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The Bachelor – Three Blondes and a Hot Seat

November 13, 2007 12:07 AM by Joe Blackmon

Written By Jennifer Brown. Host Chris Harrison takes an inside look into this season’s Bachelor as the “Women Tell All." This season of The Bachelor is coming to a close. Brad’s set to
make his decision in next week’s episode, and we all know what that
means – time for the women to dish with host Chris Harrison in the
special “Women Tell All” episode of The Bachelor.

Nothing breaks the ice like a little venom-spitting, and this particular group of women seems primed to do some damage. Hard not to, with quick-witted Hillary sitting next to blunt McCarten, hardly buds and definitely not afraid to say so (Hillary quick to point out that she stayed a week longer than McCarten,rowr! hiss!). Chris gets things started by showing clips of nasty remarks said “in private” throughout the show, getting the girls hot under the collar. The “b” word is slung around quite a bit, and usually it’s being said about either McCarten or DeAnna.

Since DeAnna’s not there to defend herself, it’s up to McCarten to take the heat. But she’s just cocky enough to enjoy the challenge of it, and makes no bones that she’s proud of being,shall we say “abrupt?” and honest. Hey, at least she’s not back-biting like some of the other girls. But she overdoes it just a bit, telling Sarah (with a wicked smile) that she didn’t want to be her friend, eliciting a hearty “skank!” from somewhere in the back row. Yikes!

Time for the Hot Seat, and Chris chooses Hillary to be up first. Her over-the-top personality, hilarious asides, (such as, “Bettina’s like a used car. You gotta kick the tires to make sure it still runs.”), infectious smile, and, of course, dramatic exit make her the obvious first choice. Chris runs the video of the night Brad dumped her and she tears up even while watching. “When I fall, I fall hard,” she says afterwards. But she’s a good sport, as Chris teases her mercilessly over not getting the hint that Brad wasn’t all that into her and about her crying pretty much every time she and Brad were together (“They shoulda served me, like, PMS medicine or something,” she quips). She ultimately says she wishes Brad would’ve chosen her for a hometown date, but overall she seems pretty much over it.

Next in the hot seat is last week’s jilted hopeful, Bettina. She’s stoic and reserved like always (almost coming across as aloof), and watches her video with a stony look on her face. Chris grills her on her comment about her one-on-one date with Brad being “boring” early in the show – a comment which earned her great mistrust among the girls in the house. She tries to defend that she was “just talking,” but has no real answer for this. They talk about the disastrous hometown date, and she admits that she a) was surprised that Brad gave her a rose after that and; b) was hacked at him for judging her family so harshly.

Time for some audience questions. First up is a question posed to Hillary, and the audience member wants to know if Hillary was upset that she lost the hometown date to Bettina, especially now, knowing how badly that date went. Hillary’s answer: Yes, because her family would have been totally accepting of Brad. Question number two is aimed at Bettina, and the audience member wants to know if she’d been uncomfortable during the overnight, knowing that Brad was having overnight dates with two other women. Bettina’s uncomfortable – gives a quick, embarrassed yes, and they move on.

The final woman in the Hot Seat is Sheena, who laughs while watching herself in her video. She calls her breakup with Brad “devastating,” and says, “I went into it wholeheartedly,I did fall,”

Chris decides it’s time to bring out The Bachelor himself,or is it himself? Nope, it’s Brad’s twin brother, Chad (sorry, girls, this one’s already married). They all get a good laugh over the evening that Chad stood in for Brad, fooling some of the girls completely. Chad, however, can’t say enough good things about Sheena, saying she “exudes class,” and remarking, “My opinion of you has gone up tenfold.”

Time to warm up the Hot Seat one last time, this time with the real Brad, who’s got some tough questions to answer. “I actually wish I could run up and hug every one of them,” he says when he comes out. He and Chris talk about the struggle that Brad felt during every rose ceremony – how he was always afraid he was going to make a mistake that would haunt him for the rest of his life. “Every rose ceremony broke my heart,” he says, and it’s hard not to believe him.

Hillary wants to ask the first question, but it’s really more of a statement – telling him that she wished he’d been more blunt about just wanting to be her friend. He doesn’t bother to defend himself; he takes the classy route and apologizes that she didn’t get the hint. It’s Bettina’s turn and she wants to know why he gave her the rose after the hometown date. He tells her that he had real feelings for her that outweighed what he thought about her family or what they thought of him. But in Cabo, he explains, he never got a “real conversation” out of her, which is why she was ultimately sent home.

Chris wraps things up on a happier note, showing a video montage of all the crazy, silly, surprising things the women did behind the scenes (usually involving plenty in the alcohol department and not so much in the clothing department), culminating in a hilarious bleeped-out string of what Hillary wanted Brad to do with her (I wouldn’t be surprised to see that one show up in Last Comic Standing someday).

Chris asks Brad if he’s happy and Brad gives an answer that gives no hint as to whether he actually proposed to anyone or not: “I’ve never been happier, man,” he says. “I have absolutely not a single regret.”

Next week on The Bachelor: It’s the finale, and Brad takes Jenni & DeAnna to meet his family. The girls each get one last chance to make a plea for Brad’s heart. Jenni gets emotional. Brad makes his decision.

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