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Beauty and the Geek: Wine, Wine, Everywhere, Wine

November 20, 2007 10:21 PM by Joe Blackmon

Written By DA Southern.  The show started with a brief synopsis of last week’s episode as we
once again saw Sam dominating the creepy-crawler portion for the
Beauties, winning freedom from the elimination room for himself and
Nicole.  The Geek, who has found his inner beauty, Dave, was seen
winning the Geek Mixology contest with his style and flair for himself
and Jasmine.  In the end, Joshua and Shay lost to William and Jen in
the elimination room sending the two home from the competition leaving
the final three teams to battle it out for the big prize.

The remaining two were shocked to see William and Jen back and Sam was heard to call them "The team that would not die".  Dave was happy to see them back, however, because that meant that they would have the opportunity to work on their interpersonal skills.

Speaking of Dave, we found him and Nicole flirting, I mean, talking, and we find out in a sidebar that Dave has had a crush on Nicole from the beginning.  Dave said that after it was all over that he might get the courage to ask her out.  Nicole even said that she liked hanging out with Dave, but we didn’t get the feeling that she wanted to date or even knew if she knew how.

The gang headed to the formal room to meet Mike and saw him standing there with a wine bottle.  Mike explained that the wine was like the Beauties and the Geeks; that it kept getting better with age, hopefully like the Beauties and the Geeks after they leave the mansion.  Mike told them that the next challenge was a team challenge and that they were headed to a vineyard for the challenge.  Mike pointed to Jen and William and told them that they had never won a challenge and that Beauty and the Geek has never had a winner who had not won a challenge during the season, which had William shaking his head in dismay.  The geeks scattered to study and William was heard saying that he can’t see anyone liking wine since it was so acidic and found it hard to get into it.  (What are we going to do with that boy?)

On the way to the vineyard, William was having a hard time saying "Cabernet" insisting on saying the "Net" part of the word like it really was supposed to be pronounced that way.  When Jen tried to correct him, he insisted that it was not right.  All right, NOW, he was just being ridiculous!   

After arriving at the vineyard, the six met Mike at the vineyard and he immediately explained the team dynamics of the challenge.  Mike told them that they were going to have to collect 20 lbs of grapes, bring them to be weighed, put them in a wooden bucket and stomp them to get three bottles of wine and, finally, deliver the bottles to Mike at the finish line.  The catch:  They were going to be tied together the entire time.

Mike gave them the "Ready, Set, GO" and off they went.  Sam and Nicole were the first to the grapes but seemed to lag behind in the actual picking of the grapes.  Surprising enough, Jen and Will, for the first time, were actually working together and arrived to the weigh station first.  Jasmine and Dave were close behind and started weighing their grapes immediately discovering that they had enough grapes to begin stomping.  Jen and Will did not have enough grapes and headed back to the vineyards passing Sam and Nicole, who were coming up.  Dave and Jasmine had a huge lead on everybody and had trouble getting the juice out of the bucket.  Sam and Nicole were struggling in the bucket as they saw Jen and Will finally get back with their grapes.  Dave and Jasmine headed to the station with what they thought was enough to fill their three bottles and preceded to fill their bottles rapidly.  As Jen and Will approached with their juice to fill their bottles, Dave and Jasmine were on their way to Mike.  The biggest worry was that they would drop a bottle and would surely lose the challenge.  They arrived to where Mike was standing at the finish line with shaky bottles on the tray but they were intact at the end allowing Jasmine and Dave to continue their three-week winning streak and sending them automatically into the finals.  Will and Jen and Sam and Nicole, in a rare loss, were going to meet in the elimination room and you could see that Sam was visibly upset at the loss.

The six met in the vineyard for a beautifully displayed wine dinner to celebrate, well, most of them anyway.  Sam was still visibly upset and the rest of the gang noticed that Sam was not eating, just drinking.  Nicole felt bad for Sam thinking that she held him back and knew she had to shine at the elimination.

Back at the mansion, Jen was noticing that Sam was being a bad sport and Will, in a sidebar, said that he was confident that he could study enough for the elimination and that Sam was so upset that he was not focused enough to concentrate for the face-off tonight.

The Beauties and the Geeks had a surprise in the library before the elimination.  The Plasma lit up as the gang found their seats and videos of the first day at the mansion for each of the remaining members.  Dave was seen on his first day as an awkward geek with huge glasses.  It was amazing to see how Dave had changed since the first day, not so much from a physical standpoint but from an attitudinal change.  You could see that he had truly gained confidence in who he was.  Jasmine was funny saying that Dave didn’t have a girlfriend because he had no life.  We next saw Sam and Nicole, and it was, again, amazing to see the difference in Sam.  He was seen as more of a playboy when he first arrived but has really seemed to grow into more of a focused guy who just wants to do good for him and Nicole.  The final scenes were of William and Jen and there was really no discernable difference in the relationship between him and Jen and he was the only one to have not really have developed in the course of the show.

Before the elimination, Dave was vocal in having Nicole…and Sam, come back because of his crush on Nicole.  A funny scene showed Jasmine telling Dave to tell Nicole that he wanted to have a date with her in case she and Sam were eliminated.  Jasmine went on to tell Dave that if Sam and Nicole come back that they should go on a group date and Dave said, "You mean a double date?".  Dave had a deer-in-the-headlight look when he said that he didn’t even know what a date was.

Jasmine went to wish Nicole and Sam good luck and told Nicole that Dave wanted to see her, stunning Nicole a bit.  When she got to Dave and in a very awkward moment, Dave asked her out for coffee after the show and Nicole said that it would be great and gave him a hug.  Nicole said that she would like to hang out with Dave but, "Didn’t see it getting anywhere."

The elimination room found Mike telling the four that this would be questions about wine and the wine making process.  Mike sent Nicole and William into the outer room and Jen got the first question concerning the fermentation of wine.  She was able to answer it correctly and Sam got a question that I was sure was going to sink him immediately concerning the Roman God of Wine, which Sam answered correctly.  Jen’s next question tripped her up when she was unable to identify a wine maker as an enologist which gave Sam a lead if he answered his question right, which he did, giving him and Nicole a 2 to 1 lead when William and Nicole came back in.

Will got the first question and was able to correctly pick the order of chilled wine.  Nicole turned up the heat on William when she correctly answered her next question leaving William having to answer his last question and hoping for Nicole to miss hers.  William missed his question when he could not answer with British singer, Amy Winehouse, effectively sending him and Jen home and setting up a Nicole/Sam, Dave/Jasmine final.   

William and Jen were seen talking after the elimination looking like they just met and, strangely enough, arguing like some couple married for 50 years.

This writer believes that the two best teams will square off for the final showdown and, as always, the previews of the upcoming show hint at a twist, so we will see what we will see next week.

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  1. Laura Lily Says:
    November 22nd, 2007 at 11:56 am

    My husband keeps our local economy going practically by himself, he Loves, Loves Loves the odd bottle (read case) of Vin Rouge!


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