looking drink on the bar.   

Tim told Mike that William and Dave stood out between the Geeks, but that Dave was the winner of the Mix-off, which had William shaking his head.  When Mike asked him why he was shaking his head, William took the sore loser stance still proclaiming his skills.  Mike announced that William and Jen as well as Shay and Joshua were headed to the elimination room tonight.

In the elimination room, the questions were going to be themed, like the challenges, with the Beauties getting Zoology questions first.  Jen and Shay, surprisingly enough, answered all three of the Zoology questions correctly putting all of the pressure on Joshua and William with Mixology questions.  Will answered his first question right when we has able to correctly identify a "chaser" as the answer to his question.  Joshua missed his first question when he missed "low-blow", which put William in the drivers seat.  William correctly identified a "pony" as one ounce and won the elimination round putting Shay and Joshua out of the house.

Joshua and Shay were seen extolling each others virtues and ended with Shay telling Joshua that she would find him to hang out with him.  With a funny comeback, Joshua called Shay her full name, Shalandra, which sent a slap across Joshua’s shoulder and her saying, "Call me Shay, my name is Shay."  In the end, they were indeed a little old married couple after all.

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3 Responses to “Beauty and the Geek: Creepy Crawlers and All That Mixing Jazz”

  1. A Says:
    November 13th, 2007 at 11:11 pm

    Yes, I like that idea get rid of that girl that talks too much on the view and ask marie to be there that would be great. Someone get Barbara on the phone!

  2. A Says:
    November 13th, 2007 at 11:11 pm

    Yes, I like that idea get rid of that girl that talks too much on the view and ask marie to be there that would be great. Someone get Barbara on the phone!

  3. Sherlock Says:
    November 17th, 2007 at 5:35 pm

    “Sex on the Beach” was a great pick for a drink! If David fans near Boston want a chance to meet him in person, check out this web site that some of his college “friends” made for him: http://www.datedavid.org It’s funny!

    We were sad to see Joshua and Shay leave. They won our hearts at the beginning of the show when they paired themselves up as the team with the most growing to do – and look how far they came! They had so much soul and personality.


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