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Next Great American Band Results Shocker – Franklin Bridge Eliminated

November 16, 2007 09:16 PM by Joe Blackmon

FranlinbridgeeliminatedOn the third Next Great American Band results show, one band was
eliminated and the top seven bands performed a Leiber and Stoller song
in front of the judges.  Light of Doom performed the Leiber and Stoller
song “Jailhouse Rock.”  John Rzeznik said “I’m speechless.  What can I
say?”  Shelia E. said “Rockfabolous, that’s what it is.”  Dicko said
“You’re becoming more and more watchable every single week.”

The Clark Brothers performed the Leiber and Stoller song “Saved.”  John Rzeznik said “It was really great, and you always bring it.”  Shelia E. said “This is why you guys are still here, because of that.”  Dicko said “Even a wretch like me feels closer to salvation after that.”

Dot Dot Dot performed the Leiber and Stoller song “Love Potion #9.”  John Rzeznik said “You’re great with a guitar in your hands, keep your hands busy.”  Shelia E. said “That was fantastic, it was exciting, and it was great.”  Dicko said “I really, really think you’ve turned the corner.”

Cliff Wagner And The Old No. 7 performed the Leiber and Stoller song “Poison Ivy.”  John Rzeznik said  “All I wish is that you would have pushed it just a little harder.”  Shelia E. said “It was superb.”  Dicko said “It just felt a little lazy, and I know you’re better than that.”

Denver And The Mile High Orchestra performed the Leiber and Stoller song “Ruby Baby.”  John Rzeznik said “I think you guys funk skills are really, really limited.”  Shelia E. said “It was marvelous.”  Dicko said “You’re building a brand right now.  You should consolidate your core proposition.”

Sixwire performed the Leiber and Stoller song “I Keep Forgettin.’”  John Rzeznik said “That was technically a really nice performance, but It just felt like you were going through the motions to me.”  Shelia E. said “I wasn’t sure about the song for you guys.”  Dicko said “It’s like a lukewarm bath, and we need more of an edge.”

Tres Bien performed the Leiber, Stoller, and Barrett song “Some Other Guy.”  John Rzeznik said “You guys did great with that song.”  Shelia E. said “You guys are a lot of fun, and it shows.”  Dicko said “Perfect song from perfect era for you to peddle your retro rock.”

In a results shocker, Franklin Bridge was eliminated from the competition.  Franklin Bridge had been an early favorite after an incredible take on “Tangled Up In Blue.”  When host Dominic Bowden pointed out that Shelia E. had predicted that Franklin Bridge could go all the way, Shelia E. said “I did.  I think, not to get anyone mad, but I think they made a mistake.  I think Franklin Bridge should be on this stage right now.  I don’t understand.  I’m sorry guys.  I’m really, really sorry.  I think America got it wrong this time.”

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One Response to “Next Great American Band Results Shocker – Franklin Bridge Eliminated”

  1. Mike Says:
    November 19th, 2007 at 3:03 pm

    I liked Franklin Bridge, and was a bit shocked when they were eliminated. But they were arrogant, and I think much of this contest is winning over the viewing audience, and I could see how they would be turned off by FB’s attitude. That’s the only way to explain Cliff Wagner & co. still being in it. A talented group, yes, but way out of touch with mainstream music. They are quite personable, and I think that’s carrying them.


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