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The Biggest Loser – The Elimination Rests on Isabeau’s Shoulders

November 13, 2007 11:57 PM by Joe Blackmon

Written By Jennifer Brown. A doughnut challenge leaves one player $5K richer; two players get to spend some time at home; Amy goes home for good. There are 9 players left on campus, and together so far they’ve
lost an amazing combined 946 pounds (Yowza!). We join them in the
elimination room, after having just eliminated Ryan, as Alison tells
them that they’re being shuffled around again. No more duos – it’s down
to every man (and woman) for himself now. The players are excited and
tentative – excited to have lasted so long and tentative as the
realization sinks in that there’s no buddy to help them out on a bad
weigh in now.

Back in the dorm, Bob confronts his team, not understanding why Neil would vote Ryan off. Bob claims that there’s nothing that could make him write down his teammate’s name, and accuses Neil of playing games. Neil denies this – claims he’d talked it out with Ryan – but Bob’s having none of it. “You can do whatever you want, but I’m not stupid,” he tells Neil before storming out. Kim, too, is feeling quite irked at a player, as Amy tries to give her back the red t-shirt she’d been given. Kim feels betrayed by this gesture refuses it, telling Amy that she and the team are disappointed in her. “I was insulted,” Kim tells the camera. “,That’s just a smack in the face to me.”

The players assemble for their first challenge – Doughnuts to Dollars. They come face-to-face with mountains of doughnuts (“The smell was, like, intoxicating,” Amy says), and Alison explains to them that one doughnut holds a $5,000 chip inside. The players will go in one-minute rounds trying to find that chip; the first to find it wins the money. There’s a catch, of course – in order to play a round each player has to eat a doughnut (that’s 300 calories per round. That’s a lot of situps, guys!). Right away Kae begs off of Round 1, which must have been torture as the other players are in total rapture while eating their doughnuts. Everyone but Kae dives in and it’s a squishy nasty mess. The players are having a ball – tossing doughnuts at one another, laughing, squealing,but nobody turns up the chip. For Round 2, both Kae and Nicole beg off, but everyone else dives in again. And again they turn up nothing. Round 3 comes up and Alison informs them that there’ll be no time limit on this one. It’s tempting, but not tempting enough for Kae, Nicole, or now Julie. But those 900 calories pay off for Bill, who finds the chip! He’s immediately pelted by doughnut guts, but it’s worth it, as he makes plans to sock away the cash for a college fund for his kids.

The players then find themselves back in 24-Hour Fitness, where Alison has their next challenge ready for them: A 24K indoor triathlon. The players must bike on spin bikes for 20K. The first 6 to finish will then run on a treadmill for 3K. The first 3 to finish will swim for 1K (that’s 40 laps – might as well have eaten those doughnuts,). The prize for this challenge is huge: 24 hours at home with family and immunity at the next elimination round,PLUS the chance to choose another player to receive the same prize! It’s a tough match and Kae completely rocks the bike and the treadmill. But in the end it’s Hollie, a former swim coach, who leaves Bill and Kae in her wake to take home the prize. She chooses Julie (who bursts into surprised and happy tears) to go home as well.

The girls go home – Hollie to visit her friends and Julie to hang with the husband and kiddo – and while the rest of the players are suffering in a Last Chance Workout (which Neil calls “the most miserable experience of my life”), the girls are eating out and working out at their leisure (Julie’s husband, by the way, got one heck of a beach workout. “She whipped my butt all over the sand,” he complains. Julie says, “I wore him out like a little sixth grade girl. Sad.”). Just hope they don’t take it too easy – if either one of them gains, she’ll lose immunity.

It’s weigh-in time and the players file in – everyone nervous about being on their own this week. First up are the two challenge-winners, Julie & Hollie. Scary – neither one of them loses anything. But neither gains, either, so they’re still safe. Bill has an emotional moment on the scale as he becomes the second player this season to hit 100 pounds (woot! woot! Go Bill! Go Bill!). He cries and marvels how, “A few months ago it was hard to go up the stairs.” He gets tons of applause (is it just me or is Bill the most lovable player TBL has ever seen?!). Everyone else loses pretty respectable amounts, but Amy and Bryan fail to rise above the yellow line with only a 3-pound and 2-pound loss, respectively. Their heads are the entrÃe choices in the elimination room this week.

Seems like this week the pre-voting pressure’s coming from everywhere. Jillian pressures the team to vote off Bryan. But Bill, alone with Jillian, tells her that Isabeau is lying to her and plans to vote off Amy instead. Isabeau admits to Jillian that she’s questioning Amy’s commitment to being there. Later, Neil pressures the black-team girls to vote off Amy, saying she’s stabbed each of them in the back at one point or another. And still again, Bryan makes his plea, catching Isabeau alone and begging her not to send him home. In the end, it appears as though the decision’s going to come down to Isabeau: who will she send home?

There are no tears this week as the votes are displayed. It’s no surprise in the elimination room when Neil, Nicole & Kae vote for Amy (Kae saying some pretty harsh things about Amy in the process, and Neil calling the decision “easy”). Nor is it a huge surprise to see Hollie, Julie, and Bill vote for Bryan (although each feel conflicted and claim they only voted for the “biggest threat”). And so it’s down to Isabeau, who ultimately claims she couldn’t live with herself if she voted Bryan off. She votes for Amy.

Amy cries, “I feel like I’m stabbed in the back!” She thanks Julie, Hollie, & Bill, and warns them not to trust Isabeau. She leaves to no hugs or tears (except her own, of course).

Before we follow Amy home to reunite with her husband and children, Alison hands each remaining player an envelope containing a “reward.” They open their envelopes to gasps and cheers! This is going to be a good one,

When we get a glimpse of today’s Amy, she looks like a whole new person. She, too, has lost 100 pounds (woot! woot! Go Amy! Go Amy!) and looks gorgeous. She talks about the gift of being healthy so she can be with her family longer, and says, “I feel like I got my life back.”

Next on The Biggest Loser: The players get a makeover and reunion. A live weigh-in!

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2 Responses to “The Biggest Loser – The Elimination Rests on Isabeau’s Shoulders”

  1. Judi Says:
    November 14th, 2007 at 12:23 pm

    The Triathalon was NOT fair. Kae won 3 of the 3 legs of the challenge then lost the last one and the winner of that one leg wins it all. Not right. Kae should been able to move on to the next leg of the race as she completed each portion (as should they all), not have to wait until everybody caught up. Amy — not sad to see her go.

  2. Judi Says:
    November 14th, 2007 at 12:23 pm

    Um, that would be 2 of the 3 legs she won. Sorry.


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