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Ghost Hunters – Getting to Know You

November 15, 2007 02:31 AM by Joe Blackmon

Written By Jennifer Brown. Host Josh Gates sits down with the TAPS team for a roundtable discussion and reviewing favorite old memories. This season, fans of Jason & Grant and the team have seen
Ghost Hunters change before our eyes. They’ve grown in popularity
(their live Halloween episode literally bringing in millions of
viewers) and are interacting with their fans in a way we’ve never seen

This week, host Josh Gates, sits down with the guys and lets us get some up-close-and-personal details about our favorite paranormal investigators in a roundtable-style Q&A. Here’s what we learned about TAPS:

How did TAPS get started?

Jason had a personal experience around the age of 18 or 19 and that threw him into the field of paranormal investigation. At the time, he says, he created a group called the Rhode Island Paranormal Society. Grant, who was redesigning websites at the time, and who’d had a paranormal experience of his own, ran across Jason’s website and offered to redesign it for free to help him build his portfolio. And the rest, as they say, is history.

The two guys have been together for more than 15 years and are like family to one another. In that amount of time, they claim, they’ve only had a handful of disagreements, and always those are short-lived and easily-forgotten.

Steve came to TAPS through a more direct way. He heard about them, gave them a call, and asked to join. No problem!

Tango (if you’ve been watching for all three seasons, you already know this) was a ghost hunter for another group in New Jersey. When he heard TAPS was going to be in New York City, he gave them a call and asked for their help in investigating a New Jersey house. They liked his style and asked him to join after their night of investigating together. Jason calls Tango, “the little brother of everybody,” and Grant calls him “fun” (okay, and why didn’t anybody mention “cute”?!). They particularly love him because he’s the one who caught the bedcover-pulling hoax on the Queen Mary.

Kris has been friends with Jason & Grant for about 7 or 8 years, and has always wanted to join them.

Oh, and don’t bother to ask the guys about their “personal experiences.” They won’t tell you. They won’t tell anyone.

What do the guys do when not investigating?

Grant writes music and plays piano and guitar. He also cooks. Jason cooks as well, and writes children’s and sci-fi stories. He likes to hike and fish. Steve hangs with his cats, who are named Sassy Lashes and Home Depot (funny, I would’ve expected them to be called “Daddy Longlegs” and “Bat”). Tango does magic and contact juggling. Kris is big into genealogy.

What happens when something goes wrong and who gets blamed the most?

“That’s the importance of having a good team,” Grant says. When something goes wrong, the team just rolls with it. “I lay it down a lot of times,” Jason admits, but also says that those who know him really well (which they all do) don’t take it personally.

What’s with the tattoos?

Yes, Steve admits, they’ve been growing as the seasons have gone on. He has his favorite – a trick-or-treater – but it’s high on his thigh and he can’t show it. But did you know Steve’s not the only inked member of TAPS? That’s right – Tango has the tarot card of the magician on his arm (it’s new) and Jason has tatts on both of his arms and up his entire back (an angel and a demon balancing one another on a scale).

And what about Steve’s phobias?


There’s spiders. “They put a fear into me like nothing else.”

There’s flying. This kept him from going to Europe with the team, which was devastating to him. Even though he’s consulted hypnotists, physicians, and a psychiatrist, he still couldn’t go (he even got on the plane and sat down but darted off just before they closed the door).

And there’s heights. He can’t even climb a stepladder. “Jason & Grant have a way of pushing me with heights,” he says.

Does TAPS charge a fee for an investigation?

No. They don’t feel like they can charge for something they can’t even prove exists (in fact, they are able to debunk more than 80% of the claims they investigate).

What were their Top Five favorite investigations?

5. Eastern State Penitentiary, home of Brian’s famous, “Dude, Run!” “We still don’t know what the piece of footage is,” says Grant.

4. New Bedford Armory, where cameraman Frank got clocked by an unseen force (and caught on tape!).

3. Leap Castle (Europe), where Dustin had the tar knocked out of him by a ghostie. Tango saw Dustin’s feet lift off the ground and Dustin get thrown!

2. St. Augustine Lighthouse, where the shadow figure leaned over the railing and peeked at the guys, yet didn’t set off the motion-detector floodlight.

1. The Stanley Hotel, where they’ve been at least six times. Where they’ve caught amazing things on tape. Where they heard voices during their 2006 live Halloween special.

What’s the future of TAPS?

Well, thank goodness, they’re going to keep doing what they’re doing. And, great news! – they don’t think they’ll ever run out of places to investigate!

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