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Project Runway – Either You Are EEN or You Are OUWT

November 15, 2007 12:13 AM by Joe Blackmon

SimoneoutWritten By DA Southern. Bravo’s Project Runway sashayed onto the TV tonight with the
long-awaited Season 4.  We meet our designers for the first time and as
with all Project Runway cast, there are some quirky ones mixed in with
the ones who look to be "fairly normal", as normal as could be imagined
on Project Runway.  The designers, Carman, Chris, Christian, Elisa,
Jack, Jillian, Kit, Kevin, Marion, Rami, Ricky, Simone, Steven, Sweet P
(There is always one, isn’t there!) and Victorya were profiled as we
got a glimpse into the heart of the Season 4 and seemed to have more
professional-type designers this time around.

As soon as the designers entered the room, as we saw them for the first time, it seemed as if the other designers were already snipping at each others style, or perceived lack of it.  Most all of the designers have been deeply entrenched in the fashion industry in one way or another.   

The designers all get a note to meet Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn at Bryant Park, the place where fashion week always takes place and they all felt a sense of awe as they entered the fashion "Holy Ground".  Heidi and Tim made a grand entrance to meet the designers and Heidi announced that Tim would, of course, be mentoring them.  Tim Gunn is now the Chief Creative Officer for Liz Claiborne, as well as a Bravo star with his own show, and will still watch over the designers at Parsons, where he used to work.

Heidi wanted to know if the designers had settled in and if they had enjoyed the champagne.  She then announced that "the party was over."  She pointed at three tents and told the designers that here were three tents that the designers would have to use to their first challenge.  Quickly, we saw several of the designers saying that they could do nothing with the tents thinking that they would have to use the tents themselves for the challenge.  Of course, we have seen stranger things on Project Runway, but Heidi then said that in the tents, there was $50,000.00 worth of fabric that the designers had fifteen minutes to run and grab as much as they needed.  Heidi gave them the "go" signal and the designers were off in a dead run to get the best fabric.  Chris, a bigger designer, was the last to get to the tents but was pleased that the fabric was there that he wanted.  A flurry of activity showed the designers grabbing a various assortment of fabrics and the funniest scene found our free spirit of the bunch, Elisa, trying to get grass stains and earth particles all over her fabric…to get an earthy factor to her design.

The designers headed to Parsons to begin to design a piece that "defined who they were", as Heidi had told them.  As always, the pace was frantic in Parsons as the designers had until one am to finish the balk of their designs.  Many of the designers were struggling with the whole question of "who they were" as Victorya said, "Because that is the question we are always asking ourselves."  At four hours left, Tim was in to check on the progress of the designers progress.  Tim liked Rami’s design and said he could see the style in it.  Tim was next to Christian and had a bit of a concern about the progress, which, in a sidebar, Christina seem to not care about.  Tim was next to Simone and was concerned with the finishing detail left in the time she had to do it in, which caused Simone a very disconcerted look.  Finally, Tim was with Elisa and she announced that she was pretty well done.  Tim was very concerned with the train and how it seemed to weigh the dress down.  At 2 hours left to go for the night, Elisa announced that she was done and went to take a nap as we watched the other designers scramble to finish as much as they could with day one coming to a close.

The Day of the Show found Tim greeting the designers and announcing that they had two hours to get their models to hair and makeup and for the designers to use the accessories from the Bluefly.com accessory rack.  The models came in and the designers all were quickly scurrying around getting the girls ready.  Tim gave the fifteen minute warning and Elisa finally realized that her model was not going to be able to walk in her dress and really started to wonder about it.

Heidi came out to the runway beautifully coiffed in a fantastic gold dress…how many kids has this woman had?  She announced that there were fifteen of them but that only three of them would show their designs at the Mercedes-Benz fashion show.  She announced that the winner would be getting a car, an Elle Magazine spread, a chance to show their designs on Bluefly.com and $100,000.00 in prize money.  Heidi then announced the judges for the night, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and special judge, Monique Lhuillier and announced the show was to begin

The show, always quick, I believe, had the models quickly doing the runway as the judges judged the designs.  I guess its called the runway for a reason.  The designer’s models order was, Elisa, with her dress with fabric trailing behind her, Chris with a purple dress, Kevin with a short, black party dress, Sweet P with a happy gold dress, Simone and her poorly-finished dress, Jillian’s striking red dress, Christian’s crisp designed brownish dress, Victorya’s black, lacey-type dress, Rami’s classic grey dress, Ricky’s shinny, party-type dress, Jack’s spring looking design, Marion’s black, lacey dress, Steven’s fitted, suit look, Carmen’s pant suit with a shinny gold jacket and, finally, Kit’s black dress with a red top.

The designers immediately took the stage and Heidi announced that Chris, Kevin, Sweet P, Jillian, Jack, Marion, Steve, Carmen and Kit were safe.  The remaining designers contained the top designer for the night and, of course, the loser and the one eliminated.  Christian was the first one question and all judges seemed to like his stylish fashion sense and his craftsmanship.  Simone was next to be questioned and Nina was strong in her dislike for the dress.  Rami was very well received by the judges and the really only question Michael Kors had was about the flower that was adorned on the dress.  Our former lingerie designer, had an lingerie-inspired baby-doll dress that most of the judges found boring and uninspired.  Victorya’s dress was called "sweet" but the judges were fairly unimpressed after that.  Elisa’s dress with the fabric trail was called a trainwreck by Kors and, with that, Heidi sent the designers off so they could deliberate. 

During the deliberations, we found that the judges liked Victorya, Christian and Rami and didn’t like Elisa, Simone and Ricky.

As the designers stood in their individual spotlights, Heidi immediately told Victoria that she was "EEN".  She than announced that the winner for the night was Rami and would have immunity for the next challenge.  Christian and Ricki were announced safe, leaving either, Simone or Elisa to be eliminated.  As the judges berated each of the ladies, Heidi announced that Elisa was safe and Simone was "Ouwt".

Tim greeted her and told her to get her stuff and get out, but in a nice Tim Gunn way.  Simone was sad to be the first to go thinking that she would be one of the top three, but don’t they all think that?

The pace is always quick at the beginning of the Project Runway season as we weed through the designers and your RealityTVMagazine.com writer, DA Southern, will make sure you are current with all of the drama of the season.

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3 Responses to “Project Runway – Either You Are EEN or You Are OUWT”

  1. DavidDust Says:
    November 15th, 2007 at 1:46 pm

    Is it just me, or did Christian totally remind you of Chris Kattan playing “Mango” on Saturday Night Live? Check it out:



  2. Puzzled Says:
    November 21st, 2007 at 1:30 am

    I’m a bit puzzled by Simone’s comment that while she could design a fabulous dress, she just couldn’t do the technical aspect of it, which meant sewing it correctly, measuring it, and cutting it. Thought that was all part of the trade? How can you really design anything if you can’t put it together?

  3. KylieSmiley Says:
    November 28th, 2007 at 5:18 pm

    so i discovered the project runway drinking game last week… definitely makes watching w. friends even more interesting. it’s at http://projectrunwayparty.com


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