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America’s Next Top Model Results – Ambreal’s Time is Up

November 15, 2007 02:26 AM by Joe Blackmon

Written By Jennifer Brown. The models work with student-designers at FIDM and then do a desert shoot; Ambreal comes up short. Lisa is mirror-crazy in this episode of Models, constantly posing
in front of anything reflective, feeling the pressure of having been
number one last week. Heather’s bummed out after the last elimination.
We get the sense right away that these are the two who will struggle
the most this week.

The models are taken to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) for their first challenge, where they meet up with the fa-a-abulous Benny Ninja. He pairs each girl with a student designer, who has the task of taking a frumpy old dress (think every dress your grandma ever wore to church) and re-designing it to fit the personality of the model he is paired with.

Right away there are troubles with this task, as Lisa & Heather, who both suffer from awkwardness in company, flounder when trying to describe themselves to their designers. Soon Benny kicks the models out to let the designers do their thing, giving the girls a chance to get some gossip-time in back at the house. Big shock, Bianca’s got her mouth running,again. And she’s talking about Heather,again. Only now her tune’s changed. No longer does she think Heather’s a threat. Is that why she’s constantly up in Heather’s business nowadays?

The girls are back at FIDM the next day, ready to rock their designs down the runway. Each girl has to own their dress, play to its “message,” and give a few short sentences about how they inspired their dress. This is where we separate the women from the girls. Bianca sets the bar high, by going out in a dress that she doesn’t like, but totally owning it. Jenah follows suit, calling her dress “so me.” Ambreal gives it all she’s got (maybe a little too much, actually). But Heather, who says her dress is “not me,” gets totally locked up when out on the runway. She chokes on her lines and it’s like torture – for everybody. “I think her nerves are getting to her,” Chantal says. But Heather’s not the only one to choke. Lisa may look great in her dress, but she, too, flubs her lines, and is crying before she even leaves the stage, mumbling, “I guess no more America’s Next Top Model for me,”

In the end the judges choose Saliesha as the winner of this challenge, and she gets to choose two other models to go with her on a photo shoot for Seventeen magazine.

In the meantime Heather cries over her performance and gets a lecture from Bianca about developing a thick skin. This seems to be the theme of the day, as Heather again has problems when a fight over shower-space erupts. Soon there are naked models everywhere, yelling at one another in the shower and rolling on the bathroom floor laughing. Honestly, it’s a strange little scene.

The girls get an early-morning wake-up call and pile into the greenmobile for a road trip. They’re trucked out into the middle of nowhere and left in the desert. They’re uncertain as they watch their bus drive away, leaving them in extreme heat with literally nothing to be found. Nothing, that is, except Jay Manuel, who comes shimmering toward them like a mirage.

Their shoot today is going to have a stranded-in-the-desert theme, where the girls are supposed to look desperate, yet still show off their high-fashion dresses. Tough challenge!

More problems for Heather – her shots look “awkward” and Jay says, “Today Heather looked very lost.” Bianca sells it, and Chantal does okay, despite a dress challenges. Saliesha, still struggling with the modeling part of this whole “model” thing, looks too posey, and Ambreal has trouble as well.

Back at the house again, Heather’s still in her funk. For some reason she continues to confide in Bianca and soon the shower issue is brought up again and it seems like everyone’s picking on the poor girl. “[Heather] dwells on the negative all the time,” Ambreal says, and she calls Heather “babied.” Babied or not, Heather’s definitely having a bad week. She’s in tears and really nervous about facing the panel this week.

In the judging room, Tyra greets the girls for the first time this episode. As she goes through her spiel of introducing the judges, a strange puppet-like creature keeps popping up in the background. Eventually the creature comes out front. It’s a Chinese dragon, there to announce that the girls are going to China! The announcement makes this elimination all the more tense as only six girls will make the trip.

The photos are brought out and the girls brought up one at a time. Jenah gets high praise for her shot, but Heather doesn’t (although Twiggy does call Heather’s shot “brilliant”). Tyra takes a moment to give Heather a lecture about “compartmentalizing,” or not letting negative feelings bleed through into your work. Chantal’s picture is the best one she’s taken yet, and Bianca gets big marks as well. Lisa’s shot looks good, but her arms and legs look too short, and Ambreal is called down because, while her face looks good, you can’t see her dress in the shot. Nigel finally says it aloud – Ambreal “doesn’t have the gift of modeling.”

After deliberation (why bother? We all know who’s going home at this point), Bianca gets the first spot and Ambreal & Lisa are the bottom two. Tyra says Ambreal is “a beautiful girl,” but “not strong enough.” Lisa, she says, is definitely a model, but fading. In the end it’s Lisa who gets the last spot and Ambreal who gets the boot. After Tyra gives Lisa a short speech about not letting the stress of the competition dull her “sparkle,” Ambreal hits the girls with hugs – no tears – and wishes of good luck. She hugs Tyra and literally dances her way off stage. “I’m gonna keep goin’ on,” she says.

Next on ANTM: The girls hit Shanghai. Who will break under the stress?

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