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Kid Nation: There’s Trouble in Them There Hills

November 14, 2007 10:05 PM by Joe Blackmon

BlainegoldstarWritten By DA Southern.  The delicate balance of Bonanza City looks to be upset with a
realignment of the teams as our intrepid pioneers seek to bring back
the glory days of the abandoned western town.  Last weeks Entertainment
episode was profiled as we saw the kids travails to this point and,
again, we saw how the kids are adapting to life in Bonanza City.   

At the opening of the new day, Laurel was bragging on her green team and how it had four gold star winners and some of the other kids were feeling that the green team was becoming a little to prideful.  The scene quickly shifted to the Journal room and had the council members reading the journal from the former town council.  The journal was retrospect that the town had become entrenched into too many groups and that the town council should mix up the districts, with Laurel objecting severely because her green team was so well meshed.  She went on to say that the kids would hate it.

The town council met in the saloon to discuss making Bonanza City "More equal and fair", as Zach put it.  Anjay first started by telling the other three council members that he wanted to show the kids that he was a good leader and that there was a misconception that everyone thought he was doing something wrong and that everyone loved Laurel.  What was so funny was Laurel’s reaction as Anjay was saying it.  It was so, "I know, Anjay, I know."  Anjay said he wanted some of the kids that seemed to be the most trouble, like Emily who was seen saying that she hated the red district, while Guylan wanted more of the intellectual, as well as strong kids.  Zach stared in by saying that his yellow team was "a bunch of girls" and that he had no hard workers on his team.  Anjay was saying that the blue team had strong players, like Greg and Blaine, and that it was trouble when they were together.  Laurel listened and then said that she thought that the green district should not be split up with Zach saying that he thought that Laurel was becoming more and more selfish every day and that she was not concerned about the town as a whole. Laurel said that she wanted to think about it.

Laurel told the assembled kid nation that they had read the holy journal and then hesitantly said that the council had decided to mix up the teams, which started a firestorm among some of the kids.  Guyan started by welcoming Nathan to the red district.  Anjay then welcomed Emilie to the blue district, which made her a bit happier.  Zach then said that he needed manpower and welcomed Blaine to the yellow district.  In a surprise move, but not really, Laurel did not welcome any new members to her team, but kept her team together, which sent Greg screaming "unfair" and that he "hated" Laurel.  Greg was next seen approaching Anjay and questioning him about the decision with Blaine, but in the sidebar, Blaine was kind of relieved to be out of Greg’s shadow; That maybe now he would get a bit more recognition now.

Nathan was having a hard time as all of the red team, right in front of Nathan, were voicing their displeasure with Mike being the most vocal to Guylan, which made Nathan feel bad.  As usual, our little "Bill Gates", Jared was seen kicking something to show his displeasure.

Day 26 found Hunter having a religious service to try and heal the squabbles and showing everyone that he was stepping up as a leader in the town.  As a result of the service, Mike felt bad about giving Nathan such a hard time and had a nice scene with Nathan in which he apologized to him.

Anjay was having a hard time with his team as he was still defending splitting up Greg and Blaine.  Greg, still very vocal about the whole situation was threatening to hit Anjay.  Anjay was trying to pull the team together while getting ready for the showdown but was doing a poor job when he used the Titanic in an example of fostering teamwork, which sent Greg off.

The kids all marched to the showdown to find Jonathan waiting with mine cars and rocks painted each of the districts colors.  Jonathan looked at the changes and was surprised to see no changes on the green team.  Jonathan wondered if the changes will be reflected in the final results of the showdown.  He announced that each district would have to load the mining sleds with the rocks and pull through an obstacle course.  Jonathan asked if  a team would not pull its weight in order to get upper class, or pull enough for the entire town to win reward.  All districts would have to pull a total of one ton of rocks to win reward.   

The teams sprinted to the sleds and started loading rocks.  Blue district was first out of the gate with their rocks and many thought they were not pulling their weight.  Yellow was second away, with Blaine as a true leader, followed by green and then red, who looked as though they had taken more rocks than the rest.  The blue district was the first over the line to become the upper class.  Yellow came in second becoming the merchants.  Green was third, making them the cooks and red pulled last making them the laborers.  The real question was whether or not the districts had a ton of rocks.  Blue went first and had 480 lbs they had pulled.  Jonathan had told them that each district would have to pull over 500 lbs to win the prize, so already, they were behind.  Yellow loaded their rocks next and had 460 lbs, still leaving the total needed well behind what they needed for the prize.  Green went next and had carried the least amount of rocks at 420 lbs.  Red had indeed carried more than any other team but needed 640 lbs for the town to win the challenge.  The red district could only manage 485 lbs, which gave the kids a second straight week of no reward.  Sophia and Guylan had some sharp words about who was pulling weight and not just getting by which sent Guylan shaking her head about being a council member anymore.

Jonathan showed them that they lost beds as a first choice and then tortured them by showing them an Airstream trailer that would have been a kids lounge.  The kids were disappointed in not having the beds, more than anything, and Jonathan sent them packing with nothing.  After the loss, Taylor was seen consoling Randi, who was crying about missing her family and her bed.  Zach was seen outside with some of the other boys making fun of his team, Taylor and Randi, for crying all of the time.

Day 27 found Hunter up early working and trying to clean up the town while trying to rally his district to help.  Sophia was seen having second thoughts of her words with Guylan and sought her out to apologize.  Blaine was seen getting the yellow district up saying that they had a reputation for being the "lazy" district.  Kelsey said that Blaine had become such a leader to the yellow team and that he deserved to be a council member.

Again, we see Randi crying to Taylor about going home and, in one of the most touching scenes ever in Kid Nation, Greg consoled Randi and carried her to her bed to make her feel better.  Greg said that his Mom used to do the same for him and so he thought that he would do it for her to cheer her up.

Day 28 found us looking at all of the kids lined up to speak to the council for thoughts on who the gold star recipient should be.  Clearly, Blaine and Hunter seemed to be the only ones who were getting votes and, for once, we didn’t see Divad nominating herself for the star.  The scene quickly switched to the town hall meeting for the gold star ceremony.  Jonathan, as always, asked if anyone wanted to go home and Randi did indeed raise her hand.  After many of the kids tried to talk her out of it, she was resolved to go and Jonathan wished her well and she was gone.  The gold star ceremony commenced and Blaine was awarded the star.   

In a typical move, Jonathan asked if the town was pleased with the council and only our gold star recipient, Blaine, raised his hand.  Jonathan seemed surprised as Greg and others still voiced their displeasure on the moving of people.  Jonathan, in a surprise announcement, said that elections were at hand this very night and asked who wanted to run against the council members.  After a brief pause, DK raised his hand to challenge Guylan for the red district.  In a very surprising move, Blaine raised his hand to challenge Zach for the yellow district.  Greg decided to challenge Anjay for the blue district and Michael raised his had to challenge Laurel for the green district which sent a surprised laurel’s jaw standing open.   

With time running out, the dreaded, "To Be Continued…" flashed across the screen leaving us wondering if the elections were going to be held then or if the candidates were going to have a chance to campaign first.   

It’s not like your intrepid RealityTVMagazine.com writer wasn’t going to be watching anyway, so we will all wait together until next week.

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One Response to “Kid Nation: There’s Trouble in Them There Hills”

  1. Mike C. Says:
    November 15th, 2007 at 7:18 am

    All the usual undramatic moments show up with kids we had nevere heard or nor seen showing up to confuse the competition for finding the food in the Mud Slide challenge.
    Anjay was a real stinker and he projected his fears on Johnathan, Mallory, and a flustered Zach.
    Meanwhile, Laurel and Divad argued over who should win the Gold Star.
    The teams squabbeled and pickered all day and DK proved his Gold Star was a fluke when he pushed Kennedy down the mine shaft!!Wow!
    And Zach’s tender moments with Amy were heartwrenching and fake, all at once!!
    Bea asked Mallory for keys to the Bonanza City jail as she wanted to isolate herself during the competition.
    Best momentL Divad’s tears of joy when she realized Anjay was losing the long, Rattlesnake Rope challenge.
    Next week, Jonathan and Anjay clash over the Gold Star and Bea talks trash about the Yellow team!!!


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